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Guitar Pre-amps user reviews

  • Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

    Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 - saiirus's review


    I do this little more Submitted pramp ... Three things I grieve a little: - The absence of simu HP (some would say that the paufinant rglages it is doing the recording ... I've never found a better sound than using a simu HP) - 2-band eq's not…

  • ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock

    ENGL E530 Tube Preamp Modern Rock - satch88's review


    Lamps 2x12ax7 not noon but after seeing walkthrough UTILIZATION Single-level settings + 4 channels lead crunch clean high lead (controllable by footswich z4) connected to a G major with a stereo jack, the channels of the preamp can be switch…

  • Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp

    Peavey Rock Master Tube Preamp - j.frad's review


    Tube preamp guitar (4 * 12AX7, in general these days we only have 2), -Entry low and high gain, 3 channels: Light with spare + prsence equalization, -Crunch and distortion equalization with common gain and channel volume, push / pull to incre…

  • Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

    Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp - lagrelle's review


    Prampli any lights (and 4x12AX7 1x12AT7). 2 channels not fully indpendants (qual common basis) and volume gains SERIES. a lot of options bright, fat and the famous EQUAL assignable 5-band graphic with two channels, to lead alone or OFF. Outputs or …

  • Rocktron Gainiac 2

    Rocktron Gainiac 2 - alexflowter's review


    Pramp is a lamp (a 12AX7). It was on this MODEL up to 100dB gain (tration) on the channel distortion. Ultra simple: -Input -Output -Footswitch. There are two channels, one clean and one distortion. I put 9 because the original lamp (Sov…

  • Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

    Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 - lolomeca's review


    SansAmp preamp with technology, that is to say, a circuit without lamp, built entirely with transistors but while maintaining (imitating ~ simulating) the sound of the lamps. The réglagles are made directly by pots, no menus to enable or place, we …

  • ENGL E620 Tube Preamp

    ENGL E620 Tube Preamp - ventilo's review


    Prampli 1U, equipped with 3 12AX7, which offers two channels: clean and lead. Both channels share the gain, rglages EQ (low, medium, high, prsence) and two switches: a mid-boost and bright. The lead channel has not included a gain knob supplmentaire …

  • Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

    Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 - benzene's review


    See below. UTILIZATION See below. SOUNDS See below. OVERALL OPINION Of course there will never be worth a real amp lights when den sagit get sound, but I find that the PSA-derived sen a trs well in limited while having a real personality.…

  • Mesa Boogie TriAxis

    Mesa Boogie TriAxis - kinder_guano's reviewhas images


    Go, hop me glue together ... I will try to make it more comprehensive, after a year of use! - Preamp tube (12AX7 five Mesa / Boogie) 19 "1 unit, is the depth of an SKB flight (it's not far from the 50cm guy!) - 8 channels: two clean RHYTHM (…

  • Marshall JMP-1

    Marshall JMP-1 - PKpunk's review


    Does everything said. UTILIZATION Simpler you die! One branch, the RULES in 5 minutes and voila the sound, the manual downloaded from the net is pretty clear. SOUNDS Trs well for the grunge, punk, rock and hard rock in gnral, limit for the me…