Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

Cathedral, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

Marc65 10/18/2013

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral : Marc65's user review

«  Try before you buy. Very good pedal for live »

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Programmable stereo reverb pedal.
Analog / digital converters and digital / analog 24-bit
Inputs and outputs 'true' stereo
8 reverb styles (including 1 echo delay) programmable with ability to save and load
Tap tempo function to set a time of pre-delay to 2 seconds
Feedback control for the pre-delay section
Controls damping / tone possible for every reverb mode
Grail spring, battery spring, hall, room, plate, reverse, Flerb grail, echo
Hold tap tempo for infinite reverb
AC 96DC-200 PSU included


Quite simple and clear config.
The little manual helps a lot.


Beautiful digital reverb, sometimes veering towards its analog-style knobs that as you turn.
Works well in light and saturated for an electric guitar.
I will publish this notice after use on stage.


I just bought it (new) or rather I just go for the replacement of the first that did not work. Indeed, I had the problem that I have read two stories on the net: mashed his hard fate alone that effect even without an instrument is plugged in and there attention luckily I put Dry blend into the starting position otherwise I think I would have broken the peavey classic 30 that I had plugged in and that's why I say: try before you buy because apparently the problem is not so rare.

I need this pedal to the specific functions of the "freeze" (infinite), which sets the reverb to make beaches agreements and make a rhythm above, about this: beware! notes played while you press the foootswitch for the "infinite" out in the DRY and that it is not specified anywhere.

I need also for the delay with tap tempo (the tap may be used for other effects) and then reverbs.
This is the only "market" I saw that these functions combined in a single housing, so I have not tried others. The reverbs are quite beautiful.

Eur to 185 I:
7 beautiful reverbs a pre-delay reverb on each one setting the tone of the reverb, a reverse.
1 delay with tap tempo
a modulator chorus flanger way adjustable reverb
1 memory setting for each mode: 8 presets so
the infinite mode up to "freeze" agreements or phrases delay.
This is a pedal that will help me a bass instrument trio / Battery / guitar + vocals with which I can really give the sound space.
For the price, I do not see what I can ask for, right?
but if you know, do not hesitate to inform me. Thank you.