ProCo Sound RAT 2
ProCo Sound RAT 2

RAT 2, Distortion from ProCo Sound.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the ProCo Sound RAT 2

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 38 reviews )
 28 reviews74 %
 7 reviews18 %
 2 reviews5 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Excellent
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moosers's review

ProCo Sound RAT 2
The ProCo Sound Rat 2 is a distortion pedal that is designed for use with electric guitar. The pedal is an analog one and has the standard make up of two 1/4" connections for input and output and has an easy pull off battery compartment for powering it with a nine volt battery. The pedal isn't rack mountable as it's a stomp box.


If you've ever used a distortion or overdrive pedal before, you should be able to use the ProCo Sound Rat 2 pretty easily right from the start. It's only got three knobs to control your sound, but this will give you a good amount of varying tones. There are knobs for distortion, filer (tone), and volume. These are pretty much the three parameters that you'll find on most distortion pedals, so this make up isn't anything out of the ordinary and for this reason I don't believe a manual is necessary.


The ProCo Sound Rat 2 gives you a super thick distortion sound that in my opinion is best suited for heavier forms of rock. It's pretty much the same sound that you'll get with the original Rat pedal, although I haven't had a chance to shoot the two of them out side by side. I've mostly used the pedal for tracking rhythm guitar with a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar. I don't own it, but I've used it in the past at a studio I used to work at. It's not the kind of pedal I would personally use on every song, but it did work at bit here and there for me when I was looking for a little bit of extra gain...


Overall, the ProCo Sound Rat 2 is a very solid little distortion pedal. It's certainly not the most versatile distortion pedal out there, but for what it can do, it does a great job. It's also cheap enough where pretty much anyone can pick up one to have around, even if it's not going to be your main distortion pedal. I think that the Rat 2 is the perfect compliment distortion, but wouldn't be my main one...

Enix49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Character!"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
I was looking for a pedal that could get married with my Telecaster pickups mounted with Lollars. As the character is strong but is not intended for the big distortion at the base had to be typed but powerful pedal. Rat meets this criterion.
The pedal is really solid and heavy. On a pedalboard that remains in place. I plugged into a power supply, I have not used the battery 9v.Enfin turn knob accurately.

The Cut filter is perfect for managing acute sharp cutting of the Telecaster. Actually going to the right gradually cut. The Cut allows you to find a good balance of frequencies: precise bass and treble precisely dosed.
The gain is a means to an overdrive distortion fuzz that turns toward the end of the race. I plugged mainly on Tubemeister H & K. By boosting the pedal type with TS have a little on his perfectly intelligible and powerful on a solo. I approach a sound Gilmourien adding a little delay. Around 12 am we obtain good sound thick with vintage touches.
Overall gain is gradual and does not disintegrate at an end.
This pedal is revealed with the right equipment with him and knows when to use it. Many people judge without knowing the material REALLY operate and that is unfortunate.
Note that the first versions seem better but the difference is not obvious either.
In short a pedal that teams well with single coils and Telecaster in particular. On humbucker we pass in a fatter register for big beats.
No blame if we know why we research.

ricou8312's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A reference."

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Analog effect could not be more simple.
Not too big and solid as a tank.


Very easy to use.
As usual in this kind of pedals, 3 knob settings.
Suddenly no need for manual!!
We quickly found the right sound, and then this pedal so tested on the net that it is not hard to find examples.


Large range of sound underfoot, you can go use boost filter with the fuzz and distortion.
Like it promises.
For me it is an essential pedal should not hesitate to put in his pedalboard.
Whether with humbuckers or single sounds great on my Fender.


For me this pedal is the reference distortion, I've tried tons or made a few.
Every time I come back to it.
To further improve the potential mods are very numerous on the net and very simple to make as long as we know how to hold a soldering iron.
Next step I intend to put him LM308 fitted to the original rat sounds better to my taste.
Perfectible one point that I found is the power supply jack.

Qill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Distortion Pedal by ProCo
1 volume
1 distortion
1 filter
True bypass pedal
9v power jack mini
mine has a serial number below 300,000 which is apparently a sign of quality according to experts
it is also equipped with the famous LM308 chip




it's going to drive the distortion / fuzz, it is not a high gain pedal but there really is almost sound palette can do a good punchy rock to hard rock well with old school made on the other hand for the metal it will lack sharpness, the fuzzy side can quickly make rough it must be dosed the distortion and filter what I like to do it is to boost it with a TS9 or a clean boost, it goes the bass and lower midrange where it kills far we are in the big sound very thick, with a config Ceramic I think it makes it less though with Alnico question of presence ...


no regrets especially considering the price 70 € occasion is a classic essential for fans of vintage pedal

AceLeppard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rats In The Cellar!"

ProCo Sound RAT 2
Analog distortion pedal,
an inlet, an outlet (jack), three knobs for awesome sound: a "distortion" that plays on the rate of gain, a "filter" that adds more and more acute when it is turned to the left and a "volume", which adjusts the volume so the effect.

If the pedal can be powered by a 9v battery, the power supply industry is done by mini jack: an adapter!

It should unscrew the four rubber feet to the pedal to attach it to a Pedaltrain pedalboard like: a little boring, especially since the battery cover is quite large (Vis. ..)


The configuration itself is not a complicated: there are only three knobs!
However, editing the sound is more complex than a Boss pedal, for example, distortion or other "traditional" ... The sound can change drastically from one setting and another is very subtle!


I used this pedal on a crunch after buying it, I found it very complementing my TS808, history of having a second grain a little dirtier, nastier, more rock. It suited me and then ... more so over time.
This pedal sounds best on a basic sound clear, otherwise it's pretty rough, not defined. I guess that was the case of vintage models, I can not confirm because I could not compare! Joe Perry and Jeff Beck used the rat to boost their Marshall, however, I found nothing to really like this edition of "current".

If one pushes the rate-distortion results in a fairly fuzzy grain, rough and slimy, but nothing that resembles either a Big Muff or Fuzz Face! This pedal is a distortion, not a fuzz.
I think this sounds better when RAT2 keeps rates low distortion, even with the boost overdrive for leads (what I do ... when I use ^ ^)
Its report remains enjoyable, more natural and warm distortion that a basic, Boss, MXR or Ibanez, at random. I heard also that John Scofield uses this little black box: if one wants a modern jazzman disto versatile, controllable, but warm, the Rat is a good choice, as the guitarist who wants to render a little different than his usual Boss .


I have been using 1 or 2 months, but I get tired already. It is cheap, which is a quality. But I think there are in the market for more powerful machines ..!
I do not have that choice would do with experience, a randomly Zvex distortron be worth the shot in my opinion!
This pedal is very good though, it just suits me more, because with time minimizing the number of pedals on my pedal, I like my stuff does not ring only on a given setting ^ ^
- Mimi -10/21/2010

- Mimi -'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound RAT 2
So nothing to add features, it is a distortion (analog) legend or testing youtube for novices, we understand right away what it is.

I put 8 for features:
- I love this pedal format, with the connectors on top, on an ideal type Pedaltrain Pedalboard for the cables without taking up too much space;
- Quality (housing, knobs "sensation bath oil" components) is there;
- The look is great, or at least unique.

3'5 jack for power supply is a false problem, you just think to take a visual sound adapter when ordering. This jack disconnects less easily than a standard Boss, less risk of false contact me I prefer.


True bypass, very reactive knobs, everything is very traditional but very well done.
She did what we asked, we can find a good sound, it is essential, so I put 7.


I play in the style Blues / Funk / Rock / PopRock.

I use it with moderate gain enough (say around 9 am-9.30), the Tone at the whim of the moment, and the volume adjusted to maintain an almost constant sound level that is selected or not. And I like the booster with an overdrive pedal, it gives another dimension, richer, more gain, more harmonics.

For rhythm I confess with my Stratocaster, I do not like the sound, say it is not my "style", too rough and acute, but I understand that some like.

For the solos: in this record that I love, it's sublime instrument, very expressive, we feel we can do anything with. The single-string guitar (wah) - (OD)-RAT-delay-amp (clean) allows all the solos from the classic Rock 80 '.

It is also the sound-M-(Machistador, I say love) for fans like me!

Not long ago, I stuck to him the famous chip LM308. I must say that I prefer, I think its a little more organic, less right, less typical modern, more expressive. I'm easily blues when it was not too much the case before the change. I think in a more wicked rock / metal, we prefer to keep the original chip, a matter of taste.

I met (only) 7 because I like the sound less rhythmic, and I find the perfect lead sound ... after changing the original chip.


It works well with everything (all the sounds of my strat VG, with a wah with an overdrive on a clean amp as saturated, etc., etc.). I do not think the sound is "versatile" is especially assemblies that can be done with other effects pedals that make it versatile in my opinion.

I love the setup, the look, sound solo, quality manufacturing, the legend (!) And adaptability (I prefer the term "flexibility" for the move).

So I give it 7 in a good overall because it is not perfect either.

And she is not too expensive compared to competition, demand that the people? Good stuff

Dryfe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ProCo Sound RAT 2
- Distortion pedal

3 knobs:
- Distortion "cramer" sound
- Filter: benefit low or high frequencies
- Volume: practical, but use sparingly, AC blows !!!!!

Basic input / output jack, visibly analog transistor


- Config very simple pedal easy, fun and editing sounds more qu'aisée, must turn the knobs and try lots of different combinations.
She is not ugly and more like big boiboite pavement.


Used with a keyboard Korg DW 8000 chain-end effects:
Practice what knob volume to boost the case,
I also use a slight distortion filter with 7-8am, just to thicken the sauce.
It's a pedal that is always engaged, to give a distortion effect on my organs, so Hammond B3 with zipper, it's pretty convincing.

Upstream must say I have a énoooooormmme Fuzzz, which acts distal cracra destructive ear

With a guitar:
want, but it sounds serious c't'affaire!


- Bought last year:
I wanted a distortion not too expensive for my keypad was one of the few to respond correctly.

The metal box, nyet, nyet the Boss OD the rat: Yeah!

With the volume knob, you end up with a pseudo preamp ':
- The only real problem: what is it breath!
is the ugly duckling of my chain.
Thank you the noise suppressor

But I do not regret my choice, it gives a true + to my config 'keyboard!