Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333
Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333

Tom Delonge ES-333, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the ES series.

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JuSpades's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" scene for 2 years!"

Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333
Of the 4 guitars I own I have 2 Epi Delonge "modified" which are scenes of my guitars and I love them so much that I will have to make their case here! ^ ^

We are on good violin at this price already Epiphone (we can drop all that is below € 200 / 250, but above it may be worth!). Mahogany neck, maple body and it has followed all the rules of the half-body (even if it's a good joke, we talk about below).

22 frets, micro Gibson Dirty Fingers (that's the good point of signing Delonge, the microphones that come with it ...). It is on a signature, a knob for volume as tona single setting. It will be good enough anyway see where the microphone is placed in the treble that everything will play.


Like any half-body is relatively light, which is good for the back, but she tends to lean forward (and even that is the case with Gibson!)

Relatively pleasant to grip, it is easily in the last few frets and knobs / swich / mic that can do both buggers that get a ride to disrupt fingers without risking anything.

But the problem remains unchanged since Epiphone X time ... harmonics! Is it because of the famous Gibson tailpiece they insist on putting, I do not know. But let's be a SG, an LP or ES (and I have been in the hands of the Epi!) Is always a couple of false harmonics, and you can take him to adjustments every two months Here we go again the following month!

Unable then to play lap steel (though very good at bootleneck Me), I was disappointed a few times to hear my solos sounded fake because I did not pick up / check before that from the 12th fret there was between 1 and 1 half tone apart!

Anyway the poor girl has nothing to do, the problem Epiphone that!


Quite impressive, Dirty Finger, which does not cost so much is really a beautiful beast.

The clean first: This is the nicest surprise of the guitar! Is it because of the choice of microphone placement that sounds so crystalline, so cold? No idea, whatever it is we in no way inferior to Start one on that side. While I had dabbled invalidate or detonator Delonge Start of the time, which at best is a clean crunch what ... this one is really surprising! The bridge pickup placement makes it a perfect mic for all effects (Delay, flanger, overdrive to screaming). By that time fan of Floyd have a blast in clean!

The distortion: If he is not fishing (admitting it, it was too much) invalidate or detonators on Start, it is distortion that it feels! If you just activated a distortion of "basic" above, bah was the sound that Tom has been using since the end of Blink and AVA with distortion: this thing light, sharp and ugly! (Bridge pickup without setting tona ...)
If we tamper with it just happens to catch the sound of American punk rock to metal or very easily. The problem we then discovered: a LARSEN crazy! If we manage well the pedals and we know roughly set his microphone, it can alleviate the problem disappears, however, that unfortunately never ...
The disto alt / prog than punk or metal can be found fairly easily balance. But do not bother looking for the sound of a Knopfler solo or looking for blues overdrive! The screaming overdrive as much as you want without touching imposssible neck pickup blues, jazz ... That's why it's ironic that it is "half a body"! ^ ^ Bah


So for 2 years, these are my guitars lives. (I have a sg 310 and a Peavey Raptor completely redone otherwise).

Yes I had guitars in their hands, and Inga's time I can say that!

What I like least? Nothing except the own choice Delonge! For Gibson / Epiphone guitar is a signature: a knob, a microphone, a sound, you pay a bit special reasons and screen printing the signature on the back, they are for anything else!

I would do if this election? Of course! Me they fit me very well and I'm not ready to let go!

My 2 guitars