Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay
Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay

16 Second Digital Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

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nours© 02/15/2006

Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay : nours©'s user review


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Above all it is a delay, not a looping instead of sentences, not a delay, it's also finally looping sentences, but also delay, but it's really well looping sentences ... ... ... ...

Effects available, looping, reverse, chorus, pitch (tempo change, radical!), Delay. Delay mode, although there is the delay, and looping ...

It's digital, otherwise it would not be called DIGITAL DELAY. necessarily.

It is editable only by her fingers, there is no USB port and does not even twelve o'clock noon dumping. boo. but it is something quite different ...

Simple or basic connectivity: audio in / out, footswitch, midi out.

Standard format for this type of pedal Electro-Harmonix, large metal box with switch.


The configuration is far from simple. at first. after too ... but when we had the courage to spend one or two hours to tweak after is happiness.

Editing sounds is easy, but on stage it is absolutely essential to have in addition to the Foot Controller, unless you do play guitar with his feet.

The manual is clear, precise and detailed. screen printing is logical and visible, but it serves both the looper mode that mode delay and logically ... each knob is not used to the same thing depending on how it just does not care what the hell to beginning ...

Not very smart, but you get done.


The quality of the delay is formidable: its hot (although digital is pretty impressive - this is, all EHX pedals tend to have a warm, light saturation natural forces -), delay voluptuous, a real treat.
The duration of the delay is really interesting and can just as easily be used for casseroles for delirium funky post-rock sonic thing thing. really nice.

The chorus is not particularly easy to solve: it sounds well adjusted to hell, a little worse it sounds hot. it will take some time before finding the perfect balance.

The reverse is a reverse ... flush ...

The pitch, key change the tempo is really impressive. it's like on a computer, the quality is very good. however I still do not see what it can be used, except for berserk experiments, but it is a definite plus.

A pedal adapted to the interplay of guitarists, bass players but can toy with, of course! take care, entry level, especially with an active, EHX (such as the range) tends to saturate very quickly (but that grain! we can also problem-free, low guitar as to afford 0 euro more ... built a nice distortion).


Well, here I have not really talked about the pedal.

So since it's a looping sentences, must know that you can store up to 4 minutes (260 seconds so), in addition the animal remembers even turned off and unplugged (no batteries). there are two modes, overdub classic (feedback at the bottom), where it connects the loops to infinity (of 4 minutes for the Pixies, 4 minutes is endless ...), or no feedback, until we record a new loop (with of course the ability to switch from one mode to another in real time). little more interesting, just the feedback: you can wrap phrases, down a little feedback, replay, and there the previous loops are "mixed" with the level of feedback. practical and fun! the reverse applies and the chorus with joy (as well as Octave option for those who have the Foot Controller) on loops la My Bloody Valentine. for Cabrel, I do not know.
little definite plus of this pedal, the midi out: connect a computer or hardware sequencer and play it live with your rhythm or your favorite samples: just great. you can choose from the beginning the number of measurements of the loop, tempo, we pressed record, the sequence starts, is recorded, it is synchronous right call. happiness. you can also set the number of measurement mode infinite, and as a RC-20 for example, choose a start-stop. practice ...

The delay is in the best tradition of EHX: So hot. callable in rhythm, which is great practice. Attention cepeda flaw, or small important detail: the tempo knob indicating no data, the tempo is set to the feeling, given the lack of tap tempo ...

So obviously with all these extras, it has nothing to do with a Headrush (limited sampling, simulated tape echo and delay more than real no other options), or RC-20 (zero fx, just the closure) or the awful Jamman.

The sound is good ... the object is really fun and practice on stage for the little we control a minimum. The beast is still relatively expensive, especially food and Foot Controller, but it's still more than a foot loop or a delay.

Without thinking, I would resume the same (besides, it already), even if I'm repeating myself, its approach is confusing, difficult and a little twisted ... but by my accounts, the year it still costs cheapest beer in a second guitarist, and the more it risks not to dredge the singer ...