DiMarzio DP419 Area '67
DiMarzio DP419 Area '67
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All user reviews for the DiMarzio DP419 Area '67

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Average Score:3.3( 3.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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nickname009's review

DiMarzio DP419 Area '67
The dimarzio area 67, one of the new pickups in the area product line. Completely noiseless, and very bright like a vintage strat pickup would be. I'm reviewing this pickup as a middle position pickup, I have it set that way just like paul gilbert sets his up. And I don't regret it! It's a great spanky little pickup! Though I can't judge too much on it as a middle pickup since there's only a few actual appropriate uses for it. That mainly being for clean tones.

By itself it's crisp, clear and bright. Though not like an ice-pick. It's great and sounds really clear. I wouldn't use it with much gain I was never a fan of distortion sounds on the middle pickup.

Blended with the bridge pickup on clean you get your typical spanky strat tone which is why I wanted the pickup in the first place and it's great at that also! Of course it's completely noiseless and I love it!

Blended with the neck it's also really good and clean and you get your spank with a bit of bass from the neck pickup and it sounds great of course. Lightly overdriven it also sounds real smooth. I said before in a previous review that I'm not a single coil guy, I've been using humbuckers forever and a day and have just recently switched to single coils only because these were promised to be quiet single coil pickups and they are, and they sound GREAT.

to conclude, great middle pickup position. I personally haven't been able to try it as a bridge or as a neck pickup since I have the injectors in the other positions but the combination of them all is great and makes me want to play my guitar more and more! They finally got it right with noiseless single coils, I'd say!


Hatsubai's review"Great boutique sound"

DiMarzio DP419 Area '67
The DiMarzio Area ‘67 is a new evolution of the Virtual Vintage series. It’s a single coil pickup that features an Alnico 2 magnet, staggered pole pieces and four conductor wiring.

The Area ’67 is a noiseless single coil that’s meant to replicate the very old school single coil tones of yesteryear. It does this by utilizing DiMarzio’s Virtual Vintage technology to keep everything quiet but also allowing it to sound fairly natural.

This pickup is bright, and it’s very similar to the Area ’58. While it’s bright, it’s never too over the top. The lower output of this allows it to remain clear without being too piercing and overly saturated. The low end on this thing blooms nicely like a true single coil pickup should. The midrange is increased a little compared to the Area ’58 which helps give it a different tone, but it doesn’t sound artificial and “pushed” like so many pickups that have a ton of mids. It has that vowely tone, but it’s a fairly clean and clear sounding pickup.

The DiMarzio Area ’61 is a low output pickup, so while it can be used in any position of the guitar, I actually find this best suited for the middle position. In the neck, you get a very clear sounding tone with good output. In the bridge, it sounds very polite, but I find myself needing a little more output, personally. In the middle, it seems to have the best of both worlds – it’s never too over the top and never lacking in clarity. I think it sounds best in alder, but it should be able to be used in any wood combination, aside from maybe maple, but it depends on your tastes.

If you’re looking for a fairly vintage sounding single coil pickup that is quiet but still sounds natural, I highly recommend checking out the Area ’67. This pickup pairs nicely with the other Area series to help create the ultimate sounding Strat.

Hacht's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Area: Stop what?"

DiMarzio DP419 Area '67
I had this mic for testing and never thought to post a review about it ... Let's fix this oversight.

The Area 67 is supposed to reproduce the sound of the Custom 69 and other single coils wire "Full Email" and low resistance, it also has the same 5.8k resistance than the Fender CS69.

In practice, I have not been convinced. Under the guise of a simple, this microphone offers indeed a signature sound too "humbucker" sound is more powerful than a simple and distorts more. Adjust the blocks further ropes only to highlight the limits of the thing: low back and upper spectrum zinc plated.
Usable distortion, okay. The clean sound is not up to par.