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Headset & Lavalier Microphones user reviews

  • The T.bone CC 75

    The T.bone CC 75 - pchevillon's review


    Micro forceps (condenser) of Thomann, so a copy of great brand (I do not know that on the other hand). phantom power supply required. OVERALL OPINION I use it on a baritone sax and alto. dj test also on a trumpet. habitus for the AKG C419 has …

  • AKG C420

    AKG C420 - dagroove's review


    I used the C420 and I am quite pleased. However, it is not empty in the proper position. But once set, the class c. The rponse Mdium - and serious. But for more quality in the treble, I do not use the cap provided. …

  • Plantronics Audio 70

    Plantronics Audio 70 - buck88's review


    Neckband Full stereo sound High-end microphone with voice recognition QuickAdjust microphone for perfect positioning Line volume control and mute Lightness and comfort Headsets and hypoallergenic soft foam Compatible with most PC sound …

  • AKG C420

    AKG C420 - frantz-'s review


    Used since June 2004, the C420 is a superb headset microphones, with a beautiful sound. It holds up very well on the ears, but the microphone capsule is a bit cumbersome. It is supplied with approximately 3m of cable and a large sheet containing the …

  • AKG C 417 L

    AKG C 417 L - Super Giorgio's review


    Microphones ties are magical tools. He was tiny, close in size to a head Alumet. It is OMNI and food by the director. The rendering is good trs (size / sound). Its use is that some ncessite reserved. Being a OMNI, it has the unfortunate tendency fe…

  • Shure Beta 54

    Shure Beta 54 - suspens's review


    Voil the question, I'm undecided between 83 and beta wmc 16 review thank you Drawback of wmc 16 unpleasant surprise it takes a case 150 to connect the console …

  • Vivanco EM216

    Vivanco EM216 - Will Zégal's review


    - What type of microphone? (Voice, sound, mixed ..) This is a clip-on microphone with stro prampli. That's the mood outlet. - What technology? (Electret, condenser ...) No idea! - How long have you use it? year around - What is the part…