Danelectro DJ-24 French Fries Auto Wah
Danelectro DJ-24 French Fries Auto Wah

DJ-24 French Fries Auto Wah, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Danelectro in the DJ series.

miconmac 12/03/2006

Danelectro DJ-24 French Fries Auto Wah : miconmac's user review


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Auto wah with a sensitivity switch and a knob for the rgler rsonnance.
There are two positions on the switch: low "serious feutrquot; / high" clear, biting. "
More you turn the knob to the right, and are "wahhhhhhhhh"

Small box that does not look but sturdy enough air even when
CHAC the battery is not IDAL: How long before the threads of the screw in the plastic renders me?
Well, personally, it is all fawn between external power via 9v.

I feared that it lacks a bit of a knob sensitivity (plutt a switch 2 positions), but I finally found my happiness as always a. ... may even be a knob of sensitivity would eventually take me unnecessarily head ;-))


The pedals, it's done the trick I was looking for: an auto-wah not boring, cheap and that is exactly what is expected of him: the beautiful "wahahaha" and cool "hawwwww"
In two seconds, there is a sound that does it. We feel IMMEDIATE how to use it. Then we easily repre rglages that work based on the guitar, microphone and the desired effect.


As with all mini-Danish that I know the sound is really excellent. This is transparent when it is not always obtained and Inrush a nice effect when used: it's warm, musical, natural ....
It works might be a little more than just a humbucker, though ... it's also good on the trs micro keen on TV. It works in clean sounds to make the Motown rhythm, or on saturated for small solis.
With a tele, a Fender, an old AC30, a ring of hell: you have the desired effect without losing the original kernel.


I have not tried other brands of autowah, and I can not compare. All I can say is that this is the 4th Danelectro pedals that j'achte, and it is again a perfect pedals that rpond my expectations. And it does not score that 33 new (in Germany).