Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 2 reviews50 %
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Dryfe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
Ibanez Wah fuzz with knob!
1 balance knob (to amplify the effect déols fuzz ... I lose the technical terms)

Switch on a two knob fuzz:
focusing on a fuzz treble frequencies / other low frequencies
A good fuzz cradoque, which strengthens the saturation superbly well .... a hail as we like, with the Marsh ', it dépaute! and Mesa .... Brwwwahhh!

Analog audio-only, 70 years, + the old wah wah
Many of breath, but I must take to repair and cleanage rue Rodier in Paris

9 volt battery, one more look at the old

exchanged against a U2 disc!
I've never seen another or on the internet or in the hands of a guitarist quelquonque a rare and vintage at will!
Ah, glad the Dryfit


Super simple
Editing sounds is easy, of course, and it's solid (she is 30 years old this pedal!, And still works!)
You move the knob, you hear the difference!


Adapted .... bah, it should be used sparingly the Fuzz, mainly during the solos crazy
The wah is doing its job, even if it takes time to adapt to control its amplitude-pedal is my favorite!
I aimeuhh!

Used with my Vigier and custom pickups .... it p'tits dépaute!
I couple with a "volume" and welcome!


I use it for 13 years, tried other wah wah (Vox and Cry-Baby), even if others are, that's my baby!

Damage that over time it crachotte-if you find one like it, let me know (to reduce crachottis-and breath in particular)

It goes without saying that given the almost free c't'histoire, I would be willing to trade another disc of U2 for the same pedal!

Da_gratteux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez 58 Wau-Wau Fuzz Pedal
Wah wah standard, a PDAL, jack in, jack out and go! VERY robust manufacturing, the one I use, my first dj was using has its beginners in the 70's ... 30 years and still no one erraflure, except may be the black plastic with a little white;)


No bowl, manual t lost somewhere between 1974 and today) seriousness, y 'there is no need labeled "instrument" on the jack in and "boost" the output, and no knobs, just the pedals, you can not RVer easier ...

But I have not a thing, just may be my amp, a Fender FM212R, when I connected directly between the guitar ampl iet, it sounds not need to plug it into the effects loop of amp ... even when I put 10, it is probably more than my stuff ;-)


I use it with my strat USFI affinity and as I was IDIT above, a fender FM212R ... Ben sounds good, I have a good amplitude, but in the down position and the tweeter is trs garish, but must be arranged in rglant the Tone at the scratch or add bass on the amp, in short, the sound is pleasant without being too pronounced, however, than a cry baby ... (Then just may be that dinosaurs is one which is almost twice my age ;-) )

Finally I like the sounds that I can go out with him so I put 8


It's solid, sounds good has it done well and collector tripper to play on a vintage wah-wah (and can be the proud in front of friends who play on any multi numriques rotten MOUHAHAHAHAHAHA) hum ... It was my first silent and I did not buy, but if I had exprience with the choice (MODEL this is no longer available of course) I will take probably and then the cry baby to have an effect more pronounced wah ... (even when I know what gives NEW ibanez lol)