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  • [NAMM] T-Rex Engineering Twister 2

    [NAMM] T-Rex Engineering Twister 2

    01/04/11 in T-Rex Engineering Twister 2

    Twister 2 is a classic T-Rex pedal updated for 2011, with updated new hardware and software.

  • Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger

    Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger

    06/10/10 in Strymon Orbit

    Strymon recently introduced Orbit dBucket Flanger, a DSP driven flanger pedal designed to deliver the nuances of analog flangers coupled with DSP versatility and high-end audio quality, in a compact stompbox.

  • T-Rex Twister chorus/flanger pedal

    T-Rex Twister chorus/flanger pedal

    10/31/08 in T-Rex Engineering The Twister

    T-Rex presents the latest member of its family of effect pedals, the Twister. Twister contains both chorus and flanger in one single box!

  • Carl Martin Classic Flange

    Carl Martin Classic Flange

    10/27/08 in Carl Martin Classic Flange

    Carl Martin introduces the Vintage Series Classic Flange pedal.