Avastor HDX-800
Avastor HDX-800

HDX-800, Hard Drive from Avastor.

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moosers 03/28/2011

Avastor HDX-800 : moosers's user review


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The Avastor HDX-800 is a heavy duty external hard drive for uses of all purposes. These drives get used all the time at the studio where I work, as they're perfect for digital audio recording and other applications that require a good amount of space and a sturdy drive to do it on. The hard drive sizes range from just 160 GB up to 1.5 TB of space, so there should be something for everyone here. The HDX-800 drives come standard with two Firewire 800 ports, a Firewire 400 port, and a USB 2.0 port as well. The drive also has a built in fan and requires power using a standard IEC cable. They also have a speed of 7200 RPM which is as good as it gets. However, what impresses me most about the Avastor HDX-800 is it's super sturdy design and casing as they've taken ever precaution to make sure that the drive inside is safe from harm. When you're working with recording music it's as important as anywhere to have a drive that you can rely on as the information you're going to be putting on there is one of a kind. Of course you always want to have a back up, but for both your master and your back up it's worth it to spend a little more on something like these Avastor HDX-800 drives since you know they'll last and you'll be safe using them. There are certainly a lot of high quality hard drives out there like those made by Lacie, Hammer, and others, but this Avastor HDX-800 is undoubtedly up there with the best of them and needs to be explored if you're looking for a reliable external hard drive. The next drive I get myself will most likely be one of these...