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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
Audience: Advanced users
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jimbojet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mesa Boogie Simul-Class 2:90
quick review ... you have to complete other ...

<span style="font-weight: normal;">tube amp of course ... many lights ... consider this when revisions and retubing ... it will cost a little longer necessarily
<span style="font-weight: normal;">it is as its name indicates a 2:90, for those who do not already know ... mean that two channels to 90 lamps each w ...
it's just "monstrous"
I sold quite quickly ...
Me I do not see the interest,</span> you can be transplanted without Bercy with it, knowing that for any coffee is now being planted in PA ... Just a combo 15w ... m'enfin what I say!
is too strong for the house and even to repeat them ...


Nothing to report from this side ...
very simple
manual on internet
can not use the 2 channels, so use single possible to think of the volume in the kids and the presence at the bottom of unused channel
plus 3 modes with its slightly different ...
see below
unfortunate that there are not a mono switch for use as the VHT (channel standby)


<span style="font-weight: normal;">for sound: everything sounds
whatever guitar or microphone (jackson, ibanez, fender, esp ... seymour, Di Marzio or emg ..)
TriAxis connected with, or a mesa recto preamp; extra
too strong but extra
already that a lot of sounds with the settings just guitar preamp and more of those ... But then we have even more choices because 3 sounds with the amp .... this bcp done!

for those who do not walk the Triax fly it, for 15 euros you can make a footwitch control ... great practice

on the rear panel you have 3 jacks for each mode (deep, modern ...)
to enable the user to simply short circuit the corresponding jack ... buy a jack (and 3) some cable ... and a box then 3 switches ... after you plug this cable on the switch ... qd vs. support it short circuits the jack ... and activates the desired mode ... idem pr 3 (vs can put LEDs also, I thought ... but let vs modes st visible on the amp)



<span style="font-weight: normal;">Summary:
amp is very heavy, too heavy, bcp weight on the front ...
too powerful: the mesa 90w; are not the same as other brands pr
the sound is extra
modes easily usable st ... like 3 amps instead of one

I sold it very quickly ... too powerful for me anyway ...

value for money: it is the mesa, it is expensive but it works well and even very good, and it is also sold very well!
we must see it
it is very sturdy, nothing to say

good zik!</span>