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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - remiblam's review


    The JMP-1 preamp is a noon lamps (2Xecc83) equipped with four switchable channels (2 clean sounds and clean2 clean1-and-2-OD1 and OD2 distos-. It also has a 4-band EQ for each channel, a master volume, a knob gain and an output volume of knob. Note…

  • Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n

    Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n - jey11's review


    Vintage distortion has lamps an input output jack power supplied USE Setup could not be easier severe acute level gain medium no manual ... SOUND QUALITY The sound is very good I used the Strat with us hss and a standard sg and …

  • Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O.

    Soldano SuperCharger G.T.O. - aliascross's review


    PDAL saturation lamps. The lamps are the original JJ Tesla ECC83 S (there are 2) The pedals are large enough (length: 27cm, width 17cm, height 10cm with buffers) Manufacturing and components are of good quality trs. It's solid! CONTRL 3: GAI…

  • Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n

    Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n - raph2's review


    Has Overdrive lamp (heater sound), all analog. Between 6.3 mm output jack, AC adapter provided. True bypass!! UTILIZATION Simple as pie, a drive, 3 band eq and a master. SOUND QUALITY The quality is Submitted, is probably the brand for …

  • ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

    ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock - The cat's review


    I do not call features, everything is said. Complete connectivity, there's not shit. Negative on the footswitch (well I have not, I do not know whether to be supplied with since I bought OCCAZ). Me it does not bother me, I do not often change his…

  • Mesa Boogie V-Twin Rack

    Mesa Boogie V-Twin Rack - dtdfedoras's review


    Pramp two channels without effect and without prog twelve o'clock UTILIZATION The config is very simple and the sound is terrible especially in its clear what is the VERY strong point. I also possde an ADA MP1 and a mesa boogie studio pramp and…

  • Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n

    Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n - ernauld's review


    Overdrive lamps. Here is a link to a test that does the movie: http://www.effectcenter.com/magasin/videos.php USE .dropoff Window SOUND QUALITY .dropoff Window NOTICE GLOBAL .dropoff Window …

  • Rocktron Prophesy

    Rocktron Prophesy - Izard6's review


    Fully multi purpose preamp while a twelve o'clock. There is a lamp in between but watch it only serves to warm up the sound. The preamp is fully digital. all classical effects are few and they affect some or APRS before the preamp. The compressor…

  • Rocktron mAXE

    Rocktron mAXE - Djeeloo's review


    Preamp Transistors Power: (Heu. .. I know I have not the eyes, I will correct later) Connections: An input jack, output jack, making a pedal, a power supply (adapter) Adjusting bass and treble for audio and Disto Clair (+ Medium parametric). …

  • ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp

    ENGL E570 Special Edition Preamp - forsakendream's review


    Prampli all lamps (4 ECC83). This is actually the head of prampli Engl SE possde and therefore all the fabulous options are: 4 channels: clean crunch lead1 lead2 A ton of switch to forge the sound: a mega punch to boost the low bass mode classic …