Dunlop GCB95N Cry Baby
Dunlop GCB95N Cry Baby

GCB95N Cry Baby, Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar from Dunlop.

Amyuzik 09/16/2014

Dunlop GCB95N Cry Baby : Amyuzik's user review

«  Rather disappointed .. »

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Cry Baby is the simplest


Configuration is very simple, you can not go wrong. The pedal is directly noted that should connect the guitar and the amp.
No editing or no adjustments.

To turn it on you have to trigger the button that is at an end and I find it quite difficult to engage (this may be a defect in my model so it may not rely on this criterion must)


In clear audio, you can use it although it does not need to go at an end because it gets all of garish suite and really not nice at all even when that's what you want. For race use, the Wah is not bad but I find it is not very pronounced (and I try in different amp with different guitars).

Then distorted sounds .... There really is not what I was looking for. I've never been out Cry Baby sound that can be heard in certain albums or even Live.
Any usable race I was talking in sound cleans, hardly gives variations of the sound if not an impression that the sound was muffled. It is normal that it is muted but not all the way through the race.
And when you get to the last part of the race, there was suddenly a big treble boost that gives her even more garish than Clean.


I've had a year now but I've only used it very little because of these worries sounds that do not fit me.
This is the first model I tried, but I tested it with different guitars in different amp and even home studio and I was really cold in the use of a Wah, at least not if it does no curve settings, frequency or boost.

I am not writing this review so you do not buy this model. I just have a bad experience with it. Perhaps this is due to a defect in my model so I can only advise you to test it with your guitar, your amp, the different types of sound with which you want to use.