Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks

Various Assorted Picks, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Hufschmid Guitars.

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All user reviews for the Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
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Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Darpan Suthar11/19/2019

Darpan Suthar's review"Jazz III and Galalith plectrums"

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
I had ordered 25 JazzIII and his new Galalith plectrum, he also included an exclusive handmade Hufschmid string muter as a surprise gift! I am blown away by his generosity, kindness and the level of detail he puts in his work with "NO compromise", anything you order from Patrick is always the best of the best, mark my words!

For me personally, I love his JazzIII plectrums, they're the best (all of his plectrums are, but that's my personal favorite). New Galalith plectrum is amazing too, love the look and feel of it, not to forget - the excellent craftsmanship and the level of detail on those wonderful plectrums! I've said this before in my previous review but once again and always, Patrick is not only an excellent Luther and artisan, but also very generous, kind and awesome as a person!

As always, I am a proud owner of Hufschmid plectrums and always be! None of the other branded plectrums comes close to it. Thank you Patrick.
Sal Tine09/16/2019


Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
I wanted to take a minute to write a review of the Hufschmid plectrums, specifically made from the material POLYSULFONE. I am a HUGE fan of the work of Patrick Hufschmid, I own a fair amount of guitars created by him and I also own MANY of his hand made plectrums. I was intrigued when I read about the material POLYSULFONE, being an enthusiast of the United States space program.
I decided to place an order for one and having many other plectrums of different materials, I was partial to the mega jazz shape. I received my package in LESS than 10 days from my order date!! That is to me, EXCELLENT customer service... the package was a small yellow bubble envelope, sealed with a red wax seal, imprinted with the Hufschmid logo! Talk about presentation!!! AWESOME!
I excitedly opened the package and to my surprise found not only my mega jazz polysulfone plectrum in a small bag accompanied by a sleek business card, I also found a Hufschmid pendant!!! Patrick included a FREE circular, antique nickel finish pendant with my order. I was floored by the entire parcel, and Patrick's generosity. Enough about the parcel, onto the plectrum...
The plectrum is a wonderful transparent golden color, and is hand cut, shaped, and polished to perfection. I enjoy the high gloss finishes the most. I know Patrick spends a great deal of time creating these small works of art, and it shows. The thickness is a bit over 11mm, and is extremely comfortable between the thumb and forefinger. The tip is perfectly shaped and does not "hang up" while moving from string to string, the motion is fluid and effortless. There was no "getting used to it" period, I was comfortable and felt "at home" instantly. The attack is defined and pronounced, and I felt much less fatigue in my picking hand while using it. This prompted me to order the same material in 3 other shapes which I like, the ANVIL XL, the MINI ANVIL XL, and the ERGO ANVIL... I love them all. The tip on the ANVIL XL is more pointed than the others, for players who prefer a "sharper point". My favorite shape is a toss up between the ERGO ANVIL and the MEGA JAZZ, the ERGO sits back in my fingers and the rear of the plectrum rests against the base of my forefinger, and I have noticed increased control using this shape. My picking hand is more relaxed and I feel no more cramping at all. I also noticed an improvement in my picking technique, and my speed and accuracy have improved. I recommend these plectrums to anyone who may be experiencing any pick hand discomfort, anyone who wants to improve their speed and accuracy, or to any player who may be looking for "something different"...
I must also mention that to me it is a wonderful thing that I am supporting an independent artisan, a person who imagines and creates these incredible plectrums and guitars... I choose to no longer support huge multimillion dollar corporations who don't really care about their quality, or customers, and in most instances what they are offering was made by machines. Hufschmid, HAND MADE WITH SKILL AND PASSION!!!
Pictured are the MINI ANVIL XL, the MEGA JAZZ, the ANVIL XL, and the ERGO ANVIL, all handcrafted of polysulfone!!!! AWESOME!! Also pictured is the NEW solid brass HUFSCHMID LOGO PENDANT.... I LOVE THIS PENDANT, so I had to include it in the pictures!!
Darpan Suthar01/18/2019

Darpan Suthar's review"Excellent Hufschmid Plectrums"

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
"What's that thick plectrum?" .. "That's way too thick" ... "Not for me.." ..."Why would I spend do much money where I could get in bulk for 80% cheaper in stores?" ... "That doesn't look comfortable.." .....

Okay people, let's stop right there......

I'd like to praise, support, review and appreciate Patrick's work. I struggle with muscular pain, lack of good stamina and hands producing moisture and oil constantly. And then comes Patrick's plectrums by goofing around on Google, Youtube etc.. to find some of the unique and different plectrums that can help me with my situation. I had went through his website and found his work completely different from any "company.." and "brands". I decided to purchase my first plectrum that was "Tauredunum" in mega jazz shape. Then comes time that I took the package in my hands when I had received and I was shocked from the start to finish - from the seal photos showing his work carefully packed plectrum with his black card then an amazing surprise which was his jazz 3 Delrin plectrums which blew my mind. Then I started ordering more because I LOVED how he put together his love, dedication, hard work and determination into an excellent single package.

He is one of the coolest people I have chatted with and always there to help guitar community to improve their playing.

Costly? ----- Wait, read his FAQ... He lives in Switzerland... He has to order the material itself, pay his bills, live in the one of the most expensive country ... and of course save some for future... don't we thrive to do the same? Then why do we think it is costly/expensive? Then no worries, try to save up and try one of his plectrums. Go through his website he's got tons of options and material for plectrums and buy one and see for yourself, I'm sure you won't regret it at all.

Too Thick, not comfortable....? ----- Again, read his FAQ, watch Youtube video reviews, order few plectrums for yourself and find a sweet spot and choice that you prefer. He always mentions - "My plectrums are much thicker than the norm. The idea is to minimize movement and increase the guitarist’s hand strength. Less effort is required to play, which is a relief to the player. As a result, he will have less cramping and tenseness, which is very useful for guitarists suffering from osteoarthritis, tendinitis or other muscular problems." Yes, this is 100% true. That is coming from a guitarist who improved his playing a LOT BETTER than I used to be before and inspire me to play guitar every single day. That is due to his plectrums. I am not saying or telling anybody that you have to buy BUT instead of criticizing, humble advice to support his work, try one plectrum and see for yourself as that is also a personal taste - "to each their own", right?

"Suited for certain styles...weird shapes..."? ----- It all comes to personal taste including the type of material too, yes. Don't get me wrong, everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. After ordering multiple plectrums, I have found what I love now. Never be afraid to try something different. AND I HAVE DECIDED TO PLAY ONLY HIS PLECTRUMS EVER.

So what if since the beginning of guitar playing era, the only plectrums that existed is like Patrick's? Then we will say "oh, that's weird.." "won't be comfortable...." to thin 0.80/1.0 plectrums in today's world? Art and creativity has no bounds and we are bound and subject to our environment. We have to be careful of how we used to think which always existed and then if we see something completely different now.

Patrick always like to throw in surprises when you order plectrums. He ALWAYS goes above and beyond and he knows what he is doing. "Hufschmid plectrums" is literally one-man work in a small space putting hours and hours into making your favorite plectrums and guitars. His work is UNMATCHED and PERFECT. Since I'm out of the words, all I have to say in one work is "EXCELLENT". His plectrums are the best ever plectrums I have ever seen and owned in my life. His product quality is beyond anybody's expectations. I'll always buy his plectrums in future from now on and also going to start saving up to purchase his guitar in next couple years.

I have attached a picture of a strong army of plectrum collection. I am indeed super happy to be one of his customer, thank you as always Patrick! ;)
Travis Loria08/23/2017

Travis Loria's review"The Hufschmid Polished 'RED' Huftron Anvil, ERGO Plectrum and HUFGLOW Hybrid"

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
The incredible plectrum that does not wear down. Some would say over time plectrums loose there precision and attack. The Huftron model is built for the musician that spends hours and hours a day perfecting their craft. When I received this plectrum I was amazed at craftsmanship. The material looks like waves of sand or ripples in water. Not only did it look amazing, this thing had the perfect middle ground tone. Mids, highs and lows are very even with this one. After playing this model for hours and hours straight for many weeks I noticed that there was no signs of wear! If your looking for a plectrum that can stand up to hours of playing and has great overall tone do not hesitate to purchase one of these works of art! You will not regret anything. Thanks again Patrick for designing the greatest plectrums the world has seen!

I was looking for a plectrum that can hold up to any Guitar situation. Patrick Hufschmid is an amazing artisan with great talent! He has made me a lot of beautiful plectrums that have made my guitar playing better. His plectrums are works of art, you can see and feel the quality when using these beauties! The new ERGO is my favorite by far! The new design has a tight sleek look with a pinch of classyness built in. They don't just look good they feel good and play good as well! All other plectrums just can't compare to Patrick's designs! He's a scientist when it comes to building guitars and plectrums for the public. With this plectrum the rhythms come through beautifully and the leads sounds so fluent and tight. After using his plectrums for such a long time I can't use other picks. The generic pick feels flimsy and has no tone to them. I have no "cons". I cannot thank him enough for making such quality works of art for us musicians. His plectrums have become a huge part of my playing. Once you purchase one you will see the love and care that go into creating them.

The triad of tone. This plectrum features 3 different tips that help in all musical situations. From using this plectrum I have discovered that each tip has an astonishing purpose. The round side made my clean tones sound crystal clear and gave it more thickness during strums. The sharper side (right side of logo) made my heavy rhythm tone come through flawlessly. Creating the perfect tone that made my mixes sound clear and focused. The sharpest side (left side of logo) is perfect for lead passages! The tip provides more articulation to slice through notes with ease. This plectrum also features HUFGLOW technology! The glow is so immense it generates enough light to play in pitch black rooms! If your looking for a plectrum that can handle all music styles look no further! Thanks again Patrick! Your attention to detail and your unique designs have helped my guitar playing every step of the way!


leoseanster's review"The definitive guitar pick."

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
We guitarists are a strange species indeed. Much like those golfers.

Don't deny it - those of us who have unconditional love for the instrument and practice at an excessively regular rate have had, at one point, a thousand different picks lying around the house. The reason? It affects tone, we say; it makes me play faster, we say; it makes me sweep better; we say.

Regardless, one standard issue remains. They all last for about as long as a small delicious cheeseburger. A couple of bites in, and you find that you gotta get another one to sate that appetite.

Jokes aside, this was a huge problem I encountered during all my years of playing the guitar. Any pick I got just would just bevel immensely and lose its character after a few hours of practicing or spirited gigging, and I started to wonder if that was the ill fate of all potential woodshedders out there.

...until I stumbled upon Patrick Hufschmid's website.

At first, I retained my scepticism. I thought, here is another luthier who showcases such majestic works of glorified wood. I must probably wait till 2053 to be next in line or to even receive a response. Alas, I received a reply in thirty minutes...let that sink in for a moment.

More quickfire e-mails were exchanged and apart from realising what an amazingly nice guy Patrick was, I found myself ordering two picks, a PHD jazz type and a PHD attack, and received them in the mail after a few weeks. Damned airport customs.

The first thing I realised was how big these picks were, 3mm thick and way larger than any typical plectrum. Now, being used to 0.88 to 1.40mm picks, it took a while for me to get used to the thickness, which also led me to think that it would be less mobile than its smaller counterparts. But that's when I started playing, and any doubts of potential clunkiness ended there.

It was a fast pick. Though being that gargantuan 3mm, it has bevelled edges that taper into a sharp point, making for a very gratifying 'release' off the string. Players who are accustomed to playing picks such as the Dunlop Ultex Sharp, Tortex Sharps, or even the Jazz IIIs will feel right at home here. Crossing strings felt easier and due to the pick's material and thickness, it didn't 'give' to the strings, ensuring that no excess motion is required when going into faster passages and runs. Riffing was also smooth and it accommodated alternate and economy/sweep picking equally well. Every picked note sings articulately and depending on your grip, pinch harmonics may come off scream-ier.

Typical accolades aside, the attributes that sold me into these picks were the durability and toughness of the material used. Patrick himself said that it takes almost an hour to craft a single pick, and you can see why. I was pushing the pick hard - playing through countless runs with a metronome, riffing with vigour, and not withstanding jamming to my favourite tunes from my favourite bands. After all that, I expected for the pick to at least 'scratch' on the bevels from playing so much on the wound strings. But no, nothing, there weren't any signs of wear at all. The pick would always retain its character and precision. Ultimately, this means that the 16th note sextuplet run at 170bpm you pulled off today can also feel the same way in a week, something you'd need to burn through 5 more picks otherwise to ensure the same consistent feel.

This also justifies the price of the pick as the other review here has already stated, being a daunting 16 euros (around $21) a piece. Think about it though, a single PHD pick will more than likely outlast the 20 or so generic picks you buy with that same amount of money, and in that sense it provides a fantastic return for value.

One thing that I have to say though is that this pick may not be suitable for all types of players and playing styles. The more experienced players will know what I'm talking about, as I'm referring to those acoustic guys and girls out there who tend to utilise a lot of strumming in their playing. As aforementioned, this pick does not offer a lot of 'give' and flexibility being as thick as it is, and therefore is not recommended for that hearty strum across all 6 strings of an acoustic guitar less you wish to have strings ricocheting off the guitar body like steel whips. This is UNLESS you absolutely know what touch to apply and/or if it's the desired sound you're after. I say this as more of a disclaimer for the discerning beginner than the seasoned singer-songwriter or shredder, and it may even be common sense for some of you, but I'm just putting it out there for those who do not have much experience with how picks react with certain stylistic approaches on the guitar.

I think I've said all I can about this pick, and I find myself wondering again - corporate greed and profitability aside - why can't all picks be made like this? This is the definitive guitar pick, the one pick that I will compare all others to from now on with respect to their clarity, ease of motion, and durability. As I write this review, I'm already contacting Patrick again to purchase more of his picks and to discuss a potential investment in one of his beautiful guitars (watch this space for a potential review on that). Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be back to playing more gratuitous licks with my new pick.

Definitely better than a delicious cheeseburger.

Freddyvanhalen's review"These are more than just picks..."

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
Picks are things that I think a lot of guitar players take for granted.
I know a lot of players who have a box of about 50 or so picks that they have accumulated over the years and think nothing of playing with the one nearest to hand. I used to do this as well, until I started to notice how drastically tone and technique can be affected by the pick you use.
I began shying away from the run of the mill picks and started looking for something more suitable to my needs. I started trying thicker picks, 2-3mm at first and noticed an immense change in my playing, everything was more articulate and picking became easier. I also found I got a very pleasing ‘snap’ to my pick attack. The problem was, even though this was a step in the right direction, I was still chewing through picks at 3-4 hour intervals. As you can imagine, it becomes tiresome playing £2-3 ($4-5) a time for a pick that will last no more than 1 gig, or a heavy practice session. Even paying a premium for 3-4mm thick picks from other ‘high quality’ builders was found to be money down the drain after 1-2 gigs.
This is where Hufschmid picks come in to the equation. I first discovered Hufschmid Guitars after Rob Chapman received a fantastic looking Albinodroid guitar. I was an instant fan and started looking into Mr Hufschmids products and noticed that some of my favourite players, Fred Brum, Paul Wardingham etc, were using custom handmade picks by Hufschmid guitars. The shapes and thickness instantly appealed to me. They are unlike anything else on the market and offer amazing and unique properties.
My Pick
I own a one of a kind, 6mm thick, Hufglow standard pointed pick. I’d first like to mention how informative, accommodating and quick to respond that Patrick Hufschmid is. I made a simple enquiry about his already fantastic looking 3mm Hufglow picks and the new pointed shape he was offering. I wanted a 5-6mm version and Mr Hufschmid was more than happy to build one for me. In the same email he gave me a price and a time of delivery. After it was finished it arrived at my door in 3 days. True testament to how committed he is to customer satisfaction and quality.
Material – Thickness – Playability – Price
My pick is made of something called Hufglow. It’s a combination of Aerospace grade Cross Linked Cell Cast Acrylic, and Strontium Aluminate, a highly photo luminescent material. The material is super strong and extremely wear resistant. It feels like it will last forever. I’ve used it now for 15+ gigs and hours of practice time and the only mark on it is a small dark blemish caused by an old string. The mark can also simply be rubbed off. This pick is like playing a brand new pick every time.
Many guitarists will look at the picks and be put off by the thickness, but the truth is that once you’ve tried it, you will be amazed at how effortless playing becomes. Mine is 6mm thick, which allows a super relaxed grip while still retaining pick attack. And because the material is so strong, it simply glides over the strings. The edges of the pick are beautifully bevelled, making it supremely comfortable. There are certainly sharp edges here. Apart from the tip, which is sharpened to a fine point to allow for perfect articulation and attack.
The price is another aspect which may put some players off. £10+ for a pick? Well think about it this way. If you’re already paying £2-3 per pick that lasts 1 gig, it isn’t long before you’ve double the amount for a pick that would last maybe for the next 5 years! Also the price is extremely reasonable, being that you’re getting a completely hand-made pick, built from scratch with futuristic materials, each one taking an hour or so to complete. You don’t find that sort of value anywhere else on the market.
I cannot recommend one of Mr Hufschimds picks enough, to anyone who either wants to try something new, is dissatisfied with what’s already on the market or is seeking a unique playing experience. From start to finish, Patrick Hufschmid provides unparalleled quality and service. Everyone can have an opinion, but this is fact. Hufschmid picks are simply the best picks on the market and any guitar player should, at least once in their career, try one. It’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent. There is only one downside. You’ll like yours so much that you’ll have to buy more. A disease you could call the Hufbug.

Agreed's review"Fantastic picks, tons of styles!"

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
I love picks because to me, a pick is as important to the sound of your guitar as a bow is to the sound of a violin.

If you don’t believe that, it’s easy to test – put your pick down and strum with your fingers. Woah, major difference in sound! Swap the pick out for a coin sitting around. Again, huge difference in sound!

Of course, there are a thousand varieties of mass-produced picks. If picks didn’t sound or play differently, there’d just be one kind of pick and that would be the end of it.

So it should be a given that we all agree that picks make a difference. It’s just a matter of whether you’re happy with some of the ones churned out in the tens of thousands, or whether you’re compelled to try something cool, new, conceived to stand out sharply from mass-produced picks.

Features I like:

In no particular order:

Very ergonomic shapes. All of the “Drop” style picks are shaped in almost a wave form, with a thicker middle but tapering to the point and to the back as well. I’ve used MANY varieties of the Drop, see attached photo, in several materials, and each one is really comfortable to hold.

It takes a short time to get used to their size and shape, but you will be surprised at how quickly that time passes, and you start enjoying the way they sit against your grip.

I’ve used them in traditional thumb-pad and index knuckle grip, but they work well for more forward grips or even the EVH-style three finger grip. There’s plenty of surface to grab onto, which leads me to…

Extraordinary control. If you think a larger pick means harder to play, think again. More on that later :)

Durability. While I have no idea what “PHD” is, I do know that he also makes picks out of TIVAR (a very abrasion resistant "super material" that seems like it's never going to lose its point) and Swiss cast acrylic, which is extremely strong stuff (used in aerospace and in large aquarium installations). If Patrick Hufschmid uses a material to make a pick, it’s REALLY, REALLY tough. Even the least tough PHD stuff can be banged together in block-form with extraordinary force and not even have a ding. It’s… pretty nuts! I’ve seen it or I wouldn’t be reporting on that aspect of it. Suffice it to say the picks keep their bevel just fine even with aggressive playing. I don't think I could wear out the TIVAR picks if I tried to do only that. The rest, well, nothing is literally forever, but I anticipate these picks will last a very long time based on my experiences with the materials and what other boutique pick companies use.

And finally, variety! Here are several different kinds of Hufschmid drop shapes:

Gigantic Drop, which is like a huge Jazz III, and looks as cool as it plays with a layered zebra-stripe appearance – this is the one if you’ve got carpal tunnel or arthritis to deal with, it’s big at its middle point but tapers easily and doesn’t smack adjacent strings, so you get the benefits of a thick hold and no pain plus the benefits of a small pointed area.

Big Drop, which is also like a not-quite-as-huge Jazz III. It’s also extremely comfortable, but about 2mm thinner at the grip and with a more gradual bevel as a result.

Attack Drop, a more pointed design that has a nice, easy to control feel and a surgically precise tip. And finally…

The regular Drop, from which all the other drops presumably came :) It’s offered in all the different varieties of the PHD material, it’s got less mass to it than the rest because it’s not quite as wide. Same thickness as the Big Drop and Attack Drop at the thickest point, or close enough by eyeball, but it’s got less outside area. Again, very comfortable taper.

In addition to the PHD material, he has made a bunch of them in different experimental materials. If you go to his Facebook page you can see some of the other work he’s done. You can see some of those experiments in my picture, because I go for them when they're available... He makes really nice stuff and I want to own it, haha.

Different materials kind of come and go from the lineup, depending on what he’s working with at the moment. I feel he's on a quest for the perfect pick material and it's nice to be along for the trip, a lot of really excellent picks are made and we get to own them along the way.

Ease of use:

All of the drops are EXTREMELY comfortable to hold and to play with. I noted there is an adjustment period to the thickness and shape of them, and that’s true – but once you’ve made it through that adjustment, which won’t be long, you’ll be ripping with whichever plectrum you pick. Pun intended. Fully. Shoot me. ;)

For a first-time buyer I would recommend either the Attack Drop or the regular Drop shape... Or maybe his Starter Pack which has several Acrylic thicknesses and an Ultem thinner, rigid pick as well. If you have hand pain when you play and it’s not a technique issue, then go right for the Gigantic Drop and it could really help relieve that. Not guaranteed to, I guess, but it’s extremely comfortable to me and acts as a sort of force multiplier because of its size. All you need to focus on is playing with precision, it takes care of the power for you.

Sound Quality:

The funny thing here is that if you talk to Patrick, he might tell you there’s no difference in "sound quality" between picks, because after all have you ever just listened to a pick? Not much sound coming out of it... But I own a bunch of these things and a bunch of other picks and I would swear on my life that the different shapes DO impart different qualities to the sound, by the nature of how they impact the strings and how they lend themselves more to this or that technique.

E.g. the Gigantic Drop is massive, so it’s got more attack/transient noise than a regular Drop which has less mass behind the pick. If you're a legato player, one of his standards or a rounded pick may be ideal for you since you'll get less pick noise that way.

Of course the point of that statement is just that no pick plays itself, and the acoustic response of your guitar (electric or otherwise) is vital… A pick contributes to the overall sound but doesn’t determine it. All factors are at work.


TOUGH. To cut them he uses a bandsaw. Eventually the internal workings blew up. Seriously. This is tough stuff and the picks seem extremely resistant to wear. He had to switch to 80-grit sandpaper for working with TIVAR at all, it laughed at anything less on the sanding wheel. We're talking grit that will chew through good quality cast acrylic like butter, and it barely even scratches TIVAR.

Of course anything, over time, is going to wear down unless it’s harder than the strings themselves. That’s just physics. Nothing lasts forever. But there’s definitely a MASSIVE difference in durability compared to a sub-1mm soft nylon pick, for example, not to mention you could use this stuff to hammer a stage together… And maybe the TIVAR ones will last forever. I have no idea. Haha. I'll update the review if I'm passing them on to my kids when I'm old :p


I love these picks! They’re extremely cool, they play great, they sound great, they last, and each is a work of art. Really, they are individual, and each one is totally unique... They aren’t cheap, but they’re made one at a time by an artisan, not punched out in the thousands an hour by machines. You can choose to reward that or not, of course... I think it’s well worth it.

Why a 9/10 if I like them so much? Because he's still looking for the perfect pick, too, and I don't want to dishonor that search by pretending he's already found it. I want him to keep going, and see what he can do next!