Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky
Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky

Cobalt Electric Slinky, Guitar String from Ernie Ball.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky

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jkessel's review"Very nice, made me consider switching"

Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky
I've used Daddario's for 8 years, just recently switching to daddario coated. I've gone through damn near every brand I can think of and always gone back to daddario. When these cobalts came out I decided to give them a try. My concerns were longevity and tone. They're brighter than most strings and rougher like daddario's so that was a plus. I've had a pair on my Jackson Rhoads for about 3 months now, just to see how they last. They still sound like new, haven't rusted or corroded at all, and feel great. The whole line of them being louder and more definition I think is BS. Even if they were louder with the type of pickups, distance from pickups, amp, amp settings... you'd never know it was the strings, no matter how much louder they were (which they are still negligible.
So I think these are great strings and could possibly make me switch from Daddario but I'll have to test them a little more. They cost about the same as coated strings so money isn't an issue.

Doherty's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ernie Ball Cobalt Electric Slinky
whaooou! ca is a fucking game, notice to all the critics, or you're in a well-defined, flat net jazzy, big drawing style, and yes I understand the shock,
is a conservative who is American or guitar fender or gibson, the amp is analog tube effects and music come from there it's just ...
no jokes I have these strings on a whore and she wildkat sending heavy
sound after several weeks is comparable to a game a few hours, the notes are dynamic, accurate sound is very versatile and the strings are highly resistant
however, touch a little surprising but if used very quickly, and the sound close but slinky mode cutom shop!

now my guitars will be equipped with cobalt strings
and yet I am eternal unsatisfactory for strings

intended ernie ball stop thank you to contact me via my account audiofanzine stop stop
for what we know is that the bubbles stop after stop number