Behringer Vintage Bass VB1
Behringer Vintage Bass VB1

Vintage Bass VB1, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Behringer.

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Jimbass 06/13/2011

Behringer Vintage Bass VB1 : Jimbass's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a double envelope filter, fuzz with a copy of the ElectroHzrmonix Bass Balls. The circuit is entirely analog, and true to the original.
The pedal is pretty solid, metal (aluminum over steel, below) as well as jacks. A 9V battery hatch is clipped below.
Entrance, exit, Boss PSU format, it's easy as connectors. The axis of the volume pot is plastic, be careful not to over jump. The metal footswitch actually supports a microswitch, and it is not True Bypass.


The manual is clear, very succinct, and unnecessary as the use is very simple. The single knob controls the sensitivity, ie the volume at which the filters start their slide. When you flip the switch "DIST", the same sensitivity control is also used to gain fuzz. In this case it is easier to adjust the sensitivity with the volume knob on the guitar, anyway fuzz strongly compress the dynamic (when it detected, of course).


I love this effect, with a bass like a guitar. It multiplies the expressiveness of the instrument, just by pressing more or less notes. Without distortion, it can be quite subtle, perfect for a bass funk of course. With fuzz, which is also dirty, it becomes enraged! One approach to analog synth sounds. The presence of two filters (low pass resonant) is what makes this pedal (and inspiring) the other envelope filter and auto-wah: they are tuned to different frequencies, which gives a small taste of phaser.

Moreover, as the original agreement between the two filters is adjustable via two trimpots inside. It is possible and even recommended, to replace these trimpots by real knobs accessible from the outside. More info: the-secret-de-la-bassballs.html
It then has an infinite number of different colors, the darker the more strident ... or both.

It is also interesting to combine it with other pedals: distortion after a few but many dynamic harmonic filter, before or after a compressor, even after a delay ...


I have 3 years and I can not get enough. I built a Nurse Quacky (a simplification of Dr. Q), with the VB-1 we have two for little more expensive than homemade.

The pros:
- The sound, both with a bass guitar that
- Simplicity
- The housing relatively strong (although I've never had a pb with its counterparts in plastic)
- The bidouillabilité
- The price

The -:
- The housing relatively large
- Few adjustments compared to other envelope filters (no attack / decay time, or direction of sweep)
- Only two sounds before modif

The value is excellent, and even better if you're a bit handy with a soldering iron and a drill. And the price has dropped quite a bit since I bought it!