General Guitar Gadgets BSIAB II

BSIAB II, Distortion from General Guitar Gadgets.

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victhebig 01/15/2009

General Guitar Gadgets BSIAB II : victhebig's user review


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Analog distortion, based on transistors and not an opamp / + chip diodes (which approach the dynamic range of the fuzz face hendrix)
built from the kit offered at


Only BMOL from my other pedals: the output level is not great, but by mounting the volume knob you get there (it's stupid what I say? Ben take my homemade TS808 - it is not possible to mount more than 1 / 4 pouuuf if the windows!)

Tone: efficient trs close to the tone depending on the RAT, or the knob "contour" my marshall.

Gain / Drive: Fantastic, would highly! variation as tense singing to the crunchy mtal crazy.


I do not overestimate the pedals, I think it is still perfectible more ...
IT'S THE PEDAL DISTO I always sought
It does more than disto: crmeux overdrive or foil to choose from, Boost amp, etc..

It may well take the place of the rat as the scne rpt.
The big plus from the TAR: palm mute finally correct, dynamic bass and finally revitalized competitor of the distortion of my marshall amp!
Lower wholesale from the TAR: the solos have a lot of upper harmonics, but the RAT keeps much more (with a triple high output level).

All those who seek rronrrron an old marshall: you will not due! AMEN


I built this yesterday pedals (that I believe my personal 7ime PDAL manufacturing), so jou for 4-5h with. By qques days I will test it in the sound level lv rpt. It will srement the test is a lady with fists mtalleux!