Fender Loaded Pickguard
Fender Loaded Pickguard

Loaded Pickguard, Guitar pickups kit from Fender.

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rhum66 09/26/2011

Fender Loaded Pickguard : rhum66's user review

«  A typed MICRO START TELECASTER in sleeve. »

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- Neck pickup for Telecaster (measured at 6, 3 Ohms)., New and recent concept out of the Custom Shop, and popularize the BAJA Telecaster.

-Source: The problem is that this microphone is not being sold in pieces, so we must find a resale home micros telecaster BAJA. We also lacated some Fender Custom Shop (see clips of Mike Eldred on you tube).

-Mark: three son, including one green, one yellow and one black. (A small side Brazil). Black connects to the selector, the other two in the volume knob.
Micro more "up" a normal micro TV, the wire diameter is used on strats, the alloy of the cap is also changed to have more definition.
If the microphone is above, it has the same grip as a normal microwave, not trapping hacking.

-Signature Sound: Micro, extremely clear and defined, very close to the microphones strat handle. If you're like me, a player who plays the strat telecster for bridge pickup and middle position, but you blame telecaster neck pickup to a lack of tone / definition uncertain, you serz filled.

-Mounted on: I mounted the microphone on an Esquire MEX (Maple / ash blonde), I wanted to turn into telecaster.

From experience, the mic "handle" telecaster I did not like too much for its lack of punch and definition, and I did not want to double or more.

Being also "addicted" to micro strat handle, I thought I knew what micro reputation, I dug up from the people who sell their set of microphones mounted on the BAJA MEX.

Sound-Impressions: Very light / smooth and defined and yet so very sweet Start. Maple ash on a violin, the result is beautiful, both the microphone only one mixed.

Something to try. (It's going to try BAJA get an idea).