Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks

Various Assorted Picks, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Hufschmid Guitars.

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Travis Loria 08/23/2017

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks : Travis Loria's user review

« The Hufschmid Polished 'RED' Huftron Anvil, ERGO Plectrum and HUFGLOW Hybrid »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
The incredible plectrum that does not wear down. Some would say over time plectrums loose there precision and attack. The Huftron model is built for the musician that spends hours and hours a day perfecting their craft. When I received this plectrum I was amazed at craftsmanship. The material looks like waves of sand or ripples in water. Not only did it look amazing, this thing had the perfect middle ground tone. Mids, highs and lows are very even with this one. After playing this model for hours and hours straight for many weeks I noticed that there was no signs of wear! If your looking for a plectrum that can stand up to hours of playing and has great overall tone do not hesitate to purchase one of these works of art! You will not regret anything. Thanks again Patrick for designing the greatest plectrums the world has seen!

I was looking for a plectrum that can hold up to any Guitar situation. Patrick Hufschmid is an amazing artisan with great talent! He has made me a lot of beautiful plectrums that have made my guitar playing better. His plectrums are works of art, you can see and feel the quality when using these beauties! The new ERGO is my favorite by far! The new design has a tight sleek look with a pinch of classyness built in. They don't just look good they feel good and play good as well! All other plectrums just can't compare to Patrick's designs! He's a scientist when it comes to building guitars and plectrums for the public. With this plectrum the rhythms come through beautifully and the leads sounds so fluent and tight. After using his plectrums for such a long time I can't use other picks. The generic pick feels flimsy and has no tone to them. I have no "cons". I cannot thank him enough for making such quality works of art for us musicians. His plectrums have become a huge part of my playing. Once you purchase one you will see the love and care that go into creating them.

The triad of tone. This plectrum features 3 different tips that help in all musical situations. From using this plectrum I have discovered that each tip has an astonishing purpose. The round side made my clean tones sound crystal clear and gave it more thickness during strums. The sharper side (right side of logo) made my heavy rhythm tone come through flawlessly. Creating the perfect tone that made my mixes sound clear and focused. The sharpest side (left side of logo) is perfect for lead passages! The tip provides more articulation to slice through notes with ease. This plectrum also features HUFGLOW technology! The glow is so immense it generates enough light to play in pitch black rooms! If your looking for a plectrum that can handle all music styles look no further! Thanks again Patrick! Your attention to detail and your unique designs have helped my guitar playing every step of the way!