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DPA Microphones Headset & Lavalier Microphones user reviews

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - moosers's review


    The DPA Microphones 4060 is a miniature sized condenser microphone for use in the recording studio. Perhaps you could use this to record a live show, but I don't have any experience in doing so. I believe that they sell the 4060 also as a stereo pa…

Translated user reviews
  • DPA Microphones 4088

    DPA Microphones 4088 - " great sound"


    Jet took there 2 years, 3 of these mics for my group of three singers, My style of music is Gipsy King, the ways of its powerful singers these micro cash without saturation! the top! he must have used to sing with screw head, because when you t…

  • DPA Microphones 4088

    DPA Microphones 4088 - " Discresion of high-grade"


    How long do you use? For two more in presentation and Dj scene environments very flooded feedback years. What is the particular feature you like best and least? -Leger, discreet, super strong (even if it looks like a twig) -Very good sound s…

  • DPA Microphones d:fine Headset

    DPA Microphones d:fine Headset - " Terrible"


    I have and use it for a month and a half live. Before I had a 14E PG / PG 30 in shure, unusable! Otherwise my mic hand is usual AKG C353EB which is very good too and I care when I'm not following behind my keyboard. Returning to the DPA. I …

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - kojejefroots's review


    omni cardio, I think electret Al use the cheek for singers COMMAND music, or al chest of the body-rhythm ... Excellent! OVERALL OPINION Bought about a year ago I have a lot of headset used before: Of Audix, Shure, Sennheiser ... Nu…

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - " To reveal an acoustic ambience"


    mahous pokey but sturdy. OVERALL OPINION I have had a pair for just over a year. When there's a good atmosphere, good acoustics and you have to be discreet they are perfect. Ironically, I do not find them as interesting as lavalier microphones. Th…

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - "A useful microphone"


    small top of the range electret microphone FOR: - Recording ambient sounds (in binaural stereo or enough apart (40 cm) if we want a proper stereo image (if not it goes into special effect territory with comb filter and phase shift, but that could be…

  • DPA Microphones SC4060

    DPA Microphones SC4060 - Querelle's review


    It is a miniature Electret microphone, DPA said pr-polaris which means the same thing. The head is attached to the cable, also very end and provided with a miniature jack that plugs into a standard XLR adapter. Sensibilt = 20 mV / PA: yes, it is not …