Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers Set
Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers Set

Antiquity Humbuckers Set , Guitar pickups kit from Seymour Duncan in the Antiquity Humbuckers series.

tjon901 05/27/2011

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbuckers Set : tjon901's user review

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When you relic a guitar you are intentionally damaging it to make it look like it has seen years of playing. Seymour Duncan is bringing a type of relicing into the pickup world. When you look at the pickups in an old guitar you can tell the pickups are old and when you hear them you can tell they are old. Over time the electronics have been worn in. These pickups are not even wax potted. Seymour Duncan has gone out of his way to give the look and feel of an old piece of hardware. This vintage worn in tone is what guitarists love and now you can get it in a new pickup from Seymour Duncan. The Seymour Duncan Antiquity set is a set of custom wound humbuckers with a vintage sound and feel. The output is 7.8k in the neck and 8.5k in the bridge. Along with being hand made they are hand aged. The magnet poles and covers show the age you would expect from a vintage pickup. These pickups are buttery smooth. The voice of the pickups are also totally balanced between bass mids and highs. All of the harmonic range was well preresented and plentiful. The mid range is creamy through a Marshall and gives awesome tone. The neck pickup cleans up well and the bass never gets muddy. Even though these pickups are not wax potted they are not noisy at all. I had no problems whatsoever controlling the guitar. The non-potted design really helps contribute to the top end sparkle as well as a bit of the mid-range “honk” as the internal sonic vibrations within the pickup are all “on the verge” of feedback. Because the Antiquity was so controllable, I could enjoy the tones and feel of the these pickups rather than dreading them and hoping not to break out in uncontrolled feedback at any second. If you have a vintage Les Paul that needs some new pickups but want to retain the vintage look, these pickups will fit right in and no one will know your electronics are from this century.