Gretsch G6120SSL Brian Setzer Nashville
Gretsch G6120SSL Brian Setzer Nashville

G6120SSL Brian Setzer Nashville, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Gretsch in the Brian Setzer series.

Rocknweb 06/09/2006

Gretsch G6120SSL Brian Setzer Nashville : Rocknweb's user review


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-Made in Japan.
-22 Frets on a beautiful touch to bne with markers "half moon" pearl SPECIFICATIONS brand.
-Team of two alnico humbucker pickups filtertron OR TV Jones.
Bigsby Vibrato BC6-chrome finish
-Table in Saddle Tigre beautiful. finish "orange stain." binding on the front and rear edges of the box, on the edge of gills, on the circumference of the head also wooden flame color darker than the body, with the Gretsch logo and horseshoe Brand Mother of Pearl
-2 3-position switches on the top of the box: one to select the pickups (neck, neck + bridge, bridge), the other to change the Tone gnrale.
-1 Potentiomtre "master volume" of cutaway prs + 2 potentiomtres volume (1/micro) at the jack


The handle end is divine trs, String flush with the frets, the key trs enjoyable and fast, hardly perfectible.
The lightweight exchange solidbody and does not impede any of the same standing.
The body is big but there are feelings of folk guitar ... provided they do not have a Variax ;-)
- Gets it easy to sound good? ...
Then hard to beat, the guitar is perfectly RULES, intonation is correct, substain is subtle, no noise, 3 positions typically a rockabilly twang, and position the intermdiaire Jazz / blues, I have rarely in my life as just a guitar guitarist and intuitive. Although the sounds are typical of a quality 50/60 but all evidence.
I have a team of Filertron MODEL instead of TV Jones and APRS have cost the two prfre I finally stick my OE that I find less strident blues and especially neck pickup.
Particular point to consider, the fact can not rest the grip on the bridge and therefore does not know how to grate the game right hand. In fact I can assure you it is done in less than three weeks and we quickly found a position to play with but it certainly imperfections caractrise also play on this kind of instrument.


The sound is typical prcdement as said, one can of course put some distortion but it will sound no more Beatles Revolution and feedback to train the body as a reference feedback powerful ...
I use it in my Fender bassman cybertwin position.
A bit of reverb / delay / light crunch style TS808 you sail from Jazz to blues through the pop of the 60s but also and of course the country and the Stray Cats in gnral.
So it's 10/10 in its register.


It's a Fender Custom Shop under the top of quality industrial price!
For 3000 euros you have a guitar perfectly rgl ringing beautifully.
Certainly it is not a guitar for beginners but for a player to confirm rgalera possibilities of this instrument crative trs subtle.
Team Jones in TV's guitar or Filertron fanstastique that we have no desire to let go!
For six months all the friends who I do a little dmo prfre far the sound of my Gretsch that of my Gibson or my Fender ...
Besides, it's not just the Setz making the 6120, just yesterday I saw Mr. Knopfler with jou on stage during its turn with Emilou Harris ... Gretsch 2006 was the year that's it!

PS: watch out at Hot Rods are a little cheaper and a little less body fat but the sound is not at all the same and feels good when you look at the video Most recent internship Setz ...