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alexmar 05/06/2008

Jensen P10R : alexmar's user review


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Speaker 10 "alnico, mine are 4 ohm for the purposes of my amp but it is also available in 8.
I chose it because it cash 25w, which is perfect in my combo 2x10 fender concert II, he more or less dveloppe 50/60W.
Premire surprise: it is trslger, the receiver has lost two or three kilograms since the change!

10 as it is available with two impdances covering all needs (1x10 4x10), it is lightweight, and more I find him a nice look rtro trs and the finish is pretty good for this award.

The curve frequency drives: It has a sacr characters! For the blues to heavy rock it is quite perfect (if a exists ...).

The sound is trs prcis I think, at least as much as the C12N that are in my 4x12 NOS, no worries. Used high volume without problem, it cash without flinching, though I did not push the amp back bone for fear of dcrocher membrane, do not EXAGRES either!

The dynamic is trs good spring clean sounds like devils of their boxes in the saturated a well drilled in the mix without inflating the upper mid-range or push the volume as a patient.

I mount a pair about 15 days ago.
I like his lgret the sound is excellent, my combo saw littralement!
Before that I had forgotten eminences the REFERENCE is the day and night ...
Pay 79 pice I find the report qualitprix good enough, look at the prices charged by celestion ...
In addition, they are made in Italy and not in China, my conscience is quieter as well.

Although I would do sr choice, I even INTERESTED in other models "alnico vintage" to replace the HP future amps (I think give me a combo that fender supersonic P12Q would instead of the original Celestion V30).

An HP I suggest you to students (and the rest of the range jensen!) If you want a good speaker in replaceable anmi prfr your amp!