Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks
Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks

Various Assorted Picks, Guitar Pick/Plectrum from Hufschmid Guitars.

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Darpan Suthar 01/18/2019

Hufschmid Guitars Various Assorted Picks : Darpan Suthar's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
"What's that thick plectrum?" .. "That's way too thick" ... "Not for me.." ..."Why would I spend do much money where I could get in bulk for 80% cheaper in stores?" ... "That doesn't look comfortable.." .....

Okay people, let's stop right there......

I'd like to praise, support, review and appreciate Patrick's work. I struggle with muscular pain, lack of good stamina and hands producing moisture and oil constantly. And then comes Patrick's plectrums by goofing around on Google, Youtube etc.. to find some of the unique and different plectrums that can help me with my situation. I had went through his website and found his work completely different from any "company.." and "brands". I decided to purchase my first plectrum that was "Tauredunum" in mega jazz shape. Then comes time that I took the package in my hands when I had received and I was shocked from the start to finish - from the seal photos showing his work carefully packed plectrum with his black card then an amazing surprise which was his jazz 3 Delrin plectrums which blew my mind. Then I started ordering more because I LOVED how he put together his love, dedication, hard work and determination into an excellent single package.

He is one of the coolest people I have chatted with and always there to help guitar community to improve their playing.

Costly? ----- Wait, read his FAQ... He lives in Switzerland... He has to order the material itself, pay his bills, live in the one of the most expensive country ... and of course save some for future... don't we thrive to do the same? Then why do we think it is costly/expensive? Then no worries, try to save up and try one of his plectrums. Go through his website he's got tons of options and material for plectrums and buy one and see for yourself, I'm sure you won't regret it at all.

Too Thick, not comfortable....? ----- Again, read his FAQ, watch Youtube video reviews, order few plectrums for yourself and find a sweet spot and choice that you prefer. He always mentions - "My plectrums are much thicker than the norm. The idea is to minimize movement and increase the guitarist’s hand strength. Less effort is required to play, which is a relief to the player. As a result, he will have less cramping and tenseness, which is very useful for guitarists suffering from osteoarthritis, tendinitis or other muscular problems." Yes, this is 100% true. That is coming from a guitarist who improved his playing a LOT BETTER than I used to be before and inspire me to play guitar every single day. That is due to his plectrums. I am not saying or telling anybody that you have to buy BUT instead of criticizing, humble advice to support his work, try one plectrum and see for yourself as that is also a personal taste - "to each their own", right?

"Suited for certain styles...weird shapes..."? ----- It all comes to personal taste including the type of material too, yes. Don't get me wrong, everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. After ordering multiple plectrums, I have found what I love now. Never be afraid to try something different. AND I HAVE DECIDED TO PLAY ONLY HIS PLECTRUMS EVER.

So what if since the beginning of guitar playing era, the only plectrums that existed is like Patrick's? Then we will say "oh, that's weird.." "won't be comfortable...." to thin 0.80/1.0 plectrums in today's world? Art and creativity has no bounds and we are bound and subject to our environment. We have to be careful of how we used to think which always existed and then if we see something completely different now.

Patrick always like to throw in surprises when you order plectrums. He ALWAYS goes above and beyond and he knows what he is doing. "Hufschmid plectrums" is literally one-man work in a small space putting hours and hours into making your favorite plectrums and guitars. His work is UNMATCHED and PERFECT. Since I'm out of the words, all I have to say in one work is "EXCELLENT". His plectrums are the best ever plectrums I have ever seen and owned in my life. His product quality is beyond anybody's expectations. I'll always buy his plectrums in future from now on and also going to start saving up to purchase his guitar in next couple years.

I have attached a picture of a strong army of plectrum collection. I am indeed super happy to be one of his customer, thank you as always Patrick! ;)

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