Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Boss DD-3 Digital Delay

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 24 reviews )
 11 reviews46 %
 11 reviews46 %
 1 user review4 %
 1 user review4 %
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Mythrandir1's review"Proper Boss quality"

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Being a fan of Tool and other such progressive metal bands, I needed to look for a good quality delay pedal which offered me all the functionalities that I require, while also being at an affordable price.
After spending weeks of doing research and watching a lot of review videos, I decided to stick with the Boss brand.
I am not saying they are the best, but to me personally, they offer high quality, reliable products at affordable prices, without braking the bank.


The DD3 delay pedal, like many Boss pedals, is very user-friendly and simply easy to adjust to your liking.
It has 4 knobs, for effect level, feedback time, delay time and delay mode. You can replicate any delay effect to match your favorite songs, whether you're an Adam Jones or Tom Morello fan or if you simply want to play the intro to 'Tears don't fall'.
It takes a bit of practice to get to understand how to tweak the settings finely, in order to get the proper effect you require, but all in all it is easy to use.

Sound/quality of effect

Great sound quality, the echo is clear and sharp, not muddy and you can get any desired type of delay from it. I have tested this pedal with both a tube amp and a solid state amp and even though a lot of people will say you can't get a quality effect when used with a solid state amp, especially a practice amp, they are quite wrong. Yes, the quality isn't the same like when used with a tube amp, but it is still well worth it, the effect is clear and precise and you can get the desired effect.


It's a Boss pedal, and if you aren't familiar with this brand, you should know that they build their pedals to survive an apocalypse. I have personally, dropped a Boss pedal (not this one, but the casing is usually the same) from the second floor of a building, on concrete (long story...). Not even a single dent on it, just scratched a bit of paint, and it continued to work perfectly like nothing happened.
If you want it for gigs, it's great that you don't have to worry about stomping it to pieces when you are "in the zone", you can just step on it with a lot of force and the pedal won't even "feel" it.

Overall opinion

I would highly recommend this pedal to anyone. It is simple to use, the digital delay is more than good enough to use for gigs or recording, you get a good value for its price, it's indestructible and I simply can't find anything wrong with it. I am more than happy with my DD3.

tjon901's review"Everyday Delay"

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss is pretty much the standard when it comes to pedals. Many of their pedals are the standard when it comes to whatever that pedal does. This delay is pretty much your standard fare delay pedal. It has been used since the mid 80s and has been the go to delay pedal since then. It has been updated a few times but the sound has remained pretty much the same. Not only is the delay sound great but it has a great reverb effect. The controls are super simple. It has a level knob a feedback knob and a delay time adjustment.


The Boss pedal design hasnt changed over the years because there is nothing to change. The design is simple and rugged and can take whatever you give it. The knobs are pretty strong although I would not suggest stepping on them. The switch is big and strong. With the Direct out you can have a signal that only has the delayed sound which adds some more versatility but most people probably will not use it. Even with this extra output the pedal cannot be used in stereo.


It has it nice sound for a Digital Delay. It does not sound super organic like a tape delay but some people like that. Being digital you can dial in super long delay tones for really crazy progressive stuff. Doing a long delay time like this on a lower quality pedal can cause you a lot of unwanted noise and feedback. This pedal is best if you want an exact sounding digital delay. If you are looking for a more organic or tape sound there are other delays out there that can do that sound better.


If you are looking for a simple workhorse delay pedal for your rig this is a good choice. For a little over 100 dollars you can get a pedal that has been used for over 20 years on just about any record and for just about any style of music. These pedals are very rugged and you should get many years of service from one of these. If you do not need a stereo delay or a tape delay this pedal will do everything you want in a delay pedal.

MGR/Billy's review"Boss DD-3 Digital Delay"

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
The Boss DD3 is probably the most well known in digital delay pedals. Its merits aren't without being well deserved, this pedal does it all: Short delay, long delay, it can repeat something once or it could repeat something eternally!

I bought this used for $40. As of 2010 I believe Boss charges about $120 for one of these new.

It is simple to use. No manual needed, just plug and play. I bought it specifically to get a nice, clean slap back delay like my, at the time guitar hero Brian Setzer. Sure new pedals come out and I give them a shot, but the DD-3 will always be a staple for my delay sounds.

In a perfect world this pedal would have a cleaner, quieter bypass as well as a tap tempo, but if I want the that or the tap tempo at least I'll have to upgrade to the newer DD-7.

Boss builds great pedals that can take the abuse of years of non-paying sweaty rock clubs. My DD3 has never shown up late for practice or got too drunk to perform at gig.

Great, simple to use delay pedal. Unless you need a delay time of 5 1/2 weeks, I'd check this pedal out. It's good clean fun!

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moosers's review

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay is a guitar stomp box with the ability to produce a number of different delay tones. It has a 1/4 inch input and output and is powered by either a nine volt battery or a nine volt power supply. It is not a rackable effect as it is a stomp box.


The configuration of the DD-3 is easy to follow and it is easy to get a good sound from this. It has a knob for effect level, a knob for feedback, a knob for delay time, and a knob to change the mode. It is straightforward and is easy to figure out what everything does. The manual is pretty thorough and complete, but the pedal is easy enough to figure out on its own if you don't have it.


The delay from the Boss DD-3 is clear in general has a great tone to it. I have only used this with guitar - usually a Fender Stratocaster and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb amp. With this combination I get a great tone and with the DD-3 I can get a variety of delay sounds. My favorite mode on the DD-3 is probably the M 200ms setting as it suits the amount of the delay I usually need, but all of the settings are pretty good, it just depends what you are looking for.


I've been using the Boss DD-3 Digital Delay for a few years and I have found it to be a great delay pedal for the guitarist who wants simple delay at a reasonable price. Boss makes great products that will last if you treat them right and this is another great example of the high quality pedals they make. While not as versatile as the Line 6 DL-4 delay pedal, it is good at what it does and is great for getting simple delay tones. Overall, I definitely recommend this delay pedal.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Boss DD-3 Digital Delay"

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
$109 including shipping new from musicians friend,ordered via website.

Delivers a good, quiet, digital delay sound at almost any setting. Easy to use, appears solidly built. I've never had a quality problem or a failure with a boss. Considered the dd5, but it's main attribute over the dd3 is a full 2 second delay, something I'd probably never use. I considered the eh analog memory man reissue, but I know it to be noisier and pricier.

Delays cost alot new or used. The dd3's on eBay sell for almost as much as the new ones it seems, so I opted for new. My only real complaint is this chews batteries fast, if used often an adaptor is a must.

grade A quality

My favorite pedal, even though I might get an analog delay.

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edenstef's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" reliable and clean"

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay


very easy to adjust.


I find the effective effect by rendering ... the sound is returned natural. Should not put too much and it is parfais.


I use this effect for 4 years, it is a japan model.
This is the first delay I care as long as the effect is of good quality, reliable and very musical ... I'm really in love, at least for the use that I made. long delay mode, 2/3 reps with a feedback light .. it really gives his chest without distorting it, I manage to repeat the note length and the attack;; very natural.

the setting is the same every time the following examples! :

live ...

Studio on deezer ... typing eden tell me pieces: elected or heroin ....

AceLeppard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE Standard."

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Digital delay pedal.
A volume effect, adjustment of feedback, and another that manages the time between repetitions.
Disguised as a selector knob lets you choose the fourth one "slice" of time (short, medium, long) and a hold function, which perpetuates the repetition as it allows the foot to the pedal.

Power supply by 9 V battery or AC adapter standard.
Mono pedal, but an additional output is used to separate the direct sound and the processed sound!


Super simple setup, given the number of knobs. Perfect for a first choice for delay or effects!


Its numeric character guarantees a clean and precise repetition. It is a matter of taste, place in front of the amp can be used to "smear" a little!
It is placed in all styles thanks to its versatility and ease of use!


I used it for almost two years before selling it stupidly, when he could go for other services. I intend to buy one of these days, it would be very complementary to my Mxr Carbon Copy! I had tried anything else at the time, Boss is not that expensive, easy to use and reliable, so for a first purchase, do not hesitate and go for it!
Some pros also continue to use the DD-3 convenient and simple as its big brothers DD-5, 6 and 7.

It might be a bit cheaper new, but is found easily by hand if this scares anyone. With the experience I would do this choice, but with a higher budget I would go take a peek at Tc electronic ... ;)

Overall excellent, I recommend it.

fafard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
There are 3 version of dd-3, version 1, version 2, version 2b, version 3. You can read the Difference on this link: . My version I THE FIRST!

As the name suggests, is a digital delay!

A battery-9v, 9v adapter jack
-4 Pots (effect level, feedback, delay time and method)
-Mode: S.50ms, M.200ms, L.800ms. (Or 100ms = 1sec) and Hold mode
-1 Input, 1 output and a direct output (dry)

It's simple ... Boss is <img class="smiley" src="" alt="wink" />


It is very easy to configure!
I start with and then choose how Delau time feedback and then I finish with the level!
Hold mode is a bit harder to understand but when you can mairise well without it!


The dd-3 is known to be one of the best delay, then yes it sounds good trs! It's a bit more digital than analog, but the cold ... Ben is just a delay! There is nothing wrong with this endearing little PDAL <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />


The DD-3 sells for $ 150 can. about. It's expensive! I buy a guy a break for $ 30 can.une joke! I rpar (just a diode that was his job, the guy had too powerful an adapter plug in and the diode to burn and the rest of the circuit being protected!) So I had a DD -3 for a fraction of a new one.
Basically, the pedals suitable for all styles and all! It is solid and is a good investisement for those who will pay full price!

Voil no doubt that this is a good trs pedals!

bbhack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
See previous ones opinion and site boss ( ) .


Using ultra simple for most functions.

Rglage time rptition large enough so used to a lot of styles zik.

Mode "hold" has always left me a little skeptical. Let's say I find rev limit and I personally do not see the intrt ...


I use it with guitars at the end of string in clear atmospheres reggea or "spleen" and a little distortion to ARER saturation.

Aside from a lightweight treble boost in the feedback report anything. He does his work Manir more than correct!


I know for some time DD3 (beginners 90s), my prcendent examplaire m 'a flight there qq t Annes. My colleagues gave me this gift as a delay departure. [Thanks again friends !!!!! ]

In other words, for me the DD3 is a tool of references, rather complt and easy to use.

All my other effects are analog, the cot "cold" in the DD-3 I do not even notice. Let's say I see no intrt to invest in an expensive analog time limit for the overall sound (scratch + amp + effects + DD3) gives me satisfaction.

Advised anyone who wants a delay gnraliste and without "fear of numrique";) .
stan towelie01/13/2009

stan towelie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Most of the good features and is already evoked, we will not go back on everything;
effect pedal digital delay a clean but cold, like most boss effects, but for his cot ice loots that I bought it;
1 inputs, 2 outputs (effect and dry, dry is the practice to continue to sculpt the sound effect to another without facing overload ca)
4 types of delay available (these are the same but with delays of different lengths, except for the hold mode, which uses the same delay but without the possibility of tritouiller feedback;
pearl white color of the box is really cool .....


Ben's boss, a sick chimpanzee happen to run it in three minutes! ;)
you read the manual once and then throws you ashamed of having read it, so the functions of the pedal makes sense ....


Well I used to make the kind Idm Aphex Twin / Boards of Canada and frankly huge c, the sound is super cold and metals, especially with a feedback control is well-behaved clean without disturbing breath ( but there's still a lil breath that's true!)

in fact the only comparison I can do for this delay is the delay of multi FX600 behringer effect, the only other digital delay I've experienced and abuse, the boss is (of course) frankly better quality the behringer is a cot Finally just patch it takes the dust;

I used the Boss DD-3 with different drum machine, synths and various other circuit bent instruments and it works nickel, the sound is crystal-clear, despite the fact that he filters a bit low, and tell me ca you, when you make electronic music is the mierda! but I will even when the function 9 for feedback that is impressive when you want to experiment, for those who are "cardboard" as I have read on some forum, well, they simply purchase an analog delay, we rarely buy for digital sonnervintage and warm this delay is industrial, let it be said!


I have been a month now and it was the feedback that I use most, as I have before said, this stew javais Behringer FX600, which sounded really paperboard;
-Output "dry", the quality of the pedal (the famous little box-solid metal in a tank boss behringer ca change and its "all plastic"), the sound ...
Not stereo-output (but in this case we bought the home stereo delay boss), the sound really that may affect the industrial purists analoqique (but in these cases is not purchased digital)
The report price is good quality, it's worth the price which, between 100 and 130 euros, mine I got a 100;
I experience with the remake that choice, I would say even if I break it or lose it I bought another on again!!