GFS Power Rails White
GFS Power Rails White

Power Rails White, Guitar Pickup from GFS.

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All user reviews for the GFS Power Rails White

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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Chris Martins02/15/2010

Chris Martins's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

GFS Power Rails White
I REU today a set of Power Rails. 80 the pair including shipping by EMS shipping (the shipping is already $ 38), the price of a single microphone at DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan or EMG ... But the big question is: a person or not? Clearly, yes ... A NICE BIG YES!! After having spent years on the DiMarzio Air Zone / Air Norton, I found a microphone that is my taste, the better. More grain, more gain, more extensive, but not estility. The dynamics of acute microwave is such that we can move from a clear sounds a bit dirty from the heavy saturation by adjusting the volume knob. The microphone gives serious in his 70s typ crunch, a nice clean sound very full and excellent sound for the big sweep in saturation. It's somewhere between an EMG 81/85 for precision and gouache and Air Zone / Air Norton for the grain. In short it is excellent and the ratio Q / P is terrible. The Schematic is delivered with assembly and is really clear, so the ride is really a breeze if you know the basic welding. has taken me roughly an hour, disassembly, cleaning, installation, recordage ...

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

GFS Power Rails White
I bought this microphone to test it because I am a crazy micro-furious guitar!

I had the best-known brands (Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, EMG, etc. ...), and I'm still looking for lots of new brands to make my own opinion. The evidence here with everything I test:

So when I saw the GFS brand offered a nine micro-l that price including shipping, I thought he had to give it a shot, whether c'tait a good plan or not ! Deliv rapidly since the United States, very well built, comes with his entourage and micro screw (a cool) and completely silent regardless of the employee. But is it enough?

I break the suspense: YES! Worth sr good condition to know what you're looking to departure. With this micro-l we fix: the big sound saturated.

I mounted on a Peavey HP Special, with a basswood body.
- From the outset, the microphone is the cruncher's clear from my amp. Turning down the volume on the guitar, ca rounded sentence. It will sharply reduce the volume.
- In a crunch, trs ca bumps quickly: the sound is compact trs, trs but Dfine well, though quite cold.
- In a neighborhood not saturated: saturated all the major advantages, a bit grating, just like a Seymour Duncan SH6 "DISTORTION". However, the POWER-RAIL does not have this lightweight sailing suraige frequency drives, and it is more solid feel in my power-chords, more martial. The Seymour Duncan, however, is warmer and a bit more "organic". The Power Rail is great, we have a large output level, but trs well organized in its frequencies. We are far from home X2N Dimarzio or Duncan SH8 home castagnent (certainly), but starved for DEFINITIONS.

For the price, frankly, I will repeat that choice! I do not put this small 10 due to its cold, but we are not far from the no-fault, and this microphone really does not redden his face competition better known. Strongly recommended for fans of big sounds!