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Hammond user reviews

  • Hammond XK-1

    Hammond XK-1 - BassWalk's review


    Nothing to say about the general characteristics. There's enough for everyone, everything, fix everything with this keyboard. UTILIZATION Access to important controls are easy touches of vibrato, chorus, and Leslie Drawbars on the left. Volum…

  • Hammond XB-1

    Hammond XB-1 - chatouille39's review


    CHARACTERISTICS already described above. Emulation numrique an electromechanical instrument ... The unit is well built and is rather cute. UTILIZATION I had a XB1 XB2 before and I must say that evolution is the norm. The user is now ergonomic c…

  • Hammond XB-1

    Hammond XB-1 - cafe93220's review


    I possde the XB-1 from dj 5 years. It's been a while since I wanted to leave a post, so let's go! 61-key keyboard, touch synth. A total of 64 sounds in memory. It can stepfather little, but the principle of this keyboard is to use the Co…

  • Hammond EXP-100F

    Hammond EXP-100F - keltic29's review


    This is an expression pedals on which is mounted on the cot left a switch that will instantly engage a latral movement of the foot. The pedals are connected my XK3c Hammond. It controls the volume, and switch latral control the initiation of Lesl…

  • Hammond M102

    Hammond M102 - dronne1's review


    It really is a small B with the same percussion and vibrato scanner the same UTILIZATION We can use simpler! SOUNDS I repeat: for much less a little less heavy and B3 with a built-in amp and more! OVERALL OPINION Value for money / sound g…

  • Hammond b250

    Hammond b250 - ankh156's review


    Hammond organ - two keyboards of 61 keys Zippers (2x9: 16 ', 5 & 1 / 3, 8', 4 ', 2 & 2 / 3', 2 ', 1 & 3 / 5', 1 & 1 / 3, 1 '), Pitch (+ / -50%), transpose (+ 2 & -4 semitones), Leslie control (external), chorus (slow / fast), 3 presets + tonebars u…

  • Hammond XK-1

    Hammond XK-1 - tonewheel_organ_shop's review


    Keyboard type water fall. 61 notes. Splittable 9 drawbars. a selector: upper / lower / pedals Midi In 1: IN2/out .. Audio Left / Right / Leslie / pedal .. The organ in his Regiond Edie Hammond, though having its orchestral .. Total polyphony…

  • Hammond A100

    Hammond A100 - patrice_'s review


    Tone Wheel Organ (electro mechanical), 2 + 5 octaves keyboard pedal 25 ratings 4 sets of 9 drawbars (2 keyboard) + 9 presets repatchables keyboard (with a screwdriver, the cable and patience!) Toggle buttons for control of vibrato and percussio…

  • Hammond XLK3

    Hammond XLK3 - toinebass's review


    Keyboard 73 Keys WATERFALL is an indispensable lment XK3, which allows an incomparable dveloppement as the Lower Keys. UTILIZATION Installation very easy, nothing is missing to get started. The manual is perfect, although in English SOUNDS …

  • Hammond XK-1

    Hammond XK-1 - JMB.Studio31's review


    Just a link to résumé: The sound, the keyboard ... SUPER!! UTILIZATION Use with a second keyboard is quick and free pdalier rglage But the advance setup is far from being ergonomic. The manual is comprehensive but could be better. Com…