Megajp 08/11/2014

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995) : Megajp's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar made in the USA, fourth body, Tune-O-Matic, maple body with a "paralel bracing" a dam / bridge with a small limit sensible feedback, 22 jumbo frets, two PAF pickups (double winding) a pickup selector, two volume pots and two tone, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard ... well we do this more. The mention DOT which means "point" in American states that the finish is simple, with benchmarks in key dots (black) so ... Mine is Tobacco Sunburst and dates from 1989, if I can believe No. of Series.


The handle is very nice, quite tightened up then if expanding more and more by going to the twelfth round case.Un cut for solos with access to acute surpassing the Les Paul, Fender or Gretsch. The highlight of this incontestablement.Elle guitar is hollow (Hollow Body) and very light, but the back of the box is quite large, was quick to hit if one does not pay attention. The design of microphones is very simple, a selector and two volume faders tones are always thoroughly and I never understood what they servent.Une last thing, the guitar holds up well and the agreement is very fair, I often feel that my agreement or my arpeggios sound more fair than any of my other guitars.


Versatility, that is the advantage and disadvantage of this guitar. We can play the JAZZ, BLUES or the Rock again but without much personality. Pretty clear and warm sound way to Larry Carlton Crunches bluezy way SRV, or old rock way Chuck Berry ... The directory accessible with this instrument is as long as a day without end. But guess what, it lacks a little serious to be a good guitar jazz, the sound is too soft and lacks acute for pure rock and dur.Une very versatile guitar great personality ... but do not forget this is a entry level.


I bought this guitar to a friend jazzman, who found that it was only good for the BLUES !!! it's been 15 years since I played with, mostly rock-pop-indie. It is part of my "park", she found her less aggressive than the STRAT and softer than the Les Paul instead. It does not, however, a person's GRETSCH or RICK for older pieces. I appreciate its lightness, versatility, handle very accessible and extreme accuracy. With a tube amp, the feedback on the bridge pickup is very musical. With a slight overdrive and delay sounds "rooms" good rock and roll is obtained.
OCCAZ bought € 1,500 in 1999, I do not regret my purchase, but if it 'was a remake I surely lorgnerais to models more "Premium". The varnish ... alas, alas 3 times, it is very fragile and makes a chemical reaction with some rubber. So I registered on the guitar, the offense have put the awning on a good pedestal market. As we age it becomes patina and a bit dull, fittings -pourtant in Nickel begins to bite ... short attention to the talks, ca age well. Too bad because the maple top is beautiful.