Tech 21 Boost D.L.A.
plus2guitare 08/30/2014

Tech 21 Boost D.L.A. : plus2guitare's user review

«  Great time ... but not that time! »

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Format pedal medium size, excellent finishes, building tank.
Time effect, Chorus and Boost

Setting the button, to the old, not via usb or midi editor, but strangely you get there, there's no 50 buttons ...

Analog and Digital
1 in, 1 out: mono (enough for my fx loop)


Simple, almost, but the buttons are interactive, so the settings are fine (I take pictures with my phone to the settings that I found the "spot" sound is very handy)

The manual gives good examples that provide the basis for experimentation.
It is a pleasure in its own right but to leave in search of sound settings, it sometimes falls on improbable mix yet "music."

It is anything but "fast food" type preset digital, smooth and always the same.


Used fxloop, telecaster guitar and a quarter cash.
Cohabitation with OD wampler (plexidrive and black65) and a Line 6 MM4 modulation and a compressor Celmo Sardine Can.

Several kinds of deadlines are available and very successful, 80 Rock 'on U2, vintage Echoplex type 50' or psychedelic 70 'to Pink Floyd

Used in effects loop on an H & K Statesman EL84, I love the slap back to the kind Echoplex rock'ab Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochrane or Elvis, it's like a vintage vinyl! This kills!

Sounds like the memory man with U2, Curt Cobain, are realistic too, but since it is less my style of music, I'm a bad judge.

The classic good time to highlight a solo (with a beautiful shine and space) with the boost to get out of the mix, it is nickel in live situations.

Planing to Pink Floyd sounds are also a great success of this DLA, I used a lot, it is a drug.

In the effects loop, the boost button down under 12, also limits the power of my amp, officiating almost like "power attenuator" (This can make noise a 20w tube amp at home ... so unexpected function but ultimately really great!)

The final sounds are rather organic and silky, it can, if we want to simulate a nice signal degradation, although vintage ..
As the buttons are interactive, the variations are numerous.

This is a "PRO" tool, which gives me a great personality in my sound construction.


It is on the high end with Tech21 (I got the RGB and the blonde from home, so I know a bit ...)

I have been delays of any type, and we are in the major

After years of use, I still find unusual settings with combinations effects guitar amp that new exiting. It's still music even if we can transfer very "psychedelic" with the chorus.

The overall sound is characteristic of "vintage analog warmth"
(But where do they put the digital part, at Tech21?)
Anyway, for my taste very

Take a look and an ear

Very good Q / R ratio in addition secondhand, it's cheap.
I repeat that choice because it is now an integral part of my sound.

I sold the RGB (need tunes!) But I miss a lot, too aveit a big personality.