Loukash 10/30/2005

Dunlop Straplok : Loukash's user review


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I just purchased these straplocks, and frankly, it's true that it is perfect for setting the guitar, more secure and very clever I must say! I fixed on a Les Paul Studio and after using a lot of elbow grease to screw the next round, everything is impeccable and does not move!
It looks solid, so I think in time I will not have any particular problems.
Level of comparison, I can not say it is the first time I test so ...
The only slight hitch for my taste, but I am surprised by the testimony of the earlier post is that it still cost me 24 euros and some for my two straps! Would I do assholes so to speak?! :-)))

Finally, to avoid blow up a guitar at 1000 euros ... ;-)
I do not regret my purchase, on the contrary!