DiMarzio DP160 Norton
DiMarzio DP160 Norton
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Scott Bis 08/05/2007

DiMarzio DP160 Norton : Scott Bis's user review


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I cabl bridge now in place to test my tonezone, it is difficult to have information on this microphone so I'll try to do my best by taking the point repre tonezone.
So of it is an excellent microphone, trs expressive enough equilibrated in frequencies.
Unlike tonezone (which I love) I find it more open, bright, it lends itself DIFFERENT styles of music, more "rock" the tonezone, although it gives a clean sound, the solo notes are less Paisses but the attack is the percent notes and recall the sounds of groups of the 80 us hard, style Ratt, Winger, etc. ...
It is versatile and efficient trs but for the extreme metal I prfre the tonezone.
On a guitar while mahogany, Norton has its place because it does not have excessive bass, I find trs prcis for the "rock".
I try to run coupled with tonezone, by lowering the balance has to be playable.
I would tonezone in the bridge because my head is high enough Engl-and medium Norton is too clean, too equilibrated to satisfy me, it's a shame because you can play everything with this great micro! !
[Edit] I put the APRS Tonezone this afternoon and ouahh! I try more and more like the microphones Tonezone, it is ultimately more comprss the Norton but thick and hotter, at least that's what I feel and my head in Engl 6L6GC balance it all aa alone.
Norton you're an angel, Tonezone you are a god!