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JMlab Symbol

Symbol, Hi-Fi Speaker from JMlab.

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hdrum81 05/02/2005

JMlab Symbol : hdrum81's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Almost 12 years that I have offered these small speakers that rock even my daily life!
Coupled to an amplifier Denon, they broadcast a very round sound, nice and very accurate at high frequencies. Their speakers are made by Focal.
Their tweeter in acute diffuse enough "high-perched" while the woofer provides low and even in the sub-bass through the vent. As you can see their main fault is a color sound a little too pronounced: a lot of extreme frequencies and a hole wide enough band in the upper mid-range ... However it is also the signature JMlab, much like a print factory! And I chose them because that's my preference, it is not aggressive. In addition, they marry well with a different pair of speakers (with well-heard over medium) and I have experienced.

I could listen to different styles at the merchant but none had such a presence similar price range. So good value for money.

Looking back, not because, I regret my choice but because my perspective has changed, I turned instead to the speakers with a more neutral frequency response.