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All user reviews for the Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 16 reviews )
 13 reviews81 %
 2 reviews13 %
 1 user review6 %
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Audiofanzine FR12/15/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
(Originally written by ozzy ozburne/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
12.15.2008 update:

I mounted it on a '87 Hamer Steve Stevens and I can reassure you that it sounds amazing. After lots of experiences with this excellent guitar: PRS HFS, Suhr dsh+, Prs #6 (excellent pickup, I wanted to keep it on this Hamer before I tested the XL500...), Gibson HBL (I love it), etc.

I find this pickup has a very close sound to the old Dirty Finger of my LP R7. Big sound, high output level, full sound with solid lows, compact mids and thick highs. With a CTS volume pot, a good condenser on the tone pot and a small modification (treble bleed, see Seymour Duncan's homepage) to have a progressive volume control, I get a typical Les Paul sound with a small and light guitar.

Excellent pickup.

I own the two pickups that carry the same name (Bill Lawrence 500XL USA and Bill Lawrence 500XL Bill and Becky, I bought them on their website) and I compared them with the same amp and guitar.

I didn't do a research on the web to learn more about these pickups... I just play these pickups with my guitars. That's it.

I've been playing since 1992 and I have a good setup (NOS, VHT, Bogner). I mounted the pickup on my Les Paul.

The US version is a good pickup. It has a good punch but it sounds a bit too dry. It's perfect for distortion, IMO. Good pickup!

With the same guitar, the Bill and Becky is much warmer. It has the same power but it sounds more open and fuller, it has more dynamics and presence (especially during band rehearsals). The sound is clearer and more balanced and it simply cuts through better.

It's a powerful pickup without overdoing it (the US version tends to be more aggressive). It crunches very well because its mid range is perfect.

The Bill and Becky can do everything the USA can and much more.

I agree with the previous review. It's an excellent pickup. FYI the B and B version can be easily recognized by its logo.

Last remark: It's not true that you have to wait months for delivery. I bought my B and B two years ago. I wanted a Zebra 500XL but it wasn't available. Becky offered me the chrome version for the same price even though it's more expensive. B and B pickups are handcrafted in small quantities. I love it. That's why I chose NOS for my 2x12" cabinet.

I don't mind the wait (it was only one week)
MGR/Kevin Wells01/12/2004

MGR/Kevin Wells's review"Bill Lawrence L-500XL"

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
I found this pickup in a local music store and paid $48 for it. I had heard good things about it on other guitar gear review pages and wanted to try one. I also own other pickups made by this company and knew that they make high quality products.

This pickup is brand new and is still made by the original company that first produced it 20+ years ago, Bill Lawrence Guitar Pickups company (, aka Bill Lawrence Products, previously known as Lawrence Sound Research and Lawrence Electro Sound. It says “Bill Lawrence USA” in white letters on the front and in raised letters on the back.

This is my first Bill Lawrence L-500XL and I've installed it in a home made two-pickup guitar. I’m very impressed. I used it to replace a Schaller humbucker and the difference is amazing. The L-500XL is bright and full of harmonics – every note just sparkles. The Schaller was bright sounding but not as “musical” as the L-500XL. This is the loudest pickup I’ve ever owned but it is still very clear, not muddy. I’ve been able to get screaming blues tones, jangly Beatles tones and singing Santana tones from it, depending on the amount of gain and compression applied. I can also get great Tele-like country lead tones. Combining this pickup with the neck pickup (single-bladed Bill Lawrence L-250) produces nice Les Paul-ish quack. The L-500XL has two blades instead of pole pieces, the blades are flat and signal response is very even from string to string. This guitar has never sounded better.

I’ve read reviews of this pickup in which people complained that it’s too trebly. But the guitar I’ve installed it in is very lightweight (just over 7 lbs) and has NO TONE POT, and I can still keep the treble under control – I just turn down the treble on my amp. It is much brighter sounding than the HFS bridge pickup in my PRS CE-24, but is only about as trebly as the Schaller it replaced. I’ve also read complaints about these pickups squealing, but I haven’t experienced that with this pickup. Hard to believe it could ever be microphonic because the coils are totally embedded in resin inside the covers.

There is nothing that I don't like about this pickup. It's great.

It's built like a rock. The coils are sealed inside the cover (just like the L-250's that I own, made by the same company). No chance of coils ever coming loose or getting broken.

I highly recommend this pickup to anyone looking for a high output bridge position humbucker with clean, sparkly tone.

This review was originally published on

ericpenot's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Attention licro this is a bill lawrence USA produced by the former Bill lawrence asscoié"

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
Personally I prefer the real Bill lawrence: not marked Bill lawrence USA: who is regarded as the real Bill lawrence! An apparent rift between the two partners that the other partner, which I forgot the name !! , Also released its microphones with the same name: the galley good day to find out who does what: apparently, and after consulting the forums: micro Bill Lawrence UESA marked as such on the mic is what her partner: namely when you buy !! .dropoff Window
it's still a good microphone for rock but significantly coarser than the original.

diquoi's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good very correct."

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
I love his side piece that can fix it as a P90.

over time I had a problem with the screws that you use the password is, and as the spring is very strong,
the mic has trouble keeping its height.

otherwise it's a wonder the sound is sublime, the correct levels out,
I play with a very precise way, its beautiful palm-mute, harmonics too.

I learned to play with re with, relearned played in overdrive / distortion, without committing any error that would not forgive him. I mostly go back to play with the round side of the pick, so completely parallel to the strings.

dp100's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" straight to hell .... I love"

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
buy in 2009
j'utilis before a "super distortion" Di Marzio, but nothing to do ....
+ the attack, power, harmonics .... grain Dfine well despite the output level ..
the-clear sound really bad, but I have not purchased it .. a crunch right now, seeing worse than EMG 81 and 85 I had in the past on an ESP. But there is a split is doing ...
clearly not dcu, especially in the United States bought the site "Bill and Beky" for 65 US dollars, so the real, not the United States labeled it ..
Micro sends SERIOUS .......

cowboysfromhell's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
ay is! I dove and it is finally the United States that I took. In fact I wanted a kit SD 59 'and BL L500-XL and as purchasing both at the same place, on a US sites decreases the note.

Bill on the site it made me $ 82.50 with the port, the United States on eBay is $ 65 with the port and was able to take the 59 '($ 80 SD!) With no extra ment port. English is not my thing, the ebay transaction is simplicity itself. Cot aa time limit took just a week and I had a dcapsuleur SD and even a crank to tune the strings, they trade with states connaisent!

In addition to the price so I DCID is the Dime from Hell, it has a Bill Lawrence United States, (I Verify on photo) and as I ride my 333 in Dime rplica this choice c'tait the obviousness.

I tried the Bill but I scrape 25 on this one and I t's not.

once the two pickups and soldering iron reus management APRS 1 / 2 hour I have my Dime lends to rush.

I play an Engl and it is the transfiguration. Bill Lawrence sends a bte is difficult dcrire, a mix of power and clarity of the rhythm in my razor and I finally Discoveries What is the tone of my guitar we fall in rhythm and open to the solo. Before j'tais while trying to push open the bottom for more acute.

The fate of Bill Lawrence and impressive levels of distortion with my basic SETTING THE I go out much stronger in a group, I had to fall;)

Frankly this story with the United States and microphones B & B is when even dgueu enough, I was damn good to be a scare for the 25 Gratt and not at all. For me it is a story of big money while a.

We are a group of scratch with Tone Zone, Invader, EMG, well my Bill Lawrence United States has sucit lusts, far from sweet and sour comments I read here or elsewhere. Bill Lawrence is sharp mtallique.
And say which is better makes me laugh is the comment "can do everything (and also the caf?), Warmer, more open" is not the same thing, try and choose, all these microphones is killing.

In the end this microphone is exceptional and the price is given.

mega.maxplus's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
I bought from Micro Bill & Becky (and not so Bill Lawrence United States). Dj unlike what people say dtracteurs microphones B & B, I got it in just three weeks (one week in the mail) a total cost of 60-70 euros. Yes yes, with 20 and some shipping costs, with the shipment is cheaper than the majority of the microphones found on the market.

I mount the day before yesterday on my Jackson (a Pro series RR3) to replace the Duncan Designed and miracle ... The sound is mconnaissable. DLIR is the total. Submitted highs are the mediums singing, serious when need be required is a Młoda dlicate s'chappe that this microphone, even with a heavy distortion with nag gain background.
Because yes, its output level is extremely lev (especially for a passive pickup!) But it is beautifully clean. Apart from some non-harmonic DSIR if awkward movement, no sound comes parasite gcher riffs that attempts to send.

What I like most is clearly the balance in terms of sound and its output level which allows for a standard potato with the same sound of the amp down trs. What I like least ... difficult to say. So far I have not found any major default, except that it is a micro Reserved a player who has a little finger and exprience (if you have big hands full of big fingers that grip the strings all the way, is going to make a hellish cacophony seen that the microphone is sensitive).

So far I had a Duncan Designed test, the base amount, and a DiMarzio Evolution, but I confess to playing mtal death or progressive styles that require a little finger and Sound s sometimes very prcises, Bill Lawrence Exceeds by far the Duncan and DiMarzio.

In addition to a, if we speak English properly, Becky provides technical advice and more useful places an order on the spot. Within minutes c'tait rgl she told me that I would have in three weeks and three weeks later, the veil in my mailbox. Level "customer service", I doubt that other brands do better;)

And to top it off, it does coast * NOTHING *. $ 82.50. It is (now 26 fvrier 2009) a total of 64 euros (63.86 for me). It is 40 euros less than any high-end microphones for the best sometimes.
If I were offered to return to rear, I would resume the same DEFINITIONS.

ozzyozburne's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
Edit of 15.12.2008:

Installed on a Hamer Steve Stevens 87, I concur, this microphone is great. After numerous tests to know that dug most excellent violin (PRS HFS, Suhr DSH +, Prs # 6 (excellent microphone, I was reluctant to leave it on the Hamer until I installed the XL500 ...) , Gibson HBL (I love Pout), ... etc. ...).
It sounds so very very close to the old Dirty Finger I have on my LP R7, a tad looser than he was. This is not a defect, just a feature. Big sound, a high output, very full, solid bass, midrange and treble very compact thick. Coupled with a volume knob CTS, good capacity sutra of the tone knob and a small treble bleed mod style (see Seymour Duncan website) for a very soft volume, and I typed a big sound on a small Les Paul guitar any light.

An excellent microphone, to order from Bill and Becky.

So get me to risk the wrath of some afiens I owned, and therefore able to compare on the same amp, same guitar and same game (mine!) Both pickups that share the same name: Bill Lawrence 500XL The United States and Bill Lawrence 500XL Bill and Becky, purchased on their website. And one would address to Becky herself, please.

I said: I have not done research on the net about the history of these microphones, untangled owners, lawsuits, rumors about who uses what in show bizzzzzzzzz if Bettencourt shaves armpits etc.. ... I only play these pickups on my guitars. Point.

I play since 1992 on the correct gear (NOS, VHT, Bogner). I installed the mic on my LP.

Outside legal controversy and / or audiofanzienne, which do not interest me, neither one nor the other, I concluded that the United States is a good microphone, punchy, a bit dry (but typed the coup) and built for saturation (I think). Good point micro.

A similar scraper, the Bill and Becky is much warmer, just as powerful, but more "open", more dynamic, fuller and much more in this repeat: it is objectively clearer and more balanced, we hear more simply, even if the config rehearsal vary.

It is a powerful micro but not showy (as the United States would this trend - again it could be one), and capable of great cruncher, because the mediums are ... nickel.

Personally, the Bill and Becky, can largely do what offers the United States, and more. The reverse is not true. For me, there's no photo.

So I agree with the previous opinion. An excellent microphone. On B and B, there is no logo on the top of the microphone for info.

Last thing: the months of waiting times on the Bill and Becky, this is not true. I bought mine two years ago, I wanted a zebra 500XL was not available. Becky asked me to avoid waiting while the chrome model at the same price, which is normally more expensive. In passing, I note that the B and B, crafts, small quantities and trade together. J'adooooore. That's why I chose for my 2x12 NOS.
I preferred to wait ... one week. And so he arrived with a week late. Otherwise, it's starting pay.

francoisqueinnec2's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
- I use it for more than 2 ½ years.
I used a long L500XL United States Bill Lawrence (home ) I really liked a lot .. A huge potato, harmonics powerful and precise .. despite its overall dryness due to lack of upper midrange and treble really very noisy. Other details: If metal, it did well, he was sorely lacking in finesse to the sounds, say, more 'calm' (clean / crunch / blues).

Then before all the good we said the 'real' L500XL (that of Bill Lawrence himself, I say 'real' because they are the ones used Nuno, I could check my eyes in his last concert) I wanted to try the famous "Bill & Becky L500-XL (sold .)

Well I was not disappointed: the sound of Pornograffitti (Extreme and in general)! An extremely balanced microphone (mediums extremely singing), one in the bass fishing .. In short, a big potato for a particularly pleasant to the ear!

He has another quality big: It reacts very well to volume knob, from the big rage in the most subtle crunch ... And, something I never imagined before: I use it even in its clear!

Clearly, to play the big metal that spot, then yes, the L500 'United States' may be the case (even if Bill & Becky does, and even better). on the other hand, any other style, the Bill & Becky is way ahead! really far!

In short .. controversial or not .. I do not care to know a completely legally owned the name Bill Lawrence, etc. ... what matters is the sound, and there, my choice is clearly: Bill & Becky 100%!

The value for money is simply amazing: It's honestly the best mic I've experienced in 20 years ... Far ahead of the Seymour Duncan or Dimarzio! And it costs only 40Euros (in bulk order to decrease a little for shipping)!

I have installed on 6 of my guitars, it is to say!
So, yes, I do it again this choice without hesitation!

Small detail: The United States uses magnets L500 ceramics while the Bill & Becky uses Alnico magnets ... Bill even said it to him has absolutely no influence on the sound, and all these stories of Ceramic Cold / Hot Alnico is just bla bla .. marketting Given his experience and his genius (as it takes to get laid in such a micro!) I tend to believe. But hey .. again .. I tape, what matters is the sound! ;)

canibalism's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL
Well we say ke my first post market has pa fé shit since mid javai two hours typing ... good
I etai in total confusion here is kelkes months because I voulai replace the original emg esp ltd kirk on my ki hammet between ourselves are quite merdikes drafts ... so I say the voulai a microphone with a BIG sound accurate enough even kd because I play the brutal technical death and avalanches of notes on the very low strings (1ton below) will ring with pa tt microphones (g jackson randhy roads also equipped with EMG 81 ... well frankly kd Quick playing ds severe mite is nothing ... I men vai forums reviews and I voi ke l 500 xl na pa ... assz potato is good clean sound pa ... pa enough precis ... crakement clean sound (lol) I vai to tt the world daccord
I am connected to a live pod ds mixer / sound card / computer and the sound comes out of 4 monitor speakers (g sold my group fault amp, with this configuration g sound very very correct without poke my eardrums) in output level is equal to the upper view EMG 81 (I avai signal ds cubase) with much more low (so very very big sound) better definition (grain rather unusual but very very good) asure thoroughly ds severe as in acute and combines wonderfully subtle mix of finesse and brutalitée which is so dear to me
por those ki want a demonstration listen to the song raped in her own blood on the entierrement guitars are made with this microphone, the other songs are performed with emg esp original note the difference (I used it the sui jackson for any recording (javai envi test my new skyscrapers hehe))
So here I put him 9, the 81 6 (ke vs vs reperiez)
dackerir before this micro g tried a hzh4..bon emg but convinced my pa, di Marzio évolution..un little cold (although I did ke pa tried on my setup but good jme sui made an idea)
here is my choice c focused on this bill lawrence beyond my faith in my etai trusted me more is known of the EMG 81 before buying ben g was a little disappointed not to c if c a pleasure to play with this microphone, tt harmonikes out only in short ke happiness and I do it again this choice without hesitation!
here I hope ke vs aider..stay gonna fucking brutal..saludos locos !!!