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Hammond user reviews

  • Hammond M102

    Hammond M102 - lionel L's review


    Trs beautiful Spinet Keyboard 2 times 44 ratings UTILIZATION It is a tone wheel organ SOUNDS The sound is magmifique When we taste the real tone wheel sound, you can not do without Excellent vibrato scanner OVERALL OPINION For those…

  • Hammond C3

    Hammond C3 - Petit Joueur's review


    2 61-key keyboards, tone wheel and lamps. great pdalier 25 notes. It is a B-3, The Hammond organ, in a cabinet diffrent (more typical "church"). UTILIZATION Ideal! SOUNDS The C-3 is identical to B-3. So the sound of the B-3, B-3 CHARACTERI…

  • Hammond X5

    Hammond X5 - 2066 & then's review


    Hammond keyboard keys 2x44, + pdalier 13 notes. Hammond touch, I suppose, otherwise plutt piano keyboard, obviously. This is a "spinet" without tone wheel (to replace the analog oscillators of Manir ralistes enough, but not identical). Designed as …

  • Hammond M102

    Hammond M102 - Groove machine's review


    One of the last tone wheel organ cabinet. MODEL 2-piece (keyboards + + pdalier gnrateur and amplification, re-read per strand). 2 percussion and vibrato / chorus. Rverb spring. UTILIZATION To connect an absolutely leslie (not Original Release dri…

  • Hammond R124

    Hammond R124 - paulexandre's review


    What is it with oak furniture? a Hammond style actually quite "tuning". I speak for tunning lamps that illuminate the keyboard and give effect extraodinaire. Suddenly, the old furniture of the most eye-catching rfractaire. But let's get the instrumen…

  • Hammond M111

    Hammond M111 - patrice_'s review


    Organ apartment, 2 keyboards 3 octaves and a half of a pdalier 13 ratings Gnrateur its tone wheel, full polyphony. 9 drawbars on suprieur keyboard, keyboard infrieur of 8 + 3 presets for keyboards, Vibrato / Chorus scanner, perceived 2nd and 3rd,…

  • Hammond L100 P

    Hammond L100 P - 9703michel's review


    Model Spinet (2x44/ped 13) foldable crate very strong and massive. We greatly appreciate the rigidity of the entire organ mounted. It is an instrument to play and really easy to handle. 2 outputs and a 6-pin jack. 3 percussion 2 vibratos sp…

  • Hammond E312

    Hammond E312 - Michmass's review


    Tonewheel, rverbe intrgre, pdalier 25 ratings, 2 keyboards 5 octaves. Anne manufacturing between 1965 and 1969 UTILIZATION Organ apartment. Use: it is a Hammond organ! SOUNDS Internal amplification (possibility to connect a Leslie) OVER…