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Headset & Lavalier Microphones user reviews

  • Fame MSW-100H Headset system UHF

    Fame MSW-100H Headset system UHF - zood's review


    Find information on the web: Systm vritable a wireless UHF true diversity for the price of a singer VHF. The MSW-100 is a system that wireless transmitter type of UHF quip vritable Technology True diversity, it guarantees a maximum of free…

  • Crown CM 320

    Crown CM 320 - abdel42's review


    J 'Use this microphone for 8 or 9 months. What I like most is all just the quality of the microphone on scne I use in HF with a system that Shure. But I also have a KMS 105 and above (ie wire) and it compares favorably surpporte. I like the lea…

  • Audio-Technica PRO 35x

    Audio-Technica PRO 35x - zvoov's review


    I use it for 6 months, bought used. Practice I used to register my gibson archtop. I did not compare other microcravatte but this price there is no comparison. A good microphone is essential prampli (as with all mircos!). I recommend it for the price…

  • AKG C 417

    AKG C 417 - J-Luc's review


    Ben here is a little gem catches the strap of my left hand diatonic accordion. Before I had a tie Monacor the diffrence of the trs is sensitive, the C417 has more clearly a more Fidler, simply. Book with the clamp is sufficient to hold on the instr…

  • The T.bone CC 75

    The T.bone CC 75 - KoalaMan's review


    So it is a static micro clip, with a collar small enough, provided in a rigid plastic box that protects it well. The clamp does not hurt a pavilion sax, the most troublesome is the thread until the long pin XLR, careful not to get caught in the fee…

  • Shure Beta 54

    Shure Beta 54 - burguefab's review


    I am a drummer and I have long sought the ideal solution not to be a micro gn while maintaining my part chorus in my group. I tried a little of all mthodes to finally fall on the microphone. This micro hyper cardio I use it now for prs a year and …

  • Vivanco EM216

    Vivanco EM216 - paillassou's review


    Okay so here is my BA of hacker Electronics: APRS and many have disassemble my famous VIVANCO EM216 as you say it trs trs light ... The circuit PCB (probably "made in china" contains: -2 Type electret capsules (the end of the cord) Each vi…

  • Vivanco EM216

    Vivanco EM216 - Anonyme's review


    20-20 000 hz 500 ohms omnidirectional micro size about 3.5 cm I use it for 2 years. Inter / off and Mono / Stro on the case. A 1.5 V battery power Trs sensible. Supports strong sound sources (even a group lectrogne example) Discree…

  • Vivanco EM216

    Vivanco EM216 - ziarn's review


    I use it for interviews in various conditions and frankly, the best quality-price ratio that I know! Ngatif single point, so it's not an HF over the leg, but at the same time we do not claim it. So 9 points! …

  • Audio-Technica PRO 35x

    Audio-Technica PRO 35x - matt houston's review


    I use 4 on tour with a group (2 out of a clarinet and soprano sax on 2). The Audio-Technica having always looks good (especially atm35, PRO35 identical in appearance but different capsule), and our budget is itty bitty, the choice was simple! No choi…