MGR/BK, Las Vegas, NV 11/01/2004

Gibson ES-335 Dot (1995) : MGR/BK, Las Vegas, NV's user review

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I bought it at Sam Ash here in Vegas for $1950 new.

This guitar has the best sounding chords of any guitar that I have ever played. They just ring out with such a rich tone that will put a stupid grin on your face everytime you hit one. Must be the semi-hollow body. This guitar has the perfect classic rock sound. Played thru a clean channel or one with light distortion this thing can't be beat. Did I mention the awesome tone that this axe delivers.

The ES-335 does not have as good of action as my Les Paul, but what does. Although slightly harder to play the tone more than makes up for it, and the difference is very small. This is not a good guitar for heavy distortion, but if you're even considering buying this guitar that probably does not matter to you. It is very pricey, but definately worth every penny. You get what you pay for.

All of the quality that you would expect from a $2000 guitar. Gibson has the best fit and finish of any of the big name makers. From the quality their parts to their attention to detail in their assembley process. Mine is the cherry red finish. The flame maple top is breathtaking.

I have three electrics now; this ES-335, a Les Paul Studio Plus, and an American Standard Strat. My wife asked me the other day that if our house was burning down and I could only save one guitar which one would it be? The ES-335 is the one I would choose. If tone matters, this is the guitar for you.

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