Scott Sommerfeldt a 426

a 426, Hi-Fi Amplifier from Scott Sommerfeldt.

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"Gueule de rack" 08/24/2013

Scott Sommerfeldt a 426 : "Gueule de rack"'s user review

«  curves and spikes of yesteryear »

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how long ...

two hours ago .. no comment on several types of music: pop funk, live etc.

other models before
full: onkyo home theater in (dsp) pioneer home theater (dsp) pioneer stereo, vintage sansui jvc nad OCCAZ ... equivalent dynamic ... nothing to add!

what I like least:
some spitting on the EQ ... but given the age of the "cushy" I'll deal with it

more ...:

Loyalty 20 20000hzt and more (less) compatible with 95db dynamic speaker we have everything it takes to render in 8 ohms.largement sufficient for local and powerful quality local listening ...
The record is a little ringing in the media ... with a good presense of bass and treble without being as metal as nad (the Japanese) but ideal for the studio monitoring ... fairly balanced! Is surely due to 2 channels of 301 Boses very loyal to two lanes instead of three in the way the system ACOUSTIMAS ... I have one, I can compare and analyze ...
quite round and sharp dynamics both
2 times 37w rms into 8 ohms with speakers bose 301 series 2 ... and warfdale delta
that the happiness of full albums and fishing presence with a slight distortion to over 50% but it is widely acceptable and honorable

value for money:
volunteer at Emmaus ... I found it and paid 25 € is the third of the minimum price for a chance this past musicality that has nothing to envy the recent amps far away ... and then it grain in association with hp identical time

do again this choice:
twice rather than let me go and if I find one at this price ... we could do a very good amp ... already in 1976 as saying the last century!