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MacB 08/22/2013

Korg AW-2G : MacB's user review

«  Small, fast that is effective, discreet, what more! »

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I use it for one month now, very good device that hangs on the cross of the instrument system vantouse.

What I can say is that despite all the tuners on the market, and this may sound crazy to say this is by far the most convenient and efficient market, when you have an electric or acoustic guitar, folk , or even a bass. I can speak knowingly because I owned a KORG the old non digital version needle (which has since his time), a KORG GA30 and GA40, and the famous, legendary tuner former guitarist GUN N ROSES SLASH of the Pitchblack, TC Electronick (ssay before purchasing Pitchblack bought and then traded, preferring pictchblack at the time for its design goes everywhere) and AW2G this is by far the best, a accuracy, formidable as good as the Pitchblack but still significantly quieter, thanks to its system vantouse on the cross. His chip consumes nothing so to speak. It is all too fast, and piezo system * (* which does take into account that the noise only when the strings are plucked, eliminating stray noises around you at the time of tuning. A piezo as good as models picthblack korg or tc electronic except it does not fit into your guitar, do not turn the foot here!) works wonders.

So ladies, who had Messieur, TC electronic, the KORG PITCHBLACK, the BOSS TU2 or 3, made room in your pedalboard, look no further than to take this little thing, which does the job perfectly, do not break the head with another model.

Note: the screen is backlit, with three types of lighting thanks to a diode system, you can play in the dark no worries, and no one can step on as a nag, the vantouse is good!

Only "negative" for lovers only this gadget, the famous system that allows you to view the tuning 6 strings at once, and just connect the one tune there is not here. For me, this is the gadget, I've never served me when I had the TC ELECTRONIC which was equipped so here goes.

Yes of course I do it again this choice, more complicate your life with special tuners that do this, that unless you play with all kinds of instruments in addition to guitar, violin kind violoncell, there will have to see another model brand for example, because it gives it that closely or remotely to a guitar that means: mandolin, ukulele, guitar folk, dryer, electric, electric bass, medieval lute, 12-string guitars, double neck guitars , double mandolin finally here, great product! 10/10!