Radial Engineering Hot British
Radial Engineering Hot British

Hot British, Distortion from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

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All user reviews for the Radial Engineering Hot British

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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
Comes in a beautiful box with non-slip pads, stickers, and adapter classes.


The manual is useless, turn and rings.


Houlallalalala. A shuffled saturation and subtle fuzz, perfectly contrlable, a headroom Etton. Brief sounds in rhythm as a solo.
Test with different strata and a Lag Roxanne, it sounds in all cases. I tried a Line6 amp all rotten and a Fender Twin Reverb.


I use it for one month, the only criticism he can be is to have a channel, I buy a replacement soon as possible to vary the sound.
The grain is amazing, the lamp is not for show. What I like with this is that with an adjustable pedal, I can play ryhtmique and solo with his monstrous.
APRs have tried everything that was done in distortion at Boss, Ibanez and Hughes & Kettner PDAL I bought this with eyes closed without even cost the DMOS telling me that I could return, result she never leaves my set.
I had many prjugs of distortion pedals on, well I'm not.
Tonebone is my Discoveries of 2007!

jm_pro2000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
That big sound
Lamp Ruby 12AX7


Easy to use


The massacre


1 month ago
No ngatif points

fredlaf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Radial Engineering Hot British
Distortion pedal lamp (12AX7) supplies 15V (adapter included)
an input and an output jack, meaning you everything simpler and more common.


There are many possibilities of adjustment. This allows a pallet sound pretty amazing. Each movement of the knobs bring a new son.Il there are not many pedals that have an equalization as effective. (Sometimes too), and the contour potentiometer really adds richness
The manual is succinct trs (but-you one really need a manual for this kind of material?)
typical settings are donns, but do not hesitate to make his own experimentation.


So the sound ....
a true massacre! I have rarely seen such EHJV, this dynamic, and such harmonics in a pedal. We can bring the grain to that of a marshall who has the preamp section in 2203.
It allows you to get out of a mix with an extremely easy and incredibly, while the settings (even the most extreme) are exploitable. It escapes the noise boiled until almost the totality of the race of the gain (and what there are of winning!)


It's been a little less than a year since I use it.
I had the opportunity to used in a lot of config materielle either guitar or amp (Ibanez rg550ex, roxanne RP2000, cheap guitar, fender twin, VS100, peavey classic 30, the loop WP6. ..)
It's a pedal that has a specific personality (one always finds its grain) without altering its surroundings (amp, guitar, microphone position ....)
I tried a lot of pedal in this price range (VOX bulldog, Maxon ROD881 ....)
and I do not regret my choice (even if the maxon am still trying to level the grain)
I got about a 210.Meme if it is expensive, the price quality ratio is rather interresting because the hot british allows both to have a good distortion on an amp that has a good clean or else to add a channel on a good amp.
I will refer to choices with no real hesitation