MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from MXR.

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All user reviews for the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 38 reviews )
 27 reviews71 %
 10 reviews26 %
 1 user review3 %
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Splotch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A true analog delay"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog delay pedal with switchable modulation.

Input output jack and standard 9v power supply.

-Mix for the determination of effect
-Delay determines the repetition time (20mS minimum-600 mS maximum)
Regen-selects the number of repetitions
-Mod enables modulation (a kind of chorus / flanger) repetitions.

On the back of the foot by opening the box you can adjust settings for Rate (modulation speed) and Depth (depth of modulation)


Very Easy to use button mix up does not cut the direct sound, its very responsive buttons.

The setting inside is quite inaccessible requirement to have a screwdriver and a mini screwdriver. Moreover it is not practical to settle with the effect active. The delay "Jacques Prisoner" offers him the front, but without switching.

The manual is very clear with all the technical data and even offers examples. It is not mandatory to read to understand the operation of the pedal.


The big sound, this pedal is a pedal that really sounds the deadline remains clear on the first rehearsal and deteriorates with regeneration, normal for an analog delay.
Modulation is quite usable.
We go to the slapback "bathroom reverb" by turning a few knob, dubesque effects are possible as the famous delay deteriorating.


I've had it three weeks, I had a TREX Replica ago but I only used it very little (it is clean and sounds great yet), this one is a little contrary point of view of precision, it is very warm and fuzzy.
Far from a digital delay that are surgical rather, it does its job and does it well.

It is musical, and that's all I ask.

duguy182's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" delay"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog delay with 3 knobs for delay time, the rehearsals and the mix effect.

Little more that is used very little, unfortunately, a button mod that adds a very slight effect on the chorus repeats which can also adjust the intensity and speed by opening the pedal

This last point may have deserved the MXR that develops a bit.


Very good and easy access even a bit difficult to adjust the modulation for audiofile budding.

I did not have the manual but did we really need?


The delay is of amazing quality and really sound analog.

A very cool trick with this delay is that it works just as well in the loop in front.
Little advice, if you put in front, put it after your overdrive or boost if the repetitions will increase as much as you boost your signal.

I use it for two days and it gives me exactly what I expected him to find a super hot short time with a modulation on the repeats, that I liked more of this elsewhere because at this level is the nova delay is much better for the modulation, but it's not really the same price range.


So in the end nothing wrong, the price is good value and effect largely buried boss DD unless you want the longest delays.

There are still a notch below the nova but nevertheless wish all its promises.

In conclusion, for those seeking just one type of analog delay with a sound that kills, not bulky and does not need to be supplied with 12V, it's really the right choice but ran to the nova if finances follow. A super
Chris Martins06/18/2010

Chris Martins's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a delay hot hot hot"

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog delay with modulation in debrayable pedal, true bypass.


It sounds directly to 50 settings and easy to find the sound you seek (and certainly that we do not try for that matter). Gimour of The Edge, via Joe Bonamassa and even some of the effects of delay in Petrucci, he tears up around 600ms with its incredible heat.


THE delay in my opinion ... Provided sounds like analog for this type of side effects and tape delay for the modulation board.


The best Q / P of an analog delay. A warm sound, a very simple setting. It's all good ...

a quick demo:

Sp|ne's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
not rack, not noon, 3 buttons and a half.


Very simple, even for Gifted like me.


I use a 7 string RG in the effects loop of a Bogner Uberschall. I'm rather spartan and advice effects that puff out the natural sound of the amp.
What I like ... the delay ... cons from the disto is not terrible ;-)


When I started looking for a delay to replace my Boss DD I did unpack the seller everything he had in stock as delays ... None has the sound of it, tcho bin, bin tchaleureux. Not switched it offers a true bypass (even the sound is not powered). With it you can take to The Edge and David Gilmour smoothly.

Countdown's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
See other reviews!


Rather simple configuration.
Easy to find what you are looking for; just turn the knobs right?
No, really, many exploitable possibilities! Taking his time, there is always hers!
I have no manual! Bought Cygnus sue Ebay, in perfect state (by the way).


I find them terribly effective effects.
I'm not an expert on delay (not elsewhere effects!) But if I allow me to post a review, is that I sincerely ador the sound quality of this pedal!
on the other hand, sorry but I do not know dcrire sounds with words !!! Maybe one day, who knows ...


I have this delay for a fortnight and I played more times than my ex DD3 in several months.
I'm not in the utility in rpet with the guys at the moment, but only at home, this pedal is a little more apprcier delay and clear sound in general !!!dropoff window In two words, I have fun as a kid! Like what ...
Bought on ebay for 125 euros, I do not regret it.
The format is also the top.
I never t any fawn by MXR (either by Maxon, not to mention !!!)
I repeats, but if I post a NOTICE is that the product is pleasant.
Tina Arkos09/16/2008

Tina Arkos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Analog Delay


No need for manual




This little box is going to talk about it!
It really is excellent for anyone looking for a very musical delay.
For fans of digital delay with repeats faithful to the input signal, no need to go further, the Carbon Copy is not for you!
For others, at that price, it will get the reference.
Slapback the bathroom through the reverb to the longest delay (600ms), the beast always delivers a warm and musical with a staggering transparency, with all types of sounds, from light to saturax!
For the price, it is not going to get any better!
The small addition, the button that simulates the modulation speed variations of tape echo. It is very light, but it can enhance the effect by removing the box (pump speed and depth). On 16/09/2008: I just change the settings and frankly it's so light that I have not really seen the difference. Already, with or without modulation must have a good ear, so there? It is to ask whether this button has a utility réeele! But anyway, it's not why you buy this pedal and the rest "is the ball" as would say JCC!
In conclusion, essential in a good analog set.

poutilaya's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Pure analog. and yes, it's a real "true bypass". it is tested like this: you take him ... and your PSU's always happening ...


Simpler (and / but effective), you die ... turn the knobs, hear the results, choose. that's all, and that's all it takes.


Excellent effect. not programmable, not "super hyper bright kling". analog delay, with associated qualities and also limitations.
I put the maximum rating, but the angle "knowingly."


I tested it, it was great, and I resell ... OK, 4a is not clear air. ben in fact, I love this stuff, but hey, sub ... the unexpected situation ... in short, small tear.
a clarification: in Switzerland, the price is 340 FRS (€ 200).

wisemaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
It's an analog delay from 20ms 600ms
3 knobs: Mix, Regen Delay
with a small button to the modulation

It's simple, has enough for me

(Note 2 knobs internal Sets the depth and the speed of modulation)
23mA for the APRS doc builder


We shoot and ringing, not need to be a nerd to understand the pedals:
The regen can set the number of rptitions
The mix will be determined the volume of the delay (proportions in the wet / dry signal)
and can choose to delay 600ms 20ms

Button mod is pretty easy accder he snaps at the bottom
The manual does not serve much, if not the CHARACTERISTICS. Besides, I do not think it is true bypass.


I find her hot but dark enough, the treble seemed attnus.
APRS I'm not really expert in delay since I had the delay numrique Intgr my Boss ME-5 (which ignores trs good by the way).

I found the dpart modulation too subtle so I put the knob back tourn depth (the indoor of the pedals), I like more.
The Carbon Copy is doing well trs, it can range from a simple slap dlicieux with its spatial modulation. And of course it's funny the runaway pedals when you put the short delay and regen background, has often scare people lol

From a personal opinion, I do not think it colors the sound and not breathing noted. Activation of the pedals is silent, the disabling There's a little something but it's not mchant


I just got the pedals so I have not really exploit the sound.
What I like is the face that she is a little kid but must believe that appearances are, it is green Glitter varnish, blue leds (a change), it is simple, it is small (a is also important), it is supplied with 9V.
There's not much blame him, I knew where I stood, no surprises. I might be like to have the effect which does not go away directly if one disables the pedals but I do not drang than a.

J'hsitais take the Nova Delay for many possibilities, but it seemed too complicated to use, had a power supply SPECIFICATIONS.

I bought in the United States, it came back 120, including shipping. Being given that I had no other delay Entire hand, I do not know the report assess quality price compared deluxe memory man, nova delay, DL4. To me, I found what I wanted.

I think what I want most is a PDAL I rglerais instinctively, not with posters milliseconds. L I fell in love lol