Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby

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MGR/Billy's review"Dunlop Original Cry Baby Wah"

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
This is the famous black rectangular Crybaby wah wah pedal everyone is familiar with. No knobs, just an on off switch under the rocker pedal.

The pedal I am reviewing is the first edition put out with the Rev C ciruit and the input and output jacks are seperate from the PCB board unlike the newer, cheaper built ones. This model also does not have a jack for a power supply. It runs on 9 volt battery only. I know these were made until 1989 when Jim Dunlop released a newer edition of the pedal.

I wanted to be like Hendrix! Isn't that why everyone buys a wah pedal? I paid $10 for this at a yard sale. It was dirty, but it cleaned up well.

A little bit of contact cleaner will clean up a scratchy pot. I used Windex sprayed onto a paper towel then wiped down the exterior of the pedal and had great results.

It does what it says it does! The older models have a clearer wah tone that sounds more like the guitar tones from my favorite classic rock albums.

Although you can adjust the pot by unscrewing the screw that holds the teeth in place and manually adjust it, that method is kind of a pain.

There is no LED light to let you know when or if the effect is on.

There is some signal loss. If the pedal were louder and true bypass I'd be happier.

The old ones do not have a power supply jack, but my power supply has a cable adaptor the connects to the battery plug.

Very well built. After time dust will built up in the pot, but I explained my cleaning process above. Just a quick spray of contact cleaner and rock the pot back and forth quickly.

If you need more than 2 applications and still have noise, you should invest in a new pot. I think a new one is only $20.

The Crybaby is the classic wah to own. You'll want an overdrive pedal in front of it to really get the full effect. They've made this pedal for years and it still is the most popular. Plenty of mods out there to tweak this $70 pedal and turn it into a real monster.

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MGR/Brandyn Blaze04/24/2006

MGR/Brandyn Blaze's review"Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95"

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
I play a Gibson Voodoo Les Paul Model through a 1979 Marshall MkII and vintage cabinet. I like to have the ablity to go from classic Zep to metallica crunch and back, with no effects.

Traded for a 15 watt Crate practice amp.

Not very much. Had I developed any ear for tone I wouldn't have traded for it. It's very sturdy, I'll give it that.

The range on it is horrible. No matter how much time or effort I've put into it, I've been unable to get an acceptable sound from it. Under high distortion there is nearly no response, which combined with it's poor range makes it pretty well useless. I've spent a lot of time adjusting settings on my amp, guitar, and a pedal equalizer to no avail. I've never gotten any use out of it, and wouldn't reccomend it to anyone who couldn't modify it themselves. It's also difficult to get it to bypass, often a good stomp won't do it. I also have a cable designed to make better contact with inputs that won't fit in it.

Solid design, so if you need a shell it could be good.

This is a piece of shit. Anyone who knows what they're doing will stay away from this.

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Megajp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" even you give it to me I will not take"

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Wha effect type, size pedal. 9 V battery accessed by unscrewing the 4 runners. We discover electronics and assembly made in china ... ie from the sea * e !!! I finally Dunlop crybaby who bought the name, everyone thinks it's the pedal Hendrix. This is the story of the fridge and the fridge somehow.


Quite an expensive battery you buy one connects two jack 6.35 and is wha-wha with your foot. It's simple, there is nothing to fix, that is what makes the success of this pedal. It is also why (simplicity) that it is often the first pedal you buy.


At the limit ... it's good. during the first 5 minutes of the stack. After that deteriorates, she lets out a screech when the locks and does not take more than two hours. So if you seek his dirty funky ... but not for two pennies.


I tried to use it for five or six years. It is not reliable.
First criticism, as long as a jack is engaged the battery drains: performance, you do the scales, you will eat and start the concert, more than his; knowing that it is not tru bypass, she got kicked out of the pedalboard more than once at the beginning of the concert.
Other complaint aggression. With a stratovolcano and the neck pickup still happening but with a punchy guitar, it goes in unbearable chirps, short pedal for Fender and Gibson not. For Half boxes naturally prone to feedback, I even speak to you.
Third criticism, she blows and color the sound. When you've got some nice guitars in a nice tube amp, it killing you all. A book so the guitar made in china amps in the same country.
Finally, unsustainable she left me after 4 years with 5 or 6 applications per year. A real treat when it finally falls carafe, then we can look to a true Wha-wha. By studying this effect more closely, we realize that this model is a fraud, a scam for beginners who believes that Jimmy was playing it.
If c 'it again, no, nyet, not! even you give it to me I will not take.

benoi31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Large dung"

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
No possible sound editing.


No possibility of setting ... Not even LED to indicate that the pedal is engaged ...


The sound quality is awful. We have no margin between the two extremes of the pedal, so just a choice between max is hyper loud and shrill and fully raised pedal that gives us a guitar seabed without any dynamic.

I tested on several guitars, several amps, the effect is still terrible and stuck with more buffer pool will dégueulasser your sound.

The sound is poor, without heat, dirty ... Frankly it is used in saturation to make toy in his room for a laugh but it is ...


Frankly, it's been several years that I have this pedal and I never use it ... The sound is loud, you can choose between "submarine" early in the race and "twisted ears" at the end of the race, with nothing in the middle.
The wah itself is unmanageable unless precise to the millimeter ... Moreover, there is no possibility of setting to change that.

In addition, the pedal has a buffer that is just too unbearable and modifies the sound negatively ... Some buffers are good (eg klon that revitalizes sound), but this is bad ...

The only solution is the modder from all sides to change the race and turn the buffer ... Frankly, for much work, so much to buy a proper wah base. Feel free to put a few dollars more for something correct, then it's just terrible. For a more expensive hair you have a very correct vox or dunlop slightly higher and especially usable.

legwenosor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a beautiful M - of!"

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
GBC95 a standard wha-wha ...


no need for manual, branch and shoo ... wha-wha instead (lol)


I had a cry baby there twenty years ... good memories ...

I bought one of occas (30 € I do not take risk) .... and there horrible!

shrill and garish!
and pedal stroke horrible

at first it does not do much and the end of the race ... the "wha" is!
therefore must play qq centimeter instead of the entire race!

bad model?? bad adjustment?? bad pedal??
I turn


bad model?? bad adjustment?? bad pedal??
I turn, I bought a "wha-wha BBE" ... it's still something!

While there is nikel race but the sound is also much better (still € 100!)

In short, I do not recommend the cry baby gbc95.
NLS le pingouin06/14/2009

NLS le pingouin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
See below


Works like any other wah pedals


Trsdu. The sound is shrill in the treble (I was not drang of the masses, I love the treble!), But a little too much. The bass are grimey. I have not felt the effect "Wah Wah". I am guitarist beginners (must have a year and a half I itches), and even without the ear of the expert I t's.


I have for almost a year, and I used to say the least 4 times. I tried to hack the path of the knob to see if I could change some things, but nothing. The sound not pass.
I bought it, seeing it not silent trs expensive and there was the era that positive opinions. I do not have that choice would do. SAVE as a little more and get something that sounds.
Since I use it, I intend to use the box to make me a little personal Wah-Wah in DIY.

hammam27's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
Dunlop wah wah pedals, rdition the original cry baby marketed by Thomas Organ in the 70's.
PDAL of SERIES, no cblage hand, but with analog components and inducing low-end, no bypass cblage true (for once, like the original ;-) possibility of connect sector, which is apprciable


Like all Wahs, trs simple.
rem: Race potentiomtre long compared to the original or vox (the original and 847) which gives a wider range ACCS frequency drives but ...


But ...
the sound is not terrible ... sincrement
Range frequency drives is larger but not really usable: acute trs screaming, sick people who want to throw low, muddy or even inaudible.
It has been a frquences mdium modulation (wah) but bump increases.
The sound is cold and not very subtle trs, trs screaming, no voice. Tone is the trs ugly, no hoarse trs, we are far from the original!
In his clear and beginners "crank" is what I've heard worse. The 847 is better (but nothing do with the original).
IN overdrive is a bit better, saturation, even better, but still largely trs of the original.
It just boosts the sound level which is apprciable solo, but the rendering is mdiocre.


I jou for years (purchased in 1994 by grinding the crmaillre ...), the knob for an optimal and blocking the race to avoid going in the lower too muddy.
can switch to a saturation but the tonality is great.
not true bypass but I do not care (my original are not ...)
Now I swear on the original.

the +: indestructible steel case
the -: what is the indoor (j'exagre a little but not as a. ..)

CHRE too for what it is. Premire but good approach. For players express, remain the cart (like the 847) unless you can change them. Otherwise, aim Fulltone or RMC, or even the most addicted or cicadas, aim for vintage (and cross your fingers, is getting the right numro ...)

I have two that I modified: Halo Fulltone inductor or banzai (bc better ...), knob Fulltone ICAR, in true bypass wiring, tropical fish or 0.022 0.028 F, new values ​​of Resistors, CONTRL frequency drives to the beach, the CONTRL Q. Rsultats unrelated PDAL not change, good tonality but lacks precision especially in light / cranck. I love the changes with Fulltone ICAR, cap O, OO22 TF. But ... still far from the original.

among those I possde, my ranking: clyde 67 (the grail ...), jen crybaby end 60 (the same 846 Italian), Thomas Organ beginners 70 (super hoarse voice, hot right now ... my usual), jen 70 double beginners sound, cry baby changing, vox 847, dunlop crybaby.