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Shure Guitars user reviews

  • Shure The Guitarist UHF

    Shure The Guitarist UHF - Hellraisers's review


    I have two years already and it's true that not all top of the system ... hf There is a slight hiss, but if you do not hear you play. The sound is also slightly altered but readjusted on the amp it can very well compensate for this problem. What is n…

  • Shure The Guitarist UHF

    Shure The Guitarist UHF - twani's review


    I have this HF Kit for a few months and I do not use it. In fact, the sound is not transcribed in good quality: the super clean clean crunch becomes a little yucky ... I have not tried other wireless kits before but in any case it is the pourave I th…

  • Shure ETGD

    Shure ETGD - Bassturbine's review


    I use it for 1 year with a Music Man Sting Ray. The dual channels (Diversity) with antennas deployed and high reliability seems to me, he never won even if I walk on stage (I'll see my buddy the drummer) or in the room to the scales. Well, I'm not…

  • Shure ETGD

    Shure ETGD - llabe's review


    I use this unit for 4 years. What's great is being able to walk without looking back if the jack does not cling. rendering sound is impeccable, I'm going relatively far from the source and it is always such good sound. Consumption level I can not…