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Scott Sommerfeldt Hi-Fi Amplifiers user reviews

  • Scott Sommerfeldt A 436

    Scott Sommerfeldt A 436 - madkevil's review


    - How long have you use it? It has given me 2 years ago, the receiver was in a good state but the former owner was making a fuse itself (with the help of ashes among others), which in turn has lead the problems ..... The right lane with a lot of b…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt A 436

    Scott Sommerfeldt A 436 - Mamaz's review


    My father bought in the early 80's I believe, the connection to the turntable and tuner at the time. I recovered 3 months ago in order to try it as a preamp. It was designed for the evenings, the hi-fi, or karaoke: 2 mono mic input, Input Line, Mai…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt 420A

    Scott Sommerfeldt 420A - cricri147's review


    The 420A Being a big fan of vintage amps I t affordable enjoyable para 2 of this amp 40Watts RMS x 3 years I have been. Trs a good clear sound with no hum and a good Tage prampli trs. The bass is everything and do s'essouflent prsence momment e…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt A 436

    Scott Sommerfeldt A 436 - ebrian's review


    Amplifier transistors designed by American inventor Scott hi-fi in 1949 and the first tuner digital.Fabriqué 1976 to 1979.Bonne qualité.Tout walk despite the age .2 X 42 W RMS into 8 Ohms.Très good tone and definition . preamp and amp séparés.Réglage…

  • Scott Sommerfeldt A 436

    Scott Sommerfeldt A 436 - bigjake's review


    It is an old amp that my father must have in 25 years. preamps built 2x60W stereo Hi-Fi the sound is really good even when you go up "a little" is not easily add sound rooms as a dining hall with a high school writer 4m ceiling it does not…