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  • Vox  AC15VR Valve Reactor Combo Amp Review

    Vox AC15VR Valve Reactor Combo Amp Review - VeRy Vox


    A few years ago, Vox launched their legendary AC30 as an amp head or as a combo, all made in China at an affordable price. This year, VOX is spoiling us with a hybrid series, using a special amplification technology mixing transistors and tube. This 15 Watts model is what’s on the menu for today.

  • Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong Review

    Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong Review - Armstrong, I'm Black


    When it comes to punk music, Gretsch is not really the first guitar brand you think about. And yet, Tim Armstrong, Rancid's famous guitar player, chose the US brand for his signature model. Overview of the "no-future" Gretsch.

  • SolidGoldFX Stompbox Review

    SolidGoldFX Stompbox Review - The Quebec Effect


    If you are interested in guitar stompboxes, you must choose between two different worlds: you've got the mass-produced effect pedals that use more or less average-quality components for cost savings reasons, and you have boutique stompboxes produced in small quantities, using selected components, and hand-crafted by guitar FX enthusiasts. SolidGol…

  • Blackstar Amplification HT Club 40 Review

    Blackstar Amplification HT Club 40 Review - Closer to the (Black) Stars


    British amp and stompbox manufacturer Blackstar is known among guitar players for its Artisan Series of hand-wired amps that crunch, and its One Series, a line of hi-gain models for metal freaks. The brand is back this year with a new range of tube amps called HT Venue which ought to be less expensive but still versatile. We focus on the 40 watt c…

  • Jet City JCA20H Review

    Jet City JCA20H Review - Suffra Jet City


    When famous guitar amp developer Mike Soldano is leading a fully new brand of affordable tube amps it is hard not to pay attention. We tested the characterful and very affordable 20-watt amplifier head from Jet City.

  • TC Electronic PolyTune Review

    TC Electronic PolyTune Review - TC Electronic PolyTune: Six in One


    When it comes to guitar tuner pedals innovations don't come by everyday, so when TC Electronic announced the PolyTune, a pedal that allows you view all at once which strings are out of tune,we got curious...

  • Digidesign Eleven Rack Review

    Digidesign Eleven Rack Review - Digidesign Eleven Rack: Stairway to Eleven


    Digidesign surprised the world last year when they brought out a guitar amp simulator for Pro Tools called Eleven. They have now launched Eleven in rack format for applications in the studio and on stage. Let's take a look at Digidesign's youngest child...

  • Line 6 Spider IV 15 Review

    Line 6 Spider IV 15 Review - Line 6 Bends Over Backwards For V4


    The POD inventor comes back - for the fourth time - with its Spider modeling amp range. This time around we deal with the small, 15-watt combo which offers six effects, four amp models and some nice additional functions for less than $100. So what about the sound quality?

  • Step-by-Step Guide by BridgeTypes

    Step-by-Step Guide by BridgeTypes - Changing Strings on Electric Guitars


    Everybody knows how to change strings on an electric guitar. Elementary, no? Still it's an entirely different task when it comes to changing strings properly on different types of bridges.

  • Peavey Vypyr 75 Review

    Peavey Vypyr 75 Review - A Vypyr's Bite


    The Vypyr Series was born out of Peavey's attempt to compete with the Line6 Spider Series and take a bite out of the modeling amplifier market. Today we will review the Vypyr 75. Could the viper beat the spider?