Epiphone Casino Reissue
Epiphone Casino Reissue

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 18 reviews )
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King Loudness01/31/2012

King Loudness's review"A great vintage reissue"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
Though Epiphone is known for building guitars that today are mostly copies of Gibson designs, people forget that they had some great models of their own back in the day. One of the most popular models was the Casino. It was used by people like John Lennon, George Harrison and Keith Richards in the sixties and was noted for its very nice hollow tone, easily on par quality wise with a similar Gibson. This model is a modern affordable import reissue of that original classic and is very cool. It features an all hollow maple/basswood body, a mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, a tune-o-matic bridge with trapeze tailpiece, small button sealed tuners, and a pair of Epiphone P90s wired to a pair of volumes and a pair of tones as well as a 3 way toggle switch. Its most similar to the Gibson ES330 which an all hollow guitar much like the Casino.


The design of this guitar is pretty ergonomic considering the market for which it was designed. It's nice and light because it's a fully hollow guitar and it balances fairly well on the body in sitting and standing positions. Unfortunately the upper fret access is a weak point here. It's got a pair of fairly stubby cutaways and they don't really allow to the best reach, but considering that the people using these guitars back in the day weren't the Steve Vai shredder types, so I guess it's not surprising. Considering what the guitar was designed to play, it feels like a nice solid feeling guitar that plays well and has a nice feel, something not really found in many of the Gibson copies I've tried of theirs.


This guitar sounds pretty good overall. It has a nice resonant unplugged sound straight off of the wall, which is great for showing that the guitar has good woods and construction. The notes ring out nice and clear for chords or lead breaks alike. Plugged in, the pickups are actually not too bad. Epiphone isn't known for their modern pickups but these ones do a decent job. They're a nice vintage output P90 that sounds great through a clean amp. It's great for jazzy chords on the neck pickup, or for some nice pop rock tones in the center position or on the bridge pickup. Adding a bit of overdrive makes this guitar sound pretty raunchy. You will get feedback if you try and turn it up too much but when managed it gets some nice classic rock tones that really sound different from a typical Les Paul, SG, or even a 335 type sound.


All in all I think the Epiphone Casino reissue is a great guitar for someone looking for a decent reissue of a classic. They seem well made and the parts are of decent quality. It offers a nice set of woody hollow tones that are close to a 330 or 335 but have their own sort of vibe going on. They run about $600 new which is a fair enough deal considering that it's got decent quality. I would take one of these over a DOT or Sheraton based on the quality of each respective model that I've tried...

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone Casino"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
I purchased this guitar when I lived on the West coast of Florida in Clearwater at Thoroughbred Music which has since been purchased by Sam Ash Music. The guitar was only slightly used and I payed only $400 for it which was a steal since new units run upwards of eight or nine hundred.

For a hollow body electric or archtop as Gibson and Epiphone refer to them, it plays with substantial volume and tone unamplified, which is nice for practicing. When I play this guitar through my Crate TD-50C Chorus amp, the P-90's provide a very powerful yet creamy and full tone. The large parallelogram inlays on the fretboard are very easy to see and are attractive as well. Aside from the great playability of this guitar I really fell for the beautiful natural blonde maple finish.

The only feature I do not like about this guitar is the pick guard constantly vibrated at an aggravating and very noticeable level when I played the guitar unplugged. Since I have removed the pick guard all the bad vibrations are gone. I assume that this may have been a problem for some time since John Lennon removed the pick guard on his Casino.

The construction, fit and finish of this unit is of a very high quality, especially considering the price range that it sells in. Having owned this beauty for several years now, I have had a chance to closely inspect every inch while hand rubbing Axe wax into the finish. Even after all this time I am amazed at the fine construction and finish.

This instrument is a pleasure to play and it always draws complements from even those who don't play.

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rhum66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The sound of the 50s."

Epiphone Casino Reissue
I'm doing a report on the testing of the Epiphone Casino that I have tested before yesterday. (See below video link at the end.)
This is a guitar that I have long neglected because the 335 is for me the culmination of the thinline form.
But I really like Grant Green and the sound of these recordings "blue note", I'm also a big fan of his T-Bone Walker, it is for these reasons that I decided to test this guitar for me forge my own opinion.
It was the "standard" model Chinese, in March 2014, a beautiful sunburst pulling the honey burst.
The instrument is bright, pretty irresistible in fact; P-90 dogear with Nickel, trapeze tailpiece covers, we are right in the 50s, the beginning of the electric guitar in short.


335 therefore form but ... featherweight, no central beam, one begins to Hercules, a 335 ligther, finally!
Except that this machine has, outside the "shape" general, nothing to do with 335.
On the Chinese model, the handle is rather thin, a true "slim type" finish button and frets is good without being great, the neck is straight, action, generally quite low, fairly well settled by the strings against are Mr. ....
The tuners are spartan, kinds of Kluson rather frail ... not really give her confaince immediately, but good test time.
The peculiarity of the Casino, as her twin ES_330 Gibson is his joint fund-handle to the 16 th fret ... you never played as high as with an ES-335, why is death .. ., but at the same time, I did not feel "clamped" by this fact, we did not want to play the way freddy king, until 22 emme box in balloons background, amplifier overheating.
The lead work is possible, but it will be more parsimonious, less extravagant and probably less demonstrative.
It tends quite naturally want to reproduce the type of "solo-riffs" of the 50s, not the big shred descents we know now.
This is a great riffeuse the riff "Day Tripper" was played over.
So really not a problem this hose connection below.
For arrangements, it really is perfect, is played comfortably Apeu near everything you want, including blues and jazz kind anatoles I-VI-II-V, the guitar is sweet, it can attack "right hand" without too many breads, conditioon to have a set of strings of good quality and not desous of 10-46. (which was not the case in my test).


-The preferred styles of this guitar are; rock n roll (Beatles), rockabilly and blues but also jazz (Grant Green).
All these styles in their course "cool" version, ie, without distortion exuberant, but rather clean or crunch, they may even be supported (confers Gary Clark Jr.).
Epiphone pickups are "correct", let me explain; through a good tube amp, it will be beautiful and "correctable", through to systems or smaller transistors modeling, we hear faster / immediately the limitations of these microphones.
To play "hard" without hesitation take a ES-335, you will regret it.
Overall, the pickups are a soft hair and lack of aggressiveness and treble to really tear.
But for the price paid, it is very honorable, you can still play if the amp is good, it is not catastrophic, as epiphone could be in the past on this point.
At the end of the test, I get to hang a Larsen, and the low volume, it should be noted, the guitar part in the feedback quickly, so you need to know.
For me it is a "fun" thing to master for the show, the next "Rock n roll music" beatles we say.
But it can also become painful in certain circumstances scenes evil "manageable", the tiny scene style; amateur gear of scene, or gender wedding, party neu neu music festival in style, "... as soon as I move, I go on a treble-Larsen fact that people are going to hit me if I do not stop immediately ... "
semi-pro environment, it will advance probalment better already.


As I say, I do not has this guitar, but I intend to offer soon.
I AIMME is its strong identity, guitar rock n 'roll and blues 50s, a sound that I place very high in the Parthenon revved guitar.
We can offer it for 500 Euros, the Gibson ES-330 is inaccessible for me.
The thing finally very new, it is simple to play violin on a typical Gibson and have this dynamic and smart can recall the very telecaster by certain listed.
If we want better, we must offer the john Lennon or elitist or Gibson, but that's another price.

The test video hereinafter, was done in a fairly busy shop, without any preparation and "in tears", filmed at the i-phone on a roland cube that does not manage to resolve crunch especially with the world around, ca worth what it's worth ... and forgiveness for the game, not always on top.
This is just to get an idea in the bluesy register.

Billy Hill03/27/2013

Billy Hill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good guitar for cheap"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
Model new, made in China. All specs you know if you read the previous reviews ....
Good violin, very good general appearance


I played for many years on the Fender (I have not stopped eh!) I was not in any way désenparé this round. Super comfortable, a little bigger than my Jazzmaster but nothing unsettling. A treat ....
Access to acute is necessarily limited due to join the 16 fret but hey who cares .... the vintage models have a join as the 335, with better access to acute ...


the important issue ....
So to be honest, this guitar has given me a hard time. I got this shovel for my 30th birthday with my family. This is the only reason why I still have it. I hesitated more than once to separate me ... if so .... original sound rough, super hot, too hot, it's runny, it is soft, not sharp, no shit, the shit .... do shit .... I strongly suggest a change of pickups! What I do .. I had no dosh, I only changed the pickups bridge (this is the one I use most of the time) by GFS. Result .... better but not there yet ... I changed the knobs by CTS, ahhhhhh finally! Finally a good hollowbody sound. The p90 sounds really good, although slamming (this is not a single Fender eh!) And fat at the same time, it saturates slightly to the old sounds a treat .... I intend, as soon as possible, put better pickups (Lollar 50's wind) to finalize. But already by this change just by cheap microphones, you have a good instrument to play seriously ...

Many complain that it easily share feedback .... band dicks! Feedback is THE thing rock'n'roll! Not a good concert without feedback! anyone can learn to manage this. At worst you can put something in the guitar (the tissue or chai not what) it attenura resonance. If it still bothers you, pay you a solid body ...

Guitar once this change is made, is finally revealed! Shovel for superb vintage sounds good, typical rock'n'roll, blues, rockabilly, .... I play in a garage rock band (60's) surf psyche ... It was well wooded typical hollowbody, a delight ....
To give you an idea, listen to the 13th floor elevator, he plays with an es-330 (same as the casino)

for the final note, I judge after upgrade mics ......


So overall, this is a very good guitar. I think with good microphones (there is a ton of different p90) was a great guitar for all levels and use.

My kid played with my Jazzmaster and broke the micro switch. And that two days before a concert ..... I was forced to take the Casino. I'd never do to live with, eh bin was the ball!! So the Casino has kindly pushing aside the Jazzmaster. My jazzmaster is still not repaired since 3 months! ....... I can just do without this sound, this shape, this feeling that you have when you play with. In short it is the hearts ...

Too much Beatlesmaniac consider this guitar. I do not listen to the Beatles (well very very little) and I do not care if john or other had it, it is definitely not because of them that I have this guitar ... It is wrong to think arch: Casino-Beatles ... This is a guitar with a very strong personality, able to excel in many styles. Vintage sounds of course ....
Very highly recommended!

silverbullet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a good half box"

Epiphone Casino Reissue


Channel pleasant, light guitar not too big.


Good for crunch or clean sound, especially rhythmic arpeggios ...
Fender Frontman


Good points, the race very late, the P90 pickups, less fit inside the PAF of 335, the lightness of the guitar (no central beam).
The body is relatively thin, although it is not very big there is not cluttered.
It seems a little expensive, compared to her cousin (Epiphone Dot 335 to 300 e). The mechanical vintage does not look super sharp.
A good choice overall, if you have a style of play focused.

ElZikos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Heat first"

Epiphone Casino Reissue
The Chinese version of a MODEL of legends ... But we have known for a long time now that the Chinese are able to do good things, the evidence.
Two P90 pickups Epiphone, a three-position switch, 2 tone 2 volume standard.
22 frets, with a rather thick neck, the cot "buche" that has often criticized Gibby and Epi, well we like it or not I will come back later.
The wood and finish are superb, and I never tire of this look rtro scratches.
Finally, a big BMOL for mcaniques that are unworthy of a guitar of this price. The vintage look is a wish, the quality leaves compltement adsirer, and sometimes the tuning is fairly "Prilleux", which is heavily down my bill. We will review the changes these things when I say for the stuff mcaniques srieux


For usability, it is conventional for this type of guitar, we like it or not I love it. Assis, a real pleasure. Standing, I find it a bit "heavy round of" but it does not impede, and it is really comfortable.
Access in acute ... It's okay, but it is not the purpose of this guitar. Schredders speeders and other admirers of Vai / Satriani / Malsteem pass the road is not for you ... The handle is a "buche" thick and not at all done for solos nervous. But as I play blues rock rhythm rather in and support that fits me well ... trs I descend when the same note a 7 because the handle.
on the other hand with this guitar I want to talk about "feel" of games that I did not on others. This guitar vibrate thunder, and with the forearm against al though the body and the belly is the rear, you'll definitely "feel alive" feeling that you lose a little with the solid body ...
Small dtail I forget which is surprising to beginners: It's a quarter of a box without central beam, giving a strong tendency to rev on feedback from ... Ca feat but can be used:)


For sound, well it seems made for the blues. The P90 are cruncher dlicieusement my Night Train without having to push the gain. In clean, no need to add reverb, the sound is quite nice to him even. Serious, warm, well Dfine. In crunch I love dj said. For large distos, I use not not believe ...
It is often criticize the Epiphone pickups, the P90 "dog ear" seem to me entirely convincing, and for once I do not want to change, even after a year of using this guitar


I last year, owns and I used a lot. It seems to me a good report quality price for a MODEL of what I call "mid-range". In short she really has a personality first, and although my complte my Start and PRS SE.
So I should not duplicate that choice, I would have the means to offer me an ES 335, but it is not tomorrow the day before:)
guitare killer01/23/2010

guitare killer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
country produces: core (hand)
Body: Saddle
type of bridge: bigsby for some, tailpiece trapze for other
Sleeve Type: gibsonnien typical mahogany and rosewood fingerboard, pearl inlaid paralllogramme
Binding: cream colored body and neck
frets: 22
Pickups: 2 Gibson USA P-90
rglages: 1 by volume and Tone pickups, 3 position slcteur
finishes: chrome buttons except volume and gold tones
prvoir a change: Mechanical and electronic low-end as compared to the rest of the guitar.


Channel enjoyable but difficult from the 15 ACCS box. Rhythm guitar mostly but can very well play a rle solo if you do not go too far into the handle <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="" /> but in this case as well take the version bigsby. Guitar trslgre with Oues who offers him more vibration.


<span style="font-family: arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px;"><span style="font-size: 18px;">On his 60's has any evidence</span>
Yes this guitar does not have to adopt anything by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Pete Doherty ... for nothing. This guitar sound Brit Pop / Rock par excellence. I plug in my VT30 Vox AC30 I take a simulation and I hit a beautiful Back in the USSR, followed by attaching a Brown Sugar and finally a Johnny Be Good is made ​​for this guitar has a little quiet for Journe with my casino I play in the Black anal desired test any of these limits even a little I put a distortion worthy of the name and began the solo stairway to heaven (not even GNER these limits by the handle), followed by a nice little back in black free reign. I made ​​all the same a bit of its sustain that I'm bigger. I plugged in the fuzz of a friend (bigg muff us) when I made ​​a surprise hendrix tease me I added my V847 (wha) and I was off in a voodoo child. Well it does not go mtal <img style="border: 0px initial initial;" src="https://www.partoch.com/images/smileys/icon_cheesygrin.gif" alt="" align="absmiddle" /> I took the test with my cousin metalheads but this guitar is versatile enough good never take this guitar just to play hard because you'll take the Plutt an SG or a Les Paul guitar because it is very s type. I'll spare you with samples because you just listen to the songs like Revolution or let it be the Beatles.</span>


<span style="font-family: arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px;">To begin we must say what it is for 729 euros on thomann epiphone they are not breaking the c * uilles level finishes. Same as I had the guitar (among guitar legend pigalle) with a crack so small but presents at the LATEST box but nothing very serious and after not need to calculate walk but with the guarantee that one of the volume buttons with a t put black paint on it and the logo of the shield bar is short, they do not necessarly have to tread finishes.
Now the guitar is well worth its price is expected thanks to the more sound! on this point because it is unanimously we do not plug it plays the first thing that I demand people around me that "it is an electro-acoustic?" and yes because it sounds almost as an electro-acoustic. With criticism I expected to play a guitar "bcherons rhythmic" but it is all done playable even at bends up a tone and a half to two-tone hard but doable and that is CASC is the treble until the 16ME is fine and I doubt any of that fawn soloists who play the guitar want to go in this box del seen why it is used e because it is necessary for specific on what it is made.</span>

Megomort's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Casino Reissue
I place my opinion to give notice of a new owner of this guitar, basically my impressions hot (if not enlighten you ...)
Everything has already been said, is a Korean Epiphone Casino
The pickups are Epiphone P90 to not so bad, but I hope to get more of this beautiful guitar with real Gibson P90 ... if anyone has done this mod, I'm interested ...
4 pots, very average in my opinion, I have another comparison between a Start Sheckter US (Semi luthier) which ELECTRONICS (pots, selector and pickups) have nothing to do ... But this is not the same price!
The pickups selector: spit a little, and asse is misplaced, but it's a matter of gambling or even taste.
The handle and the body are very well made, impressive for a Korean. Super light, very nice from the first grip.


The handle is nice, but mine is new, it frieze not bad, I think I can adjust it a little better. If this continues I will pass the box "Luthier". The strings supplied as standard (I do not know the brand) are pourrites pourrites home, at that price would be a correct set of rigor, and finally it's not too serious.


His side is correct, I personally was not bothered by the half-side box with reverb ... sounds like I normally play on my Start and everything is fine, but again it very personal. The amp has to be for many (a Fender Super 112 tube that already loves Casino). As soon as you plug in the Casino, we are quickly trying to rebuild a p'tit beatles, hack it a bit and that makes pots now! The second temptation is to get a nice little blues (in the course!) With a slight saturation (no distortion!) Is the same it is! Now Gibson P90 should give more, to see ...


I have this guitar for 4 hours and I have plenty to tell, so it's clearly a guitar to be discovered, and I think that several months will be needed.
What I like most is its handle and body for their level of finish and the playability of the neck.
What I do not like too: the mechanisms by which carément hardware. The pickup selector (which crachouille at times), the lack of good string Enser and precise adjustment of the handle. I encountered the same problem by ordering a lower in our German friends, a Harley Benton, but the bass in question costs a hundred euros, so at that price, it is normal to lose an afternoon to change the strings and to enter a good setting for Caino but is a bit exaggerated.
I tried the Ibanez AF75 and others of the same series, a gretsch too ... it's hard to compare these guitars are very different, as well as for the sound, the amp is often much .
The quality / price is impressive especially in my case (300 Euros with Flycase Outlet) Well it leaves a little money to address minor defects.
I would do ... I think this election but difficult to say after 4 hours of use.


6 months later:

Finally, it is a good guitar, after having seriously set!
Have a half box is complétaire guitar in a park, I do not advise as the only guitar (too typical for this) but in addition to park or second guitar. The Epiphone P90 pickups are actually very correct. For now I keep them, they suit me.