TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater
TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater

RPT-1 Nova Repeater, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater

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Fireguy8402's review"Great Delay!"

TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater
The Nova Repeater Delay is a stripped down version of TC Electronics Nova Delay. It has high and low inputs, and mono or stereo outputs. Five knobs and several buttons allow several different settings on this pedal. A Delay knob adjusts the amount of delay time. The Feedback knob adjust how many repeats happen before the delay fades away. A Tone knob allows you to roll off the high end EQ of the delays. The Mod knob allows you to adjust among detuned chorus, no modulation and vibe. The FX Level knob allows you to adjust the volume of the delay in relationship to the dry signal. Delay times range from 20 ms to 1200 ms.


This pedal is built pretty sturdy, but I wouldn’t beat on it like something from Boss or MXR. The incorporation of a HI and LO input allows this pedal to be used in front of an amp or in the loop of an amp which is great. Stereo outs allow you to get that big stereo sound. TC included a spillover button that allows the delays to trail off after the pedal has been bypassed, which is hard to find on pedals. There is a kill dry button that allows you to only hear the delayed sounds. I don’t find this useful, but some may. There are several types of delay available similar to those found on a Line 6 DL4, in a much smaller package: studio, analog, tape, dynamic, reverse, ping pong. A division button lets you play rhythmic delays and get that “Edge” vibe going on. Tap tempo allows you to keep those rhythms right in time.


This pedal sounds super. It does a great modulated delay sound, and you can choose between a detuned chorus effect or a more pulsey vibe sound. I like the chorus better myself, I feel it’s more lush. The spillover button is just incredible to, I need trails on my delay. I hate when pedals don’t have that, it feels very unnatural for the delay to just shut off without trailing off. Tap tempo works great on this pedal and the audio tapping does as well. This is my first time using the audio tapping in a pedal, and it seems pretty cool, but I’d rather use the normal tap tempo switch personally. There is no loss in tone or added noise with this delay, just lush delayed sounds. I think it’s great and easily hangs up there with the Line 6 DL4.


Overall I really like this pedal. I don’t see how they packed all these features into this small package, but I’m sure glad they did. I’m using a DL-4 now due to the availability of the presets, but if I weren’t this would be my Swiss Army delay. I was a little nervous about the durability of the pedal before I got it, but it’s been very reliable. This is way better than any Boss pedal I’ve ever used, and being in the same price range it would be a no brainer for me to pick the Nova Repeater every time.

Stylobic34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Delay Switzerland"

TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater
See previous opinion rather well explained.

It's digital, 6 delay modes different modulation vibrato and chorus, three different delay range (short, medium, long), adjustable tap tempo and not preset like her big sister.


Not too complicated to set, we found it quickly once we tried every type of delay and understand how to market adjustment knobs. I're not even need the manual to say.


I love this delay, I had a nova Delay before (And to think I do not know anymore why I sold it to move to the ...)

I use it mainly for light and short delay to give scale arpeggios on where in slapback for rhythm rock well.

The tone knob is really something great, you choose the color of the echo of an echo can go pretty dark to super bright digital delay, there is something for everyone! Note the modulation that I find too ml to troubleshoot, I used mostly vibrato, quarter adjusted to give a slight impression that my sound turn

on the other hand it sounds very digital, rehearsals are super clean, and very faithful to the original sound right.
You must love, it does not bother me because I always accompany an analog delay for that delay and make my partner in every sense.

The pedal also features a tap tempo just be very handy.
She has another way to set the tempo of the delay: You keep your foot pressed the tape switch tempo, the sound will cut you and tempo player strumming the strings of the guitar. It works pretty well, but I find it a little gadget personally.


A great versatile delay but we must love digital sound, which I personally find very good.

Some regret that it is not true bypass, it does not bother me more than that, are not I noticed a huge difference in my sound, which then must I redeem ears but if the his had was so degraded it, I do not think I would have kept this pedal.

For this price, the sound quality and production is to be noted that the power supply is provided with that bit be very interesting for those who do not have a power supply for their pedalboard.

Bakaï's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A delay full well!"

TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater
This delay is a mono / stereo digital

Comes with transformer.

Possibility of returning to an effects loop.

- Tap tempo with audio taping (it avoids the chicken dance on stage)
- Spillover holding the end of the effect when the pedal is deactivated
- Kill Dry
- The degree of difference Range delay time
- 6 types of delay (studio, analog, tape, dynamic, reverse and pig pong)
- 6 kinds of divisions of the delay (black, dotted eighth note ...)
- The delay button sets the tempo
- Feedback defines the length of the effect
- Tone is the tone of the effect
- Mod adds a vibrato or chorus effect on the
- Fx level defines the volume of the effect

So when you mix all that, it makes a lot of possibilities!


Despite all these possibilities, the grip is fairly intuitive.

In short, fun, hack it and found full of interesting sounds.

Tap Tempo meets

The manual is complete.


No true bypass is THE default of this pedal.

Otherwise the sound is very accurate and realistic. The simulations and analog tape are also realistic.

The modulations are rather gadget


I use it for a few days and I already understood how it works.

I had the idea to buy an EHX Deluxe Memory Boy and I have compared the two in the market. Well for about the same price, this is the one who convinced me.

Maybe a little expensive but a good delay is always expensive.

For now I will ever be this good choice but there are plenty of delay that I have not tried it?

c.florent's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic RPT-1 Nova Repeater
Nova Repeater RPT-1 (your wishes) is a format numrique delay pedals. Level connectivity is well thought out - from an LO signal to a low level (guitar) - from a HI if you put the pedals in the effects loop of your amp - a mono output - and a second for the stro (note that this will automatically activate the Stereo dernire for delays if you hook up a jack) - not making MIDI for the synchronization level, however rglage c ' is simple but powerful: Five knobs: - Delay for adjusting the tempo of rptitions - Feedback to many of these dernires - Tone of a delay to go darker shimmering - Mod is to add a vibrato effect is a chorus effect only on rptitions - FX Level and to mix the incoming signal in the PDAL and the level of delay over this five buttons: - Spillover can let the delay to finish his rptitions even if the effect is cut in order to attack another's - Kill cup dry the incoming signal and leaves out of the pedals the sound of the delay (with the nice reverse!) - Range interacts with the Delay knob (3 positions of the knobs [min / medium / max] corespond 3 delay time per section, and it was well done as can quickly find a delay time corresponding to a tempo classic record time - type allows us to choose between six delays: Studio (very bright and clear), Analog (analog delay simulation), Tape (tape delay simulation), Dynamic (a delay that made TC Electronic cl ber: the s'crase delay when playing and the level rises when you let the notes breathe, it's really remarkable because a saturated sound suppresses ct draft), Reverse (plays to the delay), and Ping Pong (use when connecting to hear the Stereo Delay walking from left to right) - And finally Division: choose between 3 rptitions rhythmic patterns of black base / peak eighth / quaver triplet of the last two are subjec added the black to form a wide range of 6 choices rhythmic breathing the quality Two switches adorn the bottom of the pedals: - a switch is / Off - a tap tempo switch (note that it may be thanks Exceeds the limit of 1200 ms rglage the manual to get the legendary ... I limit the 2290 ms guessed it!) The food, as she is in 12V DC and 300mA request any of the same, so all the blocks of power supply will not be compatible.


TC had made hard with the Nova Delay, and it seems they DCID to provide a layer for more rfractaires programming. This time we use can not be intuitive: 5 knobs, five buttons, two switches and play! This is called the spirit "Plug and Play". Once we diffrent accommodates the controls, you get very easy for delays Varis excellent quality! In addition, the functionality of Audio Tapping Tap Tempo switch is gnial for those who have problem of synchronizing between their feet and their ears by pressing and holding the Nova Repeater will automatically DTECT the tempo at which you play and calibrate the delay accordingly. Note however that this will cut the time you release the switch.


J'tais went to buy a store and delay pedals that convinced me that I could that I will integrate pdalboard. The face of Eventide TimeFactor I found it more intuitive, simple, but sound quality nanmoins with a very transparent, and a power edition outstanding! I come out with with sublime effects violoning just playing with the volume knob on my guitar, I can also be rhythmic crunch gniales thanks combination Studio delay in crooked black + point e, and I do not even clean sounds ... I think I'm still far from having made the rounds of the craft. As for transparency I have not heard any diffrence between the sound that passes through the pedals, and the one trait numriquement. I was enough for me!

Edit: 07/05/2010:
APRS comparative pushed in a better in-store, the converters of the same when TimeFactor are well above those of the TC.
The sound of the TC seems a little more ple ct rptitions and emerge with less relief. So I drop in note 8.


Frankly, I find that the TC was high, especially considering the price of the beast! For the price of a Boss DD-7, you have a delay numrique transparent, intuitive and powerful! No syncro noon? No preset? Well for those who like computers and programming there is the Nova Delay, Eventide or competition that makes it more expensive for many trs. I am glad to pay for features that I did not serve <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" /> Adding that the "Spillover" and the delay "Dynamic" which are really two assets which I can not do without dsormais, well it gives us a product report fonctionnalitqualitprix exceptional. Conclusion: The Nova Repeater eat it, it&#39;s good for your health!

Edit: it is better to place it in an effects loop in Killdry the pedals n&#39;tant not totally transparent (I could test it in a mixer), it said the prev- reference sound is acceptable, especially if you have lots of pedals that are not truebypass.