Malekko Spring Chicken
Malekko Spring Chicken

Spring Chicken, Reverb for Guitar from Malekko.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Malekko Spring Chicken

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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denied's review"Beautiful spring reverb"

Malekko Spring Chicken
- One simple knob for “cluck”
- High quality components
- Top notch Malekko construction, hand soldered
- True Bypass
- Powered by 9v battery or standard Boss style adapter
- Purple LED indicator
- Discontinued and rare
- Compact
- Killer graphic


Just about the easiest pedal on the market to use. Just one knob, labeled “cluck.” It basically controls both the intensity of the reverb as well as the length of the decay time. These are actually digital, as are most reverb pedals, despite a lot of opinions to the contrary. No springs to worry about, and they won’t spiral out of control into an analog mess. A cool mod for these is the addition of a dwell mod which Malekko will install for a fee. It turns them into a more ambient type reverb. Certain limited edition versions of the pedal come with the dwell mod stock.


The sound of the Spring Chicken, is both unique and difficult to describe. I’ve never heard anything like it on another reverb pedal. Almost like a true spring reverb with a little something extra. The decay isn’t really consistently downwards, there are number of peaks that almost sound like echo/delay within the trajectory. Definitely not your standard ambient/hall reverb. I understand that the addition of the dwell knob can turn it into a more atmospheric pedal, but have never used one of those and can’t verify it personally. But for any kind of classic rock, blues, etc, this makes a really killer reverb pedal.


Probably the coolest sounding spring style reverb I’ve ever used. Unfortunately, these are now discontinued, and pretty pricey/difficult to get a hold of. Ebay prices seem to chart between 250-300, and I’ve seen the limited edition ones go for over $400. That said, I’ve picked two of these up over the years for $150 each, so it’s quite hopeless. Other solid reverb pedals include the Strymon Blue Sky, Eventide Space, and Neunaber Wet, and Dr. Scientist RRR. Malekko has since released the Spring Chicklet which isn’t quite the same. There isn’t really anything quite like the Spring Chicken (and it looks incredible on your board).

benoi31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good reverb"

Malekko Spring Chicken
The spring chicken is a typical spring reverb, with an output jack, a power jack, and a jack to connect an expression pedal.
It can be fed by 9V battery (which, however, requires removing the pedal because there is no door), or via a conventional power supply.
It is true bypass, fully analog.


Configuration is very simple, in fact it has only one potentiometer available, "clock"
It is very progressive, and varies greatly in intensity of reverb.


This effect is really really excellent!
This is one of the best reverb pedals I've heard, very hot, very typical surf / psyche, reverb years old 60/70 right out of the American wilderness.
The best is to listen to the samples available on the net.
At 12pm we have a good long reverb, and much can be achieved very psychedelic sounds typed Jefferson airplane or black angels.

The only drawback is the loss of active when the pedal volume, you need a little fiddling with the knob on your guitar or a boost to maintain constant volume.

Otherwise, no complaints, a terrible sound!


I use it for about 8 months.
This is a very good buy for those like me who do not have integrated their reverb amp or whose quality is very low.
Unfortunately, it is rare, but it can sometimes find the correct price, and given the quality of the sound, it's really worth it.
Caution is far from a reverb "wet" type, it is very hot, typical spring. You must love, I love!