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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 8 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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Audiofanzine FR11/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
(Originally written by gratouillos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

USA Made Custom Shop guitar... it's a good start!
Rather thick neck
Tune-o-matic bridge
'57 Humbucker pickups
"Mac fly" red finish
Impeccable craftsmanship. The fly case contained some wood shavings (custom shop oversight or deliberate marketing??!... )


The neck is truly great! It's thick and round but comfortable. It might sound perplexing for some but it is actually possible to play with such a neck (I started out with an Ibanez...).

Upper frets are readily accessible... and to be totally honest, it's the first time I've ever asked myself that question.
The fingerboard feels comfortable, you can ram through it without a problem.

Don't let yourself be fooled by the F-holes, the guitar is rather heavy. But that's surely no surprise for people who know the brand. The size of the body may seem too generous in first instance, but when you play sitting down the guitar has the perfect height. Nevertheless, when you play standing up it can be rather imposing because it is evidently bigger than most electric guitars.


Versatility! I knew it and I bought it for that reason. At first I was quite surprised by the output power of the '57 humbuckers... It's really pleasant to be able to play every single music style... The sound can be powerful, percussive, mellow, dry or grainy (I've got a Marshall ) depending on the distortion and the pickup. I've even tried to do some tapping! My favorite sound has a TS808-like saturation. It's the sound of the professional pop musicians.
I would like to give it an 11 )


I bought it in June and it's my favorite guitar. You have to try it if you want to get a set-neck guitar.
Once I had a small feedback during a rehearsal, but it sounded like Santana so I didn't care much...
MGR/BK, Las Vegas, NV11/01/2004

MGR/BK, Las Vegas, NV's review"Gibson ES-335 Dot Reissue"

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
I bought it at Sam Ash here in Vegas for $1950 new.

This guitar has the best sounding chords of any guitar that I have ever played. They just ring out with such a rich tone that will put a stupid grin on your face everytime you hit one. Must be the semi-hollow body. This guitar has the perfect classic rock sound. Played thru a clean channel or one with light distortion this thing can't be beat. Did I mention the awesome tone that this axe delivers.

The ES-335 does not have as good of action as my Les Paul, but what does. Although slightly harder to play the tone more than makes up for it, and the difference is very small. This is not a good guitar for heavy distortion, but if you're even considering buying this guitar that probably does not matter to you. It is very pricey, but definately worth every penny. You get what you pay for.

All of the quality that you would expect from a $2000 guitar. Gibson has the best fit and finish of any of the big name makers. From the quality their parts to their attention to detail in their assembley process. Mine is the cherry red finish. The flame maple top is breathtaking.

I have three electrics now; this ES-335, a Les Paul Studio Plus, and an American Standard Strat. My wife asked me the other day that if our house was burning down and I could only save one guitar which one would it be? The ES-335 is the one I would choose. If tone matters, this is the guitar for you.

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Megajp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Multipurpose room"

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
Guitar made in the USA, fourth body, Tune-O-Matic, maple body with a "paralel bracing" a dam / bridge with a small limit sensible feedback, 22 jumbo frets, two PAF pickups (double winding) a pickup selector, two volume pots and two tone, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard ... well we do this more. The mention DOT which means "point" in American states that the finish is simple, with benchmarks in key dots (black) so ... Mine is Tobacco Sunburst and dates from 1989, if I can believe No. of Series.


The handle is very nice, quite tightened up then if expanding more and more by going to the twelfth round case.Un cut for solos with access to acute surpassing the Les Paul, Fender or Gretsch. The highlight of this incontestablement.Elle guitar is hollow (Hollow Body) and very light, but the back of the box is quite large, was quick to hit if one does not pay attention. The design of microphones is very simple, a selector and two volume faders tones are always thoroughly and I never understood what they servent.Une last thing, the guitar holds up well and the agreement is very fair, I often feel that my agreement or my arpeggios sound more fair than any of my other guitars.


Versatility, that is the advantage and disadvantage of this guitar. We can play the JAZZ, BLUES or the Rock again but without much personality. Pretty clear and warm sound way to Larry Carlton Crunches bluezy way SRV, or old rock way Chuck Berry ... The directory accessible with this instrument is as long as a day without end. But guess what, it lacks a little serious to be a good guitar jazz, the sound is too soft and lacks acute for pure rock and dur.Une very versatile guitar great personality ... but do not forget this is a entry level.


I bought this guitar to a friend jazzman, who found that it was only good for the BLUES !!! it's been 15 years since I played with, mostly rock-pop-indie. It is part of my "park", she found her less aggressive than the STRAT and softer than the Les Paul instead. It does not, however, a person's GRETSCH or RICK for older pieces. I appreciate its lightness, versatility, handle very accessible and extreme accuracy. With a tube amp, the feedback on the bridge pickup is very musical. With a slight overdrive and delay sounds "rooms" good rock and roll is obtained.
OCCAZ bought € 1,500 in 1999, I do not regret my purchase, but if it 'was a remake I surely lorgnerais to models more "Premium". The varnish ... alas, alas 3 times, it is very fragile and makes a chemical reaction with some rubber. So I registered on the guitar, the offense have put the awning on a good pedestal market. As we age it becomes patina and a bit dull, fittings -pourtant in Nickel begins to bite ... short attention to the talks, ca age well. Too bad because the maple top is beautiful.
olivier boisjean09/28/2012

olivier boisjean's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ROCK'N ROLL GUYS!!!!"

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
model manufactured in 1981, cherry color, 59 reissue
Pickups: 2 classic 57 '
toggle switch, 2 volume, 2 tone ............. in the classic Gibson
tune o matic
mechanics have been changed for grover


the handle is a U.S. highway, a feast, a reference, a myth .....
he never moved, always mounted 10-52, the string action is fantastic, very close to the key without fiser!!!

For the weight it is a ES 335, not against light by very balanced, we can let go of the handle, not my head falls to the ground (unlike my SG 61 reissue!! Remains a featherweight side)

Access to acute is easy

about sound, we touch the main theme. it sounds in any amp type, whether a small combo transistor, hybrid modeling preamp or tube amp, it sounds 335!!!! but continued in the next paragraph,,,,,


I use it for blues, rock, hard rock, variety then it is usable for any kind of music, in a mix or on stage, we immediately recognize its particular grain.

you can get all kinds of sounds with this gem of natural Cristalin the crunch, we can to make the "sing" because it does not ring, it "sings"!!
one lerger overdrive and there .... Chuck Berry, it chokes a bit string ..... Bill haley ..... you will easily understand that I love rock!!!

I use a POD PRO coupled to a G MAJOR. all live console or through a power amp and a 2x12 cabinet with Vintage Gold HP.
this is it I see everything on the comments .... "Yeah, he gives pearls before swine" or "pure blood" in a "pure m ... e"! .... there is no debate as well set the rendering of POD PRO little be bluffing. But like everything, you have to spend time especially as I have a wide repertoire of times (I try to find sounds and effects that I take pieces) and 3 electric guitars with different sound caractériques (see my material for those interested). I always choose a guitar based on its typical that I seek.


I use it since 1996, bought used.

I was lucky enough to find a store in Paris that had 4 used (which is rare!), I tested all twin reverb silverface old, without changing the settings on the amp, I could endendre differences between these 4 models and I chose one that I still have. I found the one that best matched the sound I wanted.

I find no fault him.

If it again, I again this choice without worry, on the other hand I would stay in the same year of manufacture (1981) as a matter of specifications more stringent over the following years. But now you have to open the wallet .... generously

if necessary you can ask me questions

mbj335's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incomparable guitar"

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
Well this is a pretty simple Es 335 replica of the original 50s


The guitar is fairly balanced, the handle a bit heavy. It is also quite large, fulfills hand, with the touch of radius 12 ", it is very fast.
Varnish the handle tends to stick, it must be regularly cleaned and well polisher ...


I bought it for blues is his domain, but be careful behind the amp, or an amp soft end will explode the guitar needs to be "held" or the sound quickly becomes rough .


Very good scratch grain inimitable but very difficult to master, especially with the saturation. Attention to feedback on stage.

There are no two identical 335 must know ... there are very large differences in the sound, it really is a beautiful piece of violin, so try before you buy is essential!

On stage I prefer to use a strat more versatile, lighter, easier to control, etc..
Herve v.6310/10/2008

Herve v.63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
The flamed maple is simply sublime, half body guitar with 2 classic 57


S always the knobs to donf guitar a little big do not be a dwarf


I personally found the sound that a brilliant + Les Paul, you can do anything she likes the large saturation is sensitive to feedback but it is not very troublesome, in blues it's all very well what it is


J el'ai for 1 year and I'm always happy guitar indispensable in any collection.

MatBarj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
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Well it's simple, when I buy 5 years ago j'tais come to buy a Les Paul, and I saw him, I'm falling in love. The seller put it in my hands and went looking for Jack, I play like that unplegged I knew DJ was going to buy it. The handle large (home CHARACTERISTICS Gibson) is a real pleasure! It's enjoyable is crazy!
CHAC is not difficult to acute, shape or ben love you love you, I love ...
The sound is obtained without any worries ...

BMOL, I have a problem at one time, or I broke a string at each BPS that silent boring and Christian, one must pay attention to the default that may have GIBSON GUITAR ... To overcome this problem, I made a pos Bygsby vibrato, it's even pretty!


Halala ... What's crazy! I played on a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp (the amp is not the craziest one can find) and Ben it sounds really good, it is also forbidden to plug it into anything other than amp lamp!
A round, warm, crystal, good bass prcises. She has it all!
Versatile and more! It goes from blues, to rock to get to the Jazz, I even surprised a big swing of the dirty good good ...


I use it for 5 years, it does not make me be good, it's one of the Gibson that I ca prfre for versatility and sound reproduction.
But I'm a do agree with the post just below! I have not been 3000 since I got it secondhand, but the same hardware oxidizes quickly taking care of scratching and has irrcuprable!

Berzin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995)
The ES 335 is a dot semi hollow body guitar stocky, Set Mahogany neck, rosewood and affects two '57 Classic humbuckers. The CONTRL are: two volume, two tone, three-position selector one. The name comes from the dot back in touch point. The Saddle used for the table, wicker covers the back and reveals beautiful veins of trs. There is a floral decor on the head.


The handle is of type 60 is - to say today. His profile does not Drout musicians who have not lhabitude profiles pais style "59 rounded LP". Access in acute trs is good, much better than a Les Paul. Usage is simple, it's Tone RULES volume is chosen on the mic and the sound was. The weight is relatively large, but still correct. Attention to small jigs, the box is quite bulky though shallow. I also make two criticisms. First, for over a year, each time I played, my fingers sticky taient right. It seems that it comes from the varnish must be "done". This is rather pnible adhre for the hand to the handle. But there are more serious. APRS year and a half, the hardware has been oxidized. Even in the cleaner, impossible to recover the former glory. I t surprised because I have a Les Paul for ten years and have never experienced this problem, although the hardware is identical. The dealer told me it vennait of quality steels utiliss which is not always the best. I find it unacceptable to buy an instrument Euro 3500 and his microphone, his easel, his mcaniques ... oxidized in two years. Guitars ten times less Chres do not have this problem. J'espre that this is a particularity of my copy. For this reason, I put a lower rating. What is accepted on a guitar entry does not accept himself an instrument of lite. Mr. Gibson sometimes shows a certain ddain the care of clients, which are unheard of dboursent to afford its products.


The sound is warm and not trs dnu a point agressivit. The sustain is excellent. Basically, the sound is that of a Les Paul, but with more depth, more bass and a tendency to lgre feedback. I plugged this guitar on a variety of amps: Fender Cyber ​​Deluxe, Vox AC 30, Marchall JCM 900, Garen trmolo 60s. For blues, rock, jazz and even (due to a case too shallow, not worth a one ES 175), the sound is perfect for solos. In rhythm, given the richness of sound, it will avoid overloading the guitar parts, under penalty of indigestion.


I have this guitar since 2003. It offers an alternative INTERESTED my Les Paul because it is more comfortable, even if I find that the sound may be too close. There remains the problem of the price, which I think is far from being justified. Honnte a manufacturer could make a decent living selling this kind of guitar 2000 euros. However, it rated almost 3300 euros ... chrechez error. In popular language is called a "foutage of mouth".
Ps: same 2000 euros, the Occide the hardware is not excusable.