Rocktron Short Timer Delay
Rocktron Short Timer Delay

Short Timer Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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Bidibuleable 02/17/2013

Rocktron Short Timer Delay : Bidibuleable's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
The Rocktron Short Timer is a digital delay pedal (but almost like an analog pedal!).
The aluminum frame (a very nice apple green) is very strong, but unlike what you might think, it is not so heavy as that. The color of this case is very original: depending on where you are, it can change and become darker or lighter. This is why, according to the photos, the color varies. The only problem is that the box is large enough, it takes a lot of space in a pedalboard. At the back of the pedal, there are 4 big rubber that hold firmly on the ground and avoid slippage.
We can supply the pedal with a 9V battery or a 9V DC power supply common (type Boss or Ibanez).
The switch is solid enough (do not hesitate to press hard on it) and the blue LED indicator is very classy for my taste.
There is one input and one output.
When setting the parameters, they are also quick and easy:
- A LEVEL, which dose relative to the echo signal of the original
- Potentiometer REGENERATION, which determines the number of repetitions
- TIME potentiometer which adjusts the time between the input sound and the repetition of it (to make it simple: the time of "reflection")
- A pushbutton Short / Shorter, which toggles between two modes of delay. Short mode provides an echo between 200ms and 400ms. Shorter mode, he can have a repeat from 0ms to 200ms.


As mentioned above, the configuration is classic and simple, nothing complicated for someone who used a classic delay.
The setting is quite nice REGENERATION: when pushed over three quarters, the echo sees its volume to increase as and rehearsals.
Shorter mode is pretty cool too, the echo is very short and very characteristic of rockabilly 50's / 60's (hence the name: Short Timer!).
However, this pedal does not exceed 400ms, which is rather unfortunate. I therefore recommend to people seeking long rehearsals as The Edge, Brian May and Mark Knopfler example.
Another small drawback: it does not have a pedal Tap Tempo, which is a big drawback for me, especially during concerts ... I tried to find out if it was possible, but apparently it is not.
These are the only two drawbacks of this pedal.


The rendering is very clean, like almost all Rocktron products I've tried. Rehearsals are clear and well defined (unless there is distortion after!). The attack is well preserved and there are good echo this very characteristic of the 50's / 60's.


I use this pedal for several months and now she is not ready to leave my pedalboard! Pity that fashion was not added for an echo between 400ms and 600ms and Tap Tempo is not present.
This time, I have not tried other pedals but I relied on the advice I could find on the internet. I found another delay (DD-6 from BOSS, MXR Carbon Copy in), but they were quite expensive, even used. So I took a risk, but I have not been disappointed!
The Rocktron Short Timer is a pedal with a very good quality / price ratio. Settings are fine, easy access and precise sound pretty vintage and characteristic of the 50's / 60's. It provides a good approach to the delay effect. Its housing is also very good resistance to solid impacted, especially during concerts.
With the experience I remake this choice of course, but the ideal is always to have another delay with a delay time longer - in an amp (in my case) or another pedal.
In conclusion:
The +:
- Simplicity settings
- The strength of the aluminum frame
- The vintage and rockabilly
- The look and the blue LED
The -:
- The size of the housing for use in pedalboard
- Limitation of delay time 400ms
- Absence of a Tap Tempo.